Dear Community,

After receiving many requests from players, here is a short official statement about Natural8 and the GG network.

As you may know, GGPoker has not held a rake race since February, but it is still possible at Natural8. However, at this point we do not know whether or for how long the rake race at Natural8 will continue, suffice to say that, as of now, a rake race can still be held. Should there be any changes here, we will of course inform you immediately.

GGPoker and Natural8 are different skins despite both belonging to the same network. We appreciate that it might be confusing that we had to end the big rake race for all players at GG because they are no longer allowed to participate but, as it happens, all players in Natural8 are. However, this decision is not up to YPD, and we only follow the guidelines that are given to us. Ultimately, the GG network sets the rules for all skins in the network.

We also get numerous requests about our private weekly tournaments at GGPoker. These are tournaments that are exclusively available to our GGPoker players but not to those at Natural8. To participate in these tournaments you need a YPD linked player account with GG.

We would like to point out again that at Natural8, as at GGPoker, it is strictly forbidden to offer any fixed rakeback deals to players. As in the past, all requests for such deals will be rejected! However, you are welcome to take part in our exclusive Natural8 Rake Race and all other official promotions that help generate extra cash for your bankroll.

We ask for your understanding that we are obligated to follow the guidelines of our partner poker rooms. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.


Best regards

YourPokerDream Team


· Published 14.02.2022 · last updated 23.02.2022