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· Published 19.01.2022 · last updated 19.01.2022

Michael Addamo has been destroying high roller tournaments recently. On Tuesday, January 11th, the Australian poker player has managed to continue his insane run and win the $10,300 GGPoker Super MILLION$ for $518,640. This has become his fifth Super MILLION$ title, something that has never been achieved before him. Addamo now has $3,597,880 in Super MILLION$ tournament earnings. However, that only puts him in third place on the money list for the Super MILLION$ tournament behind Joakim Andersson ($4,889,545) and Niklas Astedt ($4,197,843). Read on for our Super MILLION$ final table coverage. 

Super MILLION$ Final Table

Michael Addamo has entered the final table of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ with the cheap lead and has managed to remain in this position all the way until the heads-up play. Thanks to this lead, he was never in danger of being eliminated. His lead was further solidified after winning a massive pot early on. Thanks to that, Addamo cruised to heads-up play without any problems. However, he had to put up a good fight against Brazil’s Pablo Silva, who was a tough opponent to beat. Let’s take a closer look at how the events unfolded. 

It took Michael Addamo only 10 minutes to perform his first elimination of the final table. With the blinds at 35,000/70,000/8,500a, Addamo raised to 140,000 under the gun with pocket tens. “TheRayGuy”, who was second in terms of chip count with $4.5 million, responded with a three-bet to 462,000 with pocket aces. Addamo called the flop came out to be K 10 4, which gave Addamo a three-of-a-kind. The Australian poker player checked, while “TheRayGuy” bet for 546,000. As a response, Addadmo check-raised all the way to 1.2 million chips and “TheRayGuy” went all-in. The turn and the river came out to be 8 and J respectively. With that, “TheRayGuy” was awarded $64,830 for his ninth-place finish and Addamo now had over 10 million in chips. 

The “DollarVig” was the next player to be eliminated from the final table. When the blinds climbed to 40,000/80,000/10,000a, “DollarVig” opened from under the gun to 160,000 with a A K of diamonds. Pablo Silva has decided to three-bet shove to over 371,000 with pocket jacks. “DollarVig” shoved their remaining 12 big blinds and Silva responded with a call. The board turned out to be Q 10 3 2 10, which was no help to “DollarVig”. As a result, “DollarVig” was awarded $84,074 for their eight-place finish. 

When the blinds reached the level of 50,000/100,000/12,500a, China’s Huang Wenjie was the next participant to hit the showers. He was already down to 13 big blinds, so there was a strong need for a double-up opportunity. Austria’s “JukeZonYou” opened up with a 200,000 bet from the button and Wenjie has decided to make his move and move all-in with A 5. However, “JukeZonYou” called without much hesitation and held a dominating A K. The flop ran A 6 4, which paired both, but also kept the kickers in play. The turn showed 4, which gave Wenjie a couple more outs, but the river was 6. With that, Huang Wenjie was awarded $109,030 for his seventh-place finish.

Orpen Kisacikoglu was the next elimination of the final table. With the blinds at 60,000/120,000/15,000a, Silva bet from the cutoff to 240,000 chips with his A J. The action folded to Kisacikoglu in the big blind, who has decided to move all-in for 2 million with A Q. Even though both players have managed to flop an ace, the jack on the turn changed everything and Silva was now in the lead. The 9 on the river did not change anything and Kisacikoglu was awarded $141,395 for his sixth-place finish. 

Just two hands later, Silva has managed to perform yet another elimination. It started when “JukeZonYou” place a bet of 240,000 with his pocket queens on the button and Silva decided to pressure the short stack. He bet 7,000,000 chips with A 8 and “JukeZonYou” called instantly. The flop came out to be A 6 2, which put Silva in the lead. The J on the turn and a 5 on the river did not change much. “JukeZonYou” was awarded $237,797 for his fifth-place finish. 

“Spaise411” opened to 240,000 on the very next hand with his pocket nines. The action folded to Michael Addamo in the big blind. As a response, he open-shipped the chip lead with A 2 and “spaise411” called looking for a potential double up. Unfortunately for “spaise411”, the board ran out A 6 3 10 2, which gave the pot to Addamo. Nevertheless, “spaise411” was awarded $237,797 for his fourth-place finish. 

With only three players remaining and blinds at 70,000/140,000/17,500a, Silva has decided to once again open the button to 280,000 with his A K. Addamo folded in the small blind, but Mario Mosboeck three-bet shipped his final 12 big blinds with his J 10 without much hesitation. Silva called and the flop was Q 8 3. The 3 on the turn was not useful to any of the players and the K on the river sealed Mosboeck’s fate. Mario Mosboeck was awarded $399,926 for his third-place finish. After this elimination, the tournament continued in a heads-up format between Addamo and Silva.


Entering the heads-up play, Addamo had a small chip lead of 13,498,340 to 13,101,660. However, Silva was able to gain the lead shortly after the duel started. But, shortly after that, Addamo has managed to score a big double-up thanks to a flush on the river. After that, it was quite straightforward for Addamo to seal the deal. Just four hands after Addamo’s double-up, Silva has decided to open to 350,000 from the button with his pocket jacks. Addamo responded with a three-bet to $1.2 million with his A K. Silva shoved his remaining seven million chips without much hesitation and Addamo made the call. The flop showed 10 10 8, which kept Silva ahead. However, the A on the turn gave Addamo the top pair and the 6 on the river sealed Silva’s journey at the tournament. Silva was awarded $399,926 for his second-place finish. Michael Addamo recorded his fifth Super MILLION$ title and was awarded the top prize of $518,640. 

Here are the full GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Michael Addamo Canada $518,640
2 Pablo Silva Brazil $399,926
3 Mario Mosboeck Austria $308,385
4 spaise411 Russia $237,797
5 JukeZonYou Austria $183,367
6 Orpen Kisacikoglu Austria $141,395
7 Wenjie Huang China $109,030
8 Jeff “DollarVig” Berwick Canada $84,074
9 Tyler “TheRayGuy” Cornell Mexico $64,830
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