Dear Community,

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that not everyone YPD and our partners deal with day after day will behave perfectly. Occasionally, people will forget how to be courteous and find themselves crossing the line, thus resulting in our team and those from our partner sites being the recipients  of intolerable behaviour. Incidentally, while these incidents are indeed exceptions to the rule, we have noticed that players from two very specific countries – which, of course, we cannot name – are more guilty than others.

We would like to make it crystal clear that YPD has a no-nonsense ZERO Tolerance Level when it comes to disrespectful, rude or insulting behaviour towards our team and the staff at our partner sites.

Respectful cooperation and normal, polite communication are not only an imperative but, importantly, key to solving problems or possible misunderstandings and, generally, resolving any issues that might arise as we and our players go about the day.

Those who find themselves unable to adhere to what should be natural rules of decency must accept that we have to consider the wellbeing of our team, and unacceptable behaviour – in any form – will result in the guilty party not having (for example) inquiries via e-mail addressed and their communication with us via Skype, Telegram or Discord being blocked. Moreover, in some cases there could even be temporary bans from our exclusive promotions and tournaments.

We should emphasize that this problem relates to a very small part of our community. Our team is available 24/7 in our quest to provide the best deals at the best sites for our players, and we are always happy to help with questions and problems.

We thank you for your understanding!

Best regards

Your YPD Team


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· Published 21.02.2022 · last updated 22.02.2022

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