888poker has launched its Retro Week series with an $888,000 guaranteed prize pool. This poker festival promises to attract thousands of players from all around the globe during this week-long series. The Retro Week runs from March 20th through to March 27th. The festival is going to feature 26 different tournaments with impressive payouts. We will also briefly talk about the recently finished 888poker Millions Superstorm and its results. Read on for more details and the full 888poker Retro Week schedule. 

Retro Week Highlights

888poker is known for having a solid MTT grid. This has been the case for at least 12 years. Throughout this time, the tournament schedule has gone through many global updates. Moreover, the current version of the tournament grid has been introduced just less than a year ago. 888poker has decided to celebrate its 20th-anniversary with a festival that includes tournaments that have long become history. 

From March 20th to March 27th, 888poker players will have an opportunity to participate in the most popular tournaments from the previous years as a part of the Retro Week promotion. There will be a total guarantee of $888,000 across 26 different events. The buy-ins range from as little as $11 to as much as $525. Players also have an opportunity to get into these events for cheap via various satellites offered at 888poker. 

All of the events are going to be held in the No-Limit Hold’em poker format. The Retro Week is going to feature several “Fish ‘n Chips Tournaments”. As stated by the 888poker, these tournaments have low buy-ins and high guarantees. All of these events have fish-themed fun names. For example, the $33 Big Fish tournament is one of those and kicks off the series with a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool. Players will also have an opportunity to join the $33 Big Fish PKO on the 25th of March for a $20,000 guarantee. Just to clarify, PKO stands for the progressive knockout. This is a type of bounty tournament during which a player receives a bounty for knocking out their opponents. Consequently, the player’s total bounty will usually increase throughout the series. The bounties will get bigger and bigger as players advance further. 

Just two hours after the $33 Big Fish tournament, 888poker is hosting the $90 buy-in Sunday Challenge with a total guarantee of $100,000. This tournament used to be one of 888poker’s flagship weekly events for several years. Moreover, poker fans will have an opportunity to watch the action unfold live on the 888poker Twitch channel. Players can either buy in for $90 or win their way in via one of the numerous satellites. After that, participants will sit down with 20,000 chips and play to a 12-minute clock with blinds at 50/100/12a. Poker action is going to continue until the final nine remain. The tournament is then going to be paused and will be resumed on March 21st at 7:00 p.m. GMT. On that date, the $90 Sunday Challenge will wrap up in the spotlight of the 888poker Twitch team. 

There are two other Retro Week events scheduled for the opening night. For example, the $16,50 buy-in Catfish kicks off at 7:00 p.m. and features a $15,000 guaranteed prize pool. The $525 buy-in Whale will kick off just an hour later at 8:00 p.m. and features a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. 

There is also plenty of action for players with bigger bankrolls beyond the “Fish ‘n Chips” tournaments. The $109 Hurricane PKO kicks off on March 24th and will feature a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool. There will be another $525 Whale event on March 27th with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool once again. 

Players in the mid-tier bankroll range can also find plenty of tournaments throughout the Retro Week series. The $109 Friday Challenge KO will kick off on March 25th with a $30,000 guarantee. This event promises to attract a nice player pool.

The definite highlight of the Retro Week Series will be the Mega Deep Main Event for $215 and a total prize pool of $300,000. The Main Event is going to kick off on March 27th at 6:00 p.m. GMT. All participants will get a starting stack of 30,000 chips (or 300BB). The blinds will increase every 12 minutes. The late registration period will be held for 230 minutes. There will be up to 3 re-entries allowed. On top of that, there will be two daily freeroll satellites with 21 Main Event tickets guaranteed. Those players that don’t want to pay that much for the Main Event, can check out the alternative version, which will be the $33 Mini Mega Deep with $50,000 guaranteed. This tournament will also take place on March 27th. 

