Dear community,

Unfortunately we have to inform you about some changes at GGPoker.

We have been informed that players at GGPoker will no longer be able to participate in our big rake race from February onwards (There will be an extra $25,000 rake race for Natural8 players from now on). On the one hand, GGPoker wants to pursue a different strategy and a rake race doesn’t fit in here. The focus of GGPoker has always been more on occasional players and not on regulars. With this change, they want to underline this again and even if this is negative for many, it is of course GG’s right to decide in this way.

Apart from that, there were also some technical changes in the background at GGPoker, so that it is currently not possible to provide the affiliates with the stats of the players and a leaderboard is not possible at all, since we as an affiliate need the player stats.

Unfortunately, our popular YPD Masters Leaderboard will also no longer be available in February. Our weekly $1,000 freeroll tournaments will continue in February!

It cannot be ruled out that there will be a rake race again in the future, but the trend is not looking so good and this rule that there are no more rake races naturally applies to all GGPoker affiliates until further notice.

For the moment all promotions/rake races and deals must be terminated starting from 01the February 2022!

We fully understand that many of you are now very disappointed and we can assure you that we feel the same. Nevertheless, we and all players have to respect GGPoker’s decision. GGPoker is still a very good poker room and still offers all players up to 60% weekly cashback, daily rake races, many other promotions, a soft player field and unique software. To play at GGPoker is still a good choice with lots of fun to play.

We are very sorry that the two promotions have ended, we would have liked to have continued them, but the guidelines are always set by the poker room.

We are always at your disposal for questions and feedback. Join our Discord Channel to talk openly with us and the community about such things.

Info: Check out our $25,000 rake race for all Natural8 players.

Update 22.02.2022: Some good news. GG agreed that we can continue with our YPD Masters Leaderboard Promotion, in addition to our weekly 1.000$ tournaments. The YPD Masters will continue in March 2022.


  1. YPD
    February 5, 2022 at 5:08 pm

    Unfortunately you are not properly informed. It is (still) possible for affiliates to organize a rake race for other skins of the GGNetwork. But not for GGPoker anymore! NOBODY receives at the moment player stats for GGPoker, only for other poker rooms of the GGNetwork. The affiliate you are talking is runing together with another affiliate a rake race for players from different GGNetwork Skins but players from GGPoker are excluded.

    For example, we also have a $25,000 rake race for Natural8 because it’s (still) allowed there and Natural8 is a part of GG.

    If you have further questions you can join our Discord channel and discuss about this topic with us and our community or write us an emaiil.

  2. Duduman24
    February 5, 2022 at 5:01 pm

    and this rule that there are no more rake races naturally applies to all GGPoker affiliates until further notice.

    I see other GGpoker affiliates that have 50k ggpoker rake race, so does not apply to all.So the question is how those affiliates can get stats from ggpoker and can have a rake race and u cannot anymore?What happens with those people who rake a huge amount monthly u still make money off them right?And u give them in exchange few 2-3 1k mtt tickets?I hope u will solve things with GGpoker in future and get back those rake races cus other can it seems.

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· Published 01.02.2022 · last updated 06.09.2022

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