During the end of January 2022, GGPoker Network hosted the biggest Super MILLION$ tournament series in its entire history. The initial schedule was extended by one week with more than $46 million in guaranteed prize pools. This was a new milestone for this high-stakes poker series. With 90 tournament behind, there were over $51 million in prize money that have been distributed among the participants. 

Once again, this tournament series was a success. It was able to attract a field of 31,649 entries with an average of 352 entries across all of the events. There were two tournaments that have experienced an overlay for $10,000 and $25,000. In the following article, we will provide you with a closer look at the most important numbers and tournament winners throughout the Super MILLION$. We will also give you a brief overview for an upcoming GGMasters Overlay Edition with a $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. Read on for more details. 

Super MILLION$ Week in Numbers

As mentioned previously, this Super MILLION$ Week was quite successful and has managed to attract quite a few players. There were a total of 90 events with a total of 31,649 entries throughout the tournament series. There were an average of 352 entries per event. The total prize pool reached $51,086,550, which was distributed among the top finishers in the events. There were also 72 numbered events with 29,175 entries in total. Numbered events has managed to gather an average of 405 entries per event. The total prize pool of the numbered events has reacehed $30,222,050 by the end of the series. 

It is easy to see that a significant portion of all entries came in the 72 numbered events. However, a large share of the prize pool was contributed by the high-stakes Side Events. These events included several five-figure buy-ins. Such tournaments became home to some of the most well-known High Roller regulars, who battled for the huge cash prize. 

Super MILLION$ Highlights

The Super MILLION$ Week kicked off on the 23rd of January at the GGPoker Network. Lithuanian poker pro Matas Cimbolas was the first winner of the seires, as he has managed to take down Event #1 Super KICKOFF Bounty Hunters HR Special with a $525 buy-in. For this victory, Cimbolas was awarded the top prize of $106,904 and $39,999 in bounties. However, he was topped by “Ronalauc”, who has managed to score more than $160,000 in combined prizes. 

During the same day, Norwegian poker player by the nickname of “Jiiizes” has managed to come out on top in the Event #3 Omaholic Bountry HR $525 for the top prize of $16,839 and additional $25,881 in cash. This events has collected 270 entries in total. 

Australia’s Joshua McCully had a very good run that day as well. This player was able to finish third in Event #5 Sunday High Rollers Main Event $1,050 for $67,219. He followed that result up with a victory in the Event #6 Omaholic Main Event $1,050 for the top prize of $46,855. 

Event #7 Sunday Million SHR was the joint most-expensive event on the schedule. Issac Haxton too part in this tournament and cashed for $69,044. There were a total of seven players that have managed to earn six-figure scores. These include Wiktor Malinowski, Juan Pardo Dominguez, and Artur Martirosian. This event was topped by “bill2021” for the top prize of $468,496. Rahul Byrraju finished runner-up for $368,772. 

The opening days of the Super MILLION$ Week were also quite successful for “rivfun4me”, as they managed to get into the final tables in Event #8, #9, and #11 for a combined payout of nearly $40,000. Brazilian superstar and partypoker ambassador Yuri Dzivielevski has also joined the winner’s circle with his win in Event #13 Bounty Hunters HR Special $525 for the top prize of $35,683 in bounties and $51,480 in cash. 

Christian Rudolph, Bruno Volkmann, Joakim Andersson, and 2020 WSOP Main Event winner Damian Salas followed suit with top-three finishers in quick succession. Yuri Dzivielevski has almost managed to win his second tournament in the first week but eventually finished third in Event #23 Deepstack High Roller $2,625 for $42,554. This event was topped by Elio Fox for $74,691 and Dario Sammartino for $54,377 as runner-up. 

Steven Van Zadellhoff from Netherlands had a good run as well. The Dutchman had come out on top in Event #29 Bounty Hunters HR Special $525 for $22,539 in bounties and $36,936 in cash. In order to achieve this victory, Van Zadellhoff had top the field of 564 entries. Nikola Minkov has also managed to take down the Saturday Knockout $1,050 for a huge $37,273 bounty prize and $59,524 in cash. 

Germany’s poker pro Benjamin Rolle has barrely missed his victory in Event #33 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525. He finished second for over $85,000 in prize money. The field of 2,510 entries was topped by “Sphynx!” for the top prize of $97,735 and additional $46,696 in bounties. Rolle has also became the first casualty of the final table in Event #39 Sunday Million SHR $25,500 for a payout of $65,102. The remaining players at the final table included Haxton, Dzivielevski, Rudolph, and Nick Petrangelo. At the end, Ravid Garbi has decided to cut a deal with Niklas Astedt and finished in first place for $537,958. Niklas Astedt went home with a larger payday of $541,973. 

The second week of the Super MILLION$ was home to plenty of action as well. “KRaiser” finished in the first place in the Event #54 Thursday Thriller Bounty $1,050. They had to top the field of 422 and was awarded $68,500 in cash and additional $43,375 in bounties. On the same day, Nikola Cokesa has managed to come out on top in Event #55 Deepstack High Roller $2,625 for $67,164. 

