Unibet Poker has decided to begin the new year with several promising promotions in the form of races and a small tournament festival. Currently, you have an excellent opportunity to get involved in the €35,000 Winter Bootcamp for cash players and the €31,000 HexaPro Races for Spin&Go fans. Both of these promotions have a unique approach to scoring and rating, which we will discuss in the following article. Read on for more details.  

€35,000 Winter Bootcamp

The €35,000 Winter Bootcamp race is currently running on the Unibet Poker and will continue until February 6th, 2022. This promotion focuses on the mid to high-stakes cash players. This promotion adds €7,000 to its leaderboard every week. The main difference between traditional races is the fact that results do not affect the standings, meaning that the only thing that counts is how many hands you manage to play. On top of that, you also have an opportunity to get a bonus of a x1.5 multiplier. No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha hands qualify for the leaderboard points. These points are reset every week and the entire promotion will go on for five weeks in total. Here are the main features of the €35,000 Winter Bootcamp. 

  • Weekly cash games leaderboards
  • Separate leaderboard for Mid and High Stakes
  • Points are credited for the number of hands played
  • Additional points for every 1.5x multiplier you are dealt into
  • €7,000 are added to the leaderboards every week. 

On top of that, you can also earn bonus points for special achievements. These achievements can be hit as many times as you like. The achievements are as follows:

Achievement No-Limit Hold’em Points Pot-Limit Omaha Points
Reach the flop with at least three other players 2 1
Reach the flop in two consecutive hands 4 2
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot 3 3
Lose with AA at showdown 20 8
Reach a flop that shows three cards of the same rank 50 25
Be dealt 88 in your starting hand 8 4
Be dealt a straight flush 1,000 300

Besides these achievements, you can also earn bonus points once a day or once a week. These achievements will give you more points in general. 

Achievement Frequency Points
Play at least two cash game tables simultaneously Daily 200
Win three pots in any Pot Limit Omaha cash game Daily 200
Endure a losing week at eligible stakes, one point per €1 lost per specific week Weekly (once per race) 450
Reach at least five cash game flops for three consecutive days Weekly (once per race) 600
Reach at least five cash game flops for 7 consecutive days Weekly (once per race) 1,200

And here is how the prizes are distributed:

Place Prize
Mid Stakes (NL/PLO 25, 50, and 100) High Stakes (NL/PL 200 and 400)
1 €600 €1.100
2 €400 €800
3 €300 €600
4 €200 €350
5 €150 €300
6 €100 €200
7 €50 €150
8 €50 €125
9 €50 €100
10 €50 €75
11-20 €50 €50
21-30 €25

€30,000 HexaPro Races

The HexaPro Races have been going on since New Year’s Day. Until the 30th of January, Unibet Poker will add €1,000 to three leaderboards every single day for players to win. Once again, the leaderboards are separated into three tiers based on the buy-ins. This way, players with modest bankrolls can have a chance to win a slice of the total prize pool. In a classic Unibet Poker style, you are awarded points for playing and not the results, so there is no reason to fear more experienced players. Points are also going to be doubled for every second 1.5x multiplier received. This is a pretty common multiplier, so you can expect a lot of points. Here are the main features of the €30,000 HexaPro races:

  • €1,000 added to the leaderboards every single day
  • You are awarded points for playing rather than results
  • Leaderboards are divided into three based on the buy-in sizes

Here is how points are awarded:

Buy-in Points Extra Points for Every Second 1.5x Multiplier
€1 1 1
€2 2 2
€5 5 5
€10 10 10
€25 25 25
€50 50 50
€100 100 100

And here is how the prize pool is distributed among the three tiers:

Place Prize
High (€50 and €100) Mid (€10 and €25) Low (€1-€5)
1 €250 €100 €50
2 €150 €50 €25
3 €100 €25 € 10
4-5 €50 ticket €25 ticket €10
6-15     €5 ticket

MTT Winter Festival

There is no denying that it will be exciting for many players to grind HexaPro and cash games in order to earn leaderboard points and win a piece of the prize pool. However, tournament players can also participate in this round of promotions thanks to the MTT Winter Festival at Unibet Poker. This tournament is going to run from January 17th up until February 13th. This festival will offer four different tournament series in a matter of four weeks. These series will be progressive knock-out series, a pot-limit omaha series, a second chance series, and a turbo series. 

Each series is going to include four daily tournaments in the buy-in range of €5 to €10. However, there will also be a €25 Mian Event each Sunday. On top of that, each series will have a different leaderboard. This way players can start on a new page each week and compete for more prizes. The winner of the leaderboard will be gifted a €1,000 Upswing Poker package. Make sure to stay tuned on tournament start times. Here are the main features of the MTT Winter Festival:

  • Runs from January 17th to February 13th
  • 4 different tournament series 
  • 4 weeks
  • A €25 Main Event
  • 4 daily events with buy-ins ranging from €5 to €10
  • A new leaderboard every week
  • The winner of every leaderboard will get a €1,000 Upswing Poker package. 
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