Some other tournaments of interest are:

  • $20,000 Monsoon, $55 buy-in, 22nd March
  • $20,000 Hurricane PKO, $109 buy-in, 24th March
  • $10,000 Monday Twins, $22 buy-in, 21st March
  • $30,000 Friday Challenge KO, $109 buy-in, 25th March

Here is the full schedule for the 888poker Retro Week series:

Date Event Buy-in Guarantee
March 20 #1 – $25,000 Big Fish $33 $25,000
March 20 #2 – $100,000 Sunday Challenge $90 $100,000
March 20 #3 – $15,000 Catfish $16.50 $15,000
March 20 #4 – $50,000 Whale $525 $50,000
March 21 #5 – $15,000 Lightning PKO 6-Max $109 $15,000
March 21 #6 – $10,000 Monday Twins #1 $22 $10,000
March 21 #7 – $10,000 Monday Twins #2 $22 $10,000
March 21 #8 – $10,000 Breeze PKO $55 $10,000
March 22 #9 – $30,000 Tuesday Challenge Freezout $109 $30,000
March 22 #10 – $20,000 Monsoon 8-Max $55 $20,000
March 22 #11 – $10,000 Catfish PKO $16.50 $10,000
March 23 #12 – $7,000 Blowfish $11 $7,000
March 23 #13 – $20,000 Wednesday Challenge $33 $20,000
March 23 #14 – $15,000 Monsoon PKO $55 $15,000
March 24 #15 – $20,000 Hurricane PKO $109 $20,000
March 24 #16 – $20,000 Thursday Challenge R&A $22 $20,000
March 24 #17 – $10,000 Breeze 6-Max $55 $10,000
March 25 #18 – $30,000 Friday Challenge KO $109 $30,000
March 25 #19 – $20,000 Big Fish PKO $33 $20,000
March 25 #20 – $10,000 Catfish 6-Max $16.50 $10,000
March 26 #21 – $12,000 Swordfish 6-Max $33 $12,000
March 26 #22 – $30,000 Saturday Challenge PKO 8-Max $55 $30,000
March 26 #23 – $15,000 Tornado PKO $88 $15,000
March 27 Main Event – $300,000 Mega Deep $215 $300,000
March 27 #25 – $50,000 Mini Mega Deep $33 $50,000
March 27 #26 – $50,000 Whale $525 $50,000

888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event Recap

The Millions Superstorm series has recently wrapped up. The festival culminated in the 2022 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event, which was won by “ddaubar” for $180,000. In order to achieve this victory, “ddaubar” had to battle their way through 999 Day 1 entries and another 166 returning players on Day 2. Eventually, “ddaubar” has managed to top the final table and get a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. “James12627” went up against “ddaubar” in a heads-up duel. Both of these players were in the top two stacks at the start of the final day and eventually ended up as the last two players standing. 

Here are the full Millions Superstorm Main Event results:

Place Name Country Prize
1 ddaubar Lithuania $180,000
2 james12627 Honduras $130,000
3 Jan.14 Kazakhstan $97,000
4 GranaPadano Sweden $72,500
5 Beat_You_Bad Germany $50,400
6 Sebastian “p000cket000” Sikorski Canada $40,400
7 DosPoochies Canada $30,400
8 Streusalz Germany $20,500
9 wellyxx Finland $12,500

Overall, the tournament fell just shy of the guarantee with a total of 999 entries across all of the Day 1 opening flights. This number is made up of 913 players with 86 rebuys in total. However, there were only 166 entries that have managed to make their way through Day 1. These remaining players came back into the action for Day 2 on March 7th. The action continued until the final table in about 3 and a half hours. There were three 888poker team members that have managed to finish in the money. For example, Dominik Nitsche has managed to grab a minimum cash prize, while Sam Abernathy took home $2,200. Dave Gibson, who is a popular micro-stakes streamer, has achieved the best score by finishing 81st for a prize of $2,500. 

All of the nine top finishers have secured at least $12,500 in cash prize. The top two finishers took home six-figure sums. “Wellyxx” was the first player to be eliminated from the final table. They were later joined by “Streuzalz”, “DosPoochies”, and the seasoned grinder by the name of Sebastian Sikorski. “Beat_You_Bad” was knocked out in the fifth-place for $50,400 after a lost coinflip with A 10 against pocket eights of “james12627”. “GranaPadano” was eliminated in the fourth-place by “ddaubar”. “Jan.14” ended up busting to “james12627” when their A 8 lost to pocket kings. After that, it was “ddaubar” up against “james12627” in a heads-up duel. As a result, “james12627” walked away with the $130,00 consolation prize while “ddaubar” went home with the top prize of $180,000. 



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· Published 04.04.2022 · last updated 02.05.2022