888poker has recently announced the complete schedule for the latest installment of their online festival The Knockout Games. This tournament series will feature 44 events and will last for over two weeks. The festival will run from April 24th to May 8th, 2022 with over $1,250,000 million in tournament guarantees. Players will also have a chance to battle it out with 888poker Cultural Ambassador Chris Eubank Jr to win a $13,000 Road to Las Vegas package. On top of that, any player who manages to bubble one of the KO Games tournaments will be automatically entered into a raffle where they can win a pair of boxing gloves signed by Eubank Jr himself. 

888poker was also recently launched in Ontario, Canada. 888 was the first company to enter the new regulated client. This has led to enormous overlays for 888 Ontario players. The online poker operator has also been reshuffling its crew of ambassadors in the past few months, which has sparked some controversy. Read on for more 888poker news. 

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The Knockout Games Overview

As mentioned previously, The Knockout Games tournament series is going to run on 888poker from April 24th to May 8th with a total guarantee of over $1,250,000. Let us take a look at some of the most important events of the upcoming series. 

First of all, there will be a $160 buy-in Event #22: Tune Up PKO. It will have a total guarantee of $150,000. The $75 of the buy-in will go to the regular prize pool, while the other $75 will be added to the bounty prize pool. This event will run on Sunday, May 1st. Players will be allowed up to three re-entries. On top of that, 888poker Cultural Ambassador Chris Eubank Jr will also participate in the tournament and will stream his tournament live on the 888poker Twitch channel. The player that manages to eliminate the professional boxer will win a $13,000 Road to Las Vegas package. The tournament will be paused when the final table is reached. The final showdown will be broadcasted on May 2nd. 

The tournament with the biggest guarantee will be Event #43: Main Event PKO. This event will feature a massive guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. Such a tournament can’t be missed. It will have a $215 buy-in, but there will be daily freerolls to the Main Event, which will give players a chance to win their way in for absolutely free. 

Here is the full The Knockout Games schedule:

Date Time (GMT) Event Buyin Guarantee
24th April 17:00 Event #1: Opening Event PKO $109 $125,000
24th April 18:00 Event #2: Mini Opening PKO $16.50 $20,000
24th April 19:30 Event #3: Late Opening PKO $44 $12,000
25th April 19:00 Event #4: PKO 8-Max $55 $25,000
25th April 18:00 Event #5: Mini PKO 8-Max $11 $10,000
25th April 19:30 Event #6: Late PKO 8-Max $33 $10,000
26th April 17:00 Event #7: Super Knockout $160 $30,000
26th April 18:00 Event #8: Mini Super Knockout $22 $15,000
26th April 19:30 Event #9: Late Super Knockout $55 $10,000
27th April 17:00 Event #10: PKO $109 $30,000
27th April 18:00 Event #11: Mini PKO $165 $12,000
27th April 19:30 Event #12: Late PKO $33 $10,000
28th April 17:00 Event #13: PKO Freezeout $215 $25,000
28th April 18:00 Event #14: Mini PKO Freezeout $55 $10,000
28th April 19:30 Event #15: Late PKO Freezeout $33 $7,000
29th April 17:00 Event #16: Knockout $88 $25,000
29th April 18:00 Event #17: Mini Knockout $22 $15,000
29th April 19:30 Event #18: Late Knockout $33 $10,000
30th April 17:00 Event #19: PKO 6-Max $109 $30,000
30th April 18:00 Event #20: Mini PKO 6-Max $16.50 $12,000
30th April 19:30 Event #21: Late PKO 6-Max $33 $10,000
1st May 17:00 Event #22: Tune Up PKO $160 $150,000
1st May 18:00 Event #23: Mini Tune Up PKO $22 $25,000
1st May 19:30 Event #24: Late Tune Up PKO $55 $15,000
2nd May 17:00 Event #25: PKOmaha 6-Max $55 $8,000
2nd May 18:00 Event #26: Mini PKOmaha 6-Max $11 $3,000
2nd May 19:30 Event #27: Late PKOmaha 6-Max $33 $5,000
3rd May 17:00 Event #28: Super Knockout $160 $30,000
3rd May 18:00 Event #29: Mini Super Knockout $22 $15,000
3rd May 19:30 Event #30: Late Super Knockout $55 $10,000
4th May 17:00 Event #31: PKO 8-Max $109 $30,000
4th May 18:00 Event #32: Mini PKO 8-Max $16.50 $12,000
4th May 19:30 Event #33: Late PKO 8-Max $33 $10,000
5th May 17:00 Event #34: PKO Freezeout $215 $25,000
5th May 18:00 Event #35: Mini PKO Freezeout $55 $10,000
5th May 19:30 Event #36: Late PKO Freezeout $33 $7,000
6th May 17:00 Event #37: Knockout $88 $25,000
6th May 18:00 Event #38: Mini Knockout $22 $15,000
6th May 19:30 Event #39: Late Knockout $33 $10,000
7th May 17:00 Event #40: PKO 6-Max $109 $30,000
7th May 18:00 Event #41: Mini PKO 6-Max $16.50 $12,000
7th May 19:30 Event #42: Late PKO 6-Max $33 $10,000
8th May 17:00 Event #43: Main Event PKO $215 $300,000
8th May 18:00 Event #44: Mini Main Event PKO $55 $50,000