“Anagogic” topped the field of 2,494 entires in Event #65 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525  for a combined prize of $194,000. Charles “TheMadQueen” La Boissonniere finished in the runner-up spot with just $6,018 in bounties, but an impressive amount of $56,865 in cash. Allison Eleres has also managed to win in Event #66 GGMasters High Rollers $1,050 for $143,929. 

Event #71 Super Million SHR $25,500 collected a field of 86 entries, which created an overall prize pool of $2,150,000. GGPoker ambassador Jason Koon was one of the many notable finalists in the event. Koon finished in the third place for $306,554. He was beaten by Marius Gierse for $461,259 and Mikita Badziakouski for $435,841. 

Side Events Highlights

Side Events had plenty of exciting poker action throughout the Super MILLION$ Week as well. The Blade and Omaholic Bounty Events brought even more winning to Nikita “VSMPZD” Kuznetsov, Sebastian Trisch, and Dante Goya Fernandes. Isaac Haxton finished in the second place in a $10,300 Omaholic Super High Roller and was awarded $107,316. This event was topped by Gavin Cochrane for $148,428. 

Cokesa has banked $387,856 in the $25,500 Super High Roller after defeating Tyler “TheRayGuy” Cornell, who was awarded $290,851. Adrian Mateos had to settle for his third place finish and $218,107 awarded to him. Artur Martirosian has also finished fourth in that tournament for $163,557. Soon after that, Martirosian was ale to win the next 76-entry SHR tournament for $445,071. Stephen Chidwick cut a deal with Mike Watson during the heads-up stage in a $5,250 Super Blade. Chidwick was awarded $79,948 and Watson took home $74,436. 

The Super MILLION$ Main Event was the central highlight of the tournament series. It cam with a guarantee of $5,000,000 and has managed to attract a field of 815 entries. As a result, the prize pool was inflated all the way up to $8,150,000. Only 117 players survived their starting days and made it to Day 2 on 30th January 2022. Brazil’s Rodrigo Sirichuk bursted the bubble and the remaining 100 participants collected at least $22,709 in prize money. 

Damian Salas, Jason Koon, Anatoly Filatov, Joshua McCully, Nikola Cokesa, Juan Pardo Dominguez, Niklas Astedt, and Adrian Mateos have all bought into the tournament, but were eliminated before they could reach the final table. Mikita Badziakouski became the first casualty of the final table, as he was elimianted for $155,273. The pay jumps became more significant with each knockout after that. Ole Schemion finished fourth for $569,546, thus becoming the first player to cash for more than half a million dollars. Wiktor Malinowski was eliminated in the third place for $738,610. It was between two Austrian players to battle it out for the top prize. At the end of the day, “Ushuaia1” has managed to walk away with an impressive payout of $957,859 for his runner-up result. The Super MILLION$ Main Event was won by Marius Gierse for the top prize of $1,242,190. 

GGMasters Overlay Edition $5,000,000 Guaranteed

GGNetwork has recently announced another major promotion. This time, the promotion is specifically aimed at the low to mid-stakes players. In order to celebrate the second anniversary of the weekly GGMasters, GGNetwork has decided to organize a special Overlay Edition, which will be held on 20th of March 2022. This tournament is going to have an incredible guarantee of $5,000,000. It is almost certain that this tournament will have a major overlay, which will provide an additional value for all participants. With this promotion, GGNetwork wants to show its gratitude for the rapid growth of the network throughout the years, which made this poker operator one of the largest in the industry. 

This will be one of the most valuable tournaments in the GGNetwork’s history. The guarantee has been raised to ten times the usual prize money. It is almost guaranteed that this tournament will have a significant overlay, which is the whole point of this promotion. Just to put things into perspective, the tournament with a price tage of $150 usually attracts a few thousand players and has a $500,000 guarantee. But, more than 36,000 entries are required to cover the $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool goal. This seems like an impossible task. 

Another notable detail is that the GGMasters tournament is going to be held in a Freezout format, and players only have one unique entry. Therefore, players will only be allowed to enter once for their shot at a huge payday. This will apply acorss all operators on the entire network. The GGMasters Overlay Edition aims at covering as many regions and time zones as possible. For that reason, there will be three starting flights available on 20th March 2022. All players that will make it through their respective Day 1 will return to the poker action on Monday, 21st March 2022. 

Here is a look at the GGMasters Overlay Edition schedule:

  • 20th March: Asia Flight at 12:00 GMT
  • 20th March: Europe Flight at 17:00 GMT
  • 20th March: Americas Flight at 22:00 GMT
  • 21st March: Day 2 at 17:00 GMT

Players with lower bankrolls can also buy-in through various satellites. It is quite easy to find the satellites, as the poker client now features a separate tab dedicated to the GGMasters Overlay Edition. Thanks to these satellites, players have a chance to enter the tournament for as little as $5. Players can also find other weekly GGMasters tournaments such as the $1,050 High Rollers and the $300 Bounty edition in the same tab. 

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