There has been quite a lot of news coming from partypoker recently. For example, their recent changes to high-stakes rake caps have been a heated topic of discussion on its forums. Partypoker also continues to cooperate with the McLaren F1 team with the release of McLaren racing mini-documentaries. Read on for the latest partypoker news in the article. 

Partypoker Changes High Stakes Rake Caps

Recently partypoker has decided to increase its high-stakes rake caps. This was a surprise to many players as they were not fully informed about the upcoming update. On the 25th of October, partypoker posted an article about the new rake caps. The update only affected $10/$25 to $200/$400 stakes. The percentage rakes remained the same, meaning that the rake is still $0.05 per $1 in the pot. 

Here are the new rake caps for No-Limit Texas Hold’em:

Stakes Players Rate Percentage Cap
$10/$25 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $6.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $6.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $7.50
$25/$50 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $8.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $10.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $20.00
$50/$100 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $10.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $20.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $40.00
$100/$200 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $10.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $20.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $40.00
$200/$400 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $10.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $20.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $40.00

And here are the new rake caps for Pot-Limit Omaha:

Stakes Players Rate Percentage Cap
$10/$25 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $4.50
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $4.50
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $6.00
$25/$50 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $6.00
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $7.50
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $15.00
$50/$100 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $7.50
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $15.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $30.00
$100/$200 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $7.50
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $15.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $30.00
$200/$400 2 $0.05 per $1 5% $7.50
3-4 $0.05 per $1 5% $15.00
5-10 $0.05 per $1 5% $30.00

The majority of the poker community does not fully understand why the following changes were made. Especially given the fact that partypoker does not have large high-stakes traffic. Increased rake caps is a death sentence to partypoker high-stakes traffic. Not to mention the losses in the poker room’s public image, as these changes were not properly communicated. 

A similar situation affected the partypoker HU games. Even though it was not directly announced by the poker room, the HU rake caps have been increased at almost all stakes and range from $3 to $8. This is almost the same amount as 6-max games. 

Although these changes to the rake caps will not affect the majority of partypoker players, they still have some pretty significant consequences to the room. There is no doubt that high-stakes and HU games will suffer great losses in terms of traffic, as many regulars are likely going to leave. This means that partypoker has now put more emphasis on its 6-max cash games and fast-fold poker. While it can attract new players, this requires regular updates to the partypoker client and its game selection.  

New F1 Documentary

Partypoker continues its cooperation with Formula 1. Their website has released a series of McLaren Racing mini-documentaries. For example, viewers can get some insight into the McLaren F1 team from the interview with the CEO Zak Brown. In his exclusive interview, Brown will talk about his history with McLaren and describe him watching legendary drivers like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Thanks to this promotion, partypoker fans will be able to learn how Brown’s passion for the sport made him the head of the F1 team. Brown said the following:

“I’m enthusiastic about McLaren and going racing. I’m definitely a commercially-minded racer as opposed to a technical guy, so I’m probably a bit different to other team bosses in that sense. I try not to meddle, but I’m very engaged. I want to know what’s going on.”

Many F1 fans know Brown as a former professional driver who has been running the McLaren Racing team since 2018. In the recently released documentaries, you will also watch him talk about the recent McLaren’s 1-2 finish which has become their first in more than a decade. He will also share some secrets about how he tries to stay ahead of the competition:

“I’m probably … 10 coffees a day. You never quite know what the opposition’s going to do, but you can’t control what the competition does. We’re developing next year’s car now and we really won’t know how competitive it is until we see what everyone else has done.”

You can access the episode on the partypoker McLaren Access Hub. It is expected that more interviews are going to be added in the future. On top of that, there are many opportunities to win McLaren-themed prizes on partypoker. For example, there are special freerolls held on certain Sundays. There is also the Formula 1 races for $1,000.

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