· Published 01.03.2022 · last updated 01.03.2022

Dear community,

As you all know, there has been a horrible war in Ukraine for days. A mad dictator is trying to completely destroy a country that only wants to live in peace and democracy.

It’s horrible that something like this is even possible in 2022. We all see the terrible pictures and videos every day and have to watch helplessly as Russia, under the orders of Vladimir Putin, simply kills innocent civilians, including many women and children.

Russian citizens are deceived by Probaganda News and do not know the truth. There is no honest reporting and many people actually think it is a peacekeeping mission.

It is our duty as free citizens of the West living in peace not to simply ignore it and to close our eyes.

Each of us can do a small part to help people. For 2 days there is also the possibility to donate something in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT to the Ukrainian government.

Do your part and support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy! Spread the real pictures and news about the war in Ukraine on your social media accounts with everyone you know. Forward all pictures and videos to them. Show the world and especially all people in Russia what is really going on.

You can find more ways to support Ukraine in different ways HERE

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine these days and we are praying for peace!

That’s the real war and innocent people die

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