Sometimes it can be quite challenging to find the correct online poker site for you. PokerStars, GGPoker, 888poker dominate the online poker market and attract thousands of players every day. Even though all of these poker rooms are excellent choices, you may want to occasionally change the site and look for something new. If that is the case for you, then it may be worth checking out Unibet Poker. 

Unibet Poker is a fully legal, regulated, and trustworthy online poker room. It has a wide variety of poker games to choose from. On top of that, Unibet Poker has a very well-developed tournament grid, which is specifically designed for all types of players. One thing that separates Unibet Poker tournaments from other poker rooms is the fact that it offers plenty of tournaments that play out in their entirety in just a few hours. This is completely opposite to some of the other poker rooms, where online tournaments can last for days on end. Thanks to these shorter tournaments, the average poker player can enjoy them on Unibet Poker without any problems. Unibet Poker events also have modest buy-ins which can generate quite impressive first-place prizes. In the following review, we will talk about the best cheap poker tournaments available on Unibet Poker. Read on for more details. 

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Let us start with a brief overview of the best tournaments available on Unibet. Please note, that we will only include tournaments with buy-ins under €10. Tournaments in this buy-in range offered by Unibet Poker are probably some of the best in the entire online poker industry. Here is a brief overview of the tournaments we will talk about:

Time (GMT) Buy-in Event Starting stack Rebuys Add-on Avg. Duration
8:05 pm €10 €4,000 Titan 10,000 Unlimited Yes 5 hours
6:05 pm €10 €500 Dark Matter 6,000 No No 4 hours
7:05 pm €5 €1,500 Black Hole 10,000 Unlimited No 6 hours
10:20 pm €5 €1,250 Multiverse 2,000 Unlimited Yes 2.5 hours
8:30 pm €2 €200 Galaxy Omaha 3,000 Unlimited Yes 4 hours

€4,000 Titan

Kicking off this list is the €4,000 Titan with a €10 buy-in. This tournament begins at 8:05 pm GMT and usually lasts for around 5 hours. The estimated first-place prize is roughly €900. The €4,000 TItan is at the higher end of the buy-in spectrum, but it also has the biggest guarantee out of all daily online tournaments under €10 that are available on Unibet. The winner of this tournament is guaranteed to receive anywhere from 90x to 100x their buy-in. 

Blinds will increase every six minutes. However, each player enters the tournament with a starting stack of 300 big blinds, therefore, the tournament doesn’t immediately become a game of shove or fold. This is another huge advantage of the tournament, as you will actually get to play poker, rather than just waiting for a hand that will allow you to move all-in.

Even if you bust out, you still have an opportunity to buy back with double the starting stack, which is 20,000 chips. The double rebuy will cost you €20. Therefore, if you are eliminated in Level 9 when the blinds are 100/200, your starting stack will be 100 big blinds after you rebuy. Players can also increase their stack by 20,000 chips by paying an extra €10, once the rebuy period is over. 

€500 Dark Matter

The next entry on our list is the €500 Dark Matter for €10. This tournament kicks off at 6:05 pm GMT and lasts for 4 hours on average. The first-place finisher will earn an estimated €170. The €500 Dark Matter has an old-school freezeout tournament format. Players will get a starting stack of 200 big blinds or 6,000 chips. The blinds will increase every eight minutes. As mentioned earlier, the tournament usually lasts for four hours, as the field typically consists of only 50 to 60 players. Therefore, you can hop in, take down the tournament, and still have some time in the evening left. 

€1,500 Black Hole

The next tournament on our list is the €1,500 Black Hole. It has a €5 buy-in and kicks off at 7:05 pm GMT. The tournament lasts for around 6 hours on average. The first place finisher can count on a reward of €330. It is a very popular tournament on Unibet Poker. The €1,500 is a six-handed deep stack tournament, which makes it that much more fun to play. In comparison to the €4,000 Titan discussed previously, there aren’t any options to double your rebuys. However, players are permitted unlimited rebuys during the late registration period. On top of that, this tournament is excellent for new players to learn about ICM, because the pay jumps from this cheap tournament are quite noticeable at the final table. 

€1,250 Multiverse

The next entry on our list of the top 5 online poker tournaments on Unibet is the €1,250 Multiverse. This tournament has a €5 buy-in and it kicks off at 10:20 pm GMT. The average duration of the tournament is around 2.5 hours. The estimated prize for the first-place finisher is around €320. The €1,250 Multiverse is a perfect tournament for those players that find themselves unlucky in the Black Hole. It players really quickly and almost always last less than three hours. This tournament will be an excellent match for players looking for fast-paced tournaments with stacks flying into the middle left right and center. Everyone who joins the €1,250 Multiverse should be ready to ride the variance. 

€200 Galaxy Omaha

Last but not least is the €200 Galaxy Omaha. This tournament has a buy-in of €2 and kicks off at 8:30 pm GMT. The €200 Galaxy Omaha usually lasts for around 4 hours and the first place finisher can count on a reward of €65. This tournament is played in the Pot-Limit Omaha format, which has grown massively in popularity in recent years, even so at the micro stakes. Therefore, the €200 Galaxy Omaha is perfect for players that want to learn a new poker game, with a buy-in that won’t hurt the bankroll too much. 

You will find many players who enter the Omaha tournaments with only some basic knowledge. With that in mind, if you can get a good grasp on some PLO strategies, you will have a massive edge over a large portion of the micro stakes PLO players. 



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· Published 18.04.2022 · last updated 18.04.2022