888poker Shuffles its Ambassador Team

Long-time poker pro Dominik Nitsche has severed ways with the 888poker ambassador squad, which has sparked massive discussion in the community. On March 31, the operator revealed its latest decision in a tweet. The announcement marks the end of a seven-year partnership between the operator and the founder of DTO Poker, which made Nitsche one of the brand’s primary faces. While the message was brief, 888poker wished Nitsche well, concluding with “See you at the tables.” 888poker’s losses were offset by the addition of a new face to its roster: Brazilian player Alexandre “Cavalito” Mantovani, who joins fellow countryman Vivian Saliba as the team’s newest member.

The 888poker Team is continuously in flux, with Nitsche being the most recent departure from the roster following the departures of 2014 WSOP Main Event champion Martin Jacobson and Sofia Lovgren. Nevertheless, in complement to Mantovani, the operator has lately extended its Twitch team presence, with the acquisition of US pro-Samantha Abernathy last year.

With the latest Nitsche’s departure, the old team is down to Saliba and iconic Canadian broadcaster Kara Scott. Abernathy, as well as Chris Eubank Jr., were added to the team as cultural ambassadors last year.

With the addition of Mantovani, the core team now has four poker members, with more than $5.5 million in online earnings to go along with his $361k in real cash. However, it appears probable that more announcements will be made soon as the operator continues to strive to fill the gaps created in its ambassador team by the recent departures. We can expect that at least one more important announcement surrounding the team will be made shortly.

In addition to the new ambassador, 888poker has recently increased its Twitch presence. Last year, the operator created its own 888pokerTV Twitch channel, with Nick Wealthall and David Tuchman providing analysis on live and online games.

To contribute to the popularity of its channel, the operator created the 888poker Twitch StreamTeam as part of the launch and has continued to increase its roster. Rene “renemastermix” Majed of Germany and Andrei “andreicoz” Cosmin of Romania have lately joined a team that also includes players from the United Kingdom and Portugal.

As previously said, players can anticipate another important announcement regarding the squad in the coming future. The next news should have an immediate impact on both the live ambassador and the streaming teams. 

888poker Launched in Ontario

Along with the announcements from 888poker’s worldwide side, the operator has been preparing for the introduction into the new Ontario market. While Ontarians have already used the 888poker global client in the past, new laws require operators to offer an Ontario-only option.

On April 4, when the new laws went into effect, 888poker Ontario was the first out of the gate in the newly regulated market, with a fully working Ontario poker room. Some of the other competitors continue to provide their services from offshore. 

888poker Ontario players are also currently enjoying tournaments with amazing value as the majority of them have failed to meet their guarantees. With this recent launch of 888poker Ontario, it is fair to expect even more streaming content out of Canada. Especially given the fact that 888 already has a local ambassador Adam “iamEklo”. 

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