The inaugural Irish Poker Masters KO festival is in full swing on partypoker. This tournament has brought quite a lot of poker action ever since its start on November 4th. In this article, we will give you a brief roundup of the most important news and results from the Irish Poker Masters KO. Read on for more details. 

Richard O’Neil Wins JP Masters for €49,314

Event #05 of the Irish Poker Masters KO was one of the highlights of the tournament series. It had a €530 buy-in with a €300,000 guarantee. It was also part of the JP Masters events. There were 693 player entries, which have generated a €346,500 prize pool. Half of that prize pool went on the heads of each player and the other half was shared among the top 105 finishers. 

Richard O’Neil has managed to win this knockout event and claim the largest prize of €23,564 from the main prize pool and an additional €25,750 from the bounties. O’Neil was able to knock out ten different opponents on his way to the triumph. 

Day 2 of the JP Masters was full of action. Many big names reached Day 2 but ultimately failed to proceed to the final table. Tomi Brouk, Peter Traply, Niklas Astedt, Jack Sinclair, Andrey Pateychuk, and Guillaume Nolet were all unable to reach the next stage of the tournament. For example, Nolet was knocked out in eight, just one player away from the final table. 

There were seven finalists in total. Jens Bro Pagter of Denmark was the first one to be eliminated followed by Anton Yakuba, Enrico Camosci, and Brazil’s Bruno Volkmann. That left only three players in the race for the title. Nikita Aseev was the last player to be knocked out before the heads-up play between Richard O’Neil and Paul Tait. O’Neil was able to knock out his UK opponent and win a combined prize of €49,314. Paul Tait received €24,185 for his second-place finish. 

Here are the Irish Poker Master #05 JP Masters final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Richard O’Neill Ireland €25,750 €23,564
2 Paul Tait United Kingdom €656 €23,529
3 Nikita Aseev Ukraine €6,048 €15,941
4 Bruno Volkmann Brazil €2,986 €10,563
5 Enrico Camosci Malta €4,832 €7,063
6 Anton Yakuba Ukraine €5,429 €5,425
7 Jens Bro Pagter Denmark €1,468 €3,825

Florian Ptacnik Turns €55 Into €23,377

Florian Ptacnik has managed to walk away with €23,377 for his impressive win in the IPM50 event. The IPM50 had a buy-in of only €55, which is great value for the given prize pool. Ptacnik overcame a field of 4,646 players that have bought into the tournament over several starting flights. But Ptacnik was not the only one to make this tournament run profitable. Everyone who reached the final table was able to increase their €55 investment into at least four-figure numbers. 

Maxim Ivanov, Matthew Zadel, James Williams, and Kevin Proctor were the first players at the final table to be eliminated. They were followed by Peter Lynge, Pavlo Matoska, and Rytis Strigunas. After that, the tournament continued as a heads-up duel between Florian Ptacnik and Giulio Di Salvo. Ptacnik had eliminated 23 opponents at that point of the event, which meant that he had a massive bounty on his head. Both players were guaranteed to win a five-figure prize of at least €13,000. But at the end of the day, Ptacnik emerged as a winner. He was awarded €13,135 for the first-place finish and an additional €10,242 from the bounty prize pool.

Here are the Irish Poker Masters KO #02 IPM50 final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Florian Ptacnik Malta €10,242 €13,135
2 Giulio Di Salvo Malta €979 €13,093
3 Rytis Strigunas Ireland €773 €8,225
4 Pavlo Matoska Czech Republic €174 €5,468
5 Peter Lynge Jensen Denmark €726 €3,685
6 Kevin Proctor Canada €1,123 €2,687
7 James Williams United Kingdom €1,282 €1,923
8 Matthew Zadel United Kingdom €891 €1,485
9 Maxim Ivanov Russia €1,995 €1,180

Georgi Mitev Wins PLO8 High Roller

The €530 buy-in PLO8 High Roller was another highlight of the Irish Poker Masters Series. This event was won by Bulgarian Georgi Mitev. In order to get this victory, he had to outlast a field of 74 opponents and the seven-handed final table. 

Canada’s Kevin Snelgrove and Russia’s Egor Gudovich were the first players to be knocked out from the final table. They were followed by Christian Nolte, Tomaz Kogovsek, and Vladimir Belekhov. 

After that, the tournament continued with a heads-up play between Georgi Mitev and Finland’s Riku Koivurinne. Even though Finland is known for producing elite Omaha players, Koivurinne was unable to hold his position and was ultimately knocked out. Georgi Mitev was awarded €11,468 for his first-place finish and Koivurinne was awarded €5,433 for his second place. 

Here are the full Irish Poker Masters KO #09 PLO8 High Roller final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Georgi Mitev Bulgaria €7,421 €4,047
2 Riku Koivurinne Finland €1,390 €4,043
3 Vladimir Belekhov Russia €1,570 €2,708
4 Tomaz Kogovsek Slovenia €328 €1,837
5 Christian Nolte Austria €125 €1,401
6 Egot Gudovich Russia €562 €1,135
7 Kevin Snelgrove Canada €750 €944

Christian Rudolph Leads the Main Event

Day 1B of the Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event took place over the weekend. This stage saw another 217 players going home after their knockout. Currently, there are only 33 players who have managed to enter Day 2 and Christian Rudolph is currently in the lead. Rudolph is considered to be one of the best No-Limit Hold’em poker tournament players in the world and he is hoping to take down this €1 million guaranteed event. Currently, he has 4,021,386 chips, which is almost double of Enrico Camosci who is in second place. Rudolph has a huge chip lead advantage and needs to overcome Day 1C and Turbo Day 1 in order to win the Main Event. 

There were plenty of well-known players participating in the Day 1B of the Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event. For example, Brothers Sam and Luc Greenwood were able to push their way through Day 1B and now have stacks of 1,161,143 and 1,088,031 respectively. Australian Stevan Chew, Marius Gierse, Peter Traply, Eder Campana, and Davidi Kitai have all also managed to get into Day 2. This stage of the Main Event will take place on November 22nd. The Day 1C of the Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event will take place at 19:05 GMT on November 21. The turbo-structured flight will start at 16:05 GMT on November 22. The 50x €1,100 seat Mega Sat is also available at 16:05 on November 21. This is the best way to get into the event. It has a €109 buy-in, but you can play your way into it from only €0.01, as it is a phased satellite.

Here are the Irish Poker Masters KO Main Event results so far:

Place Player Country Bounties Chips
1 Christian Rudolph Austria €1,687 4,021,386
2 Enrico Camosci Malta €2,312 2,246,409
3 Andreas Samuelsson Sweden €875 2,098,146
4 Luan Felipe Leonel Hertmann Brazil €3,125 2,055,275
5 Lukas Wimmer Austria €1,875 1,778,269
6 Vladimirs Sarigins Estonia €812 1,480,638
7 Aleksejs Meless Estonia €2,562 1,318,876
8 Pavlo Kolinkovskyi Ukraine €1,687 1,308,701
9 John Williams United Kingdom €625 1,286,954
10 Ivan Balzano Argentina €1,375 1,283,109




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· Published 18.11.2021 · last updated 18.11.2021