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· Published 03.05.2022 · last updated 10.05.2022

The World Series of Poker Spring Circuit has recently wrapped up its action after a 24-day run on GGPoker and  the GGNetwork. There were nonstop games taking place from March 24th to April 17th. As a result, this poker festival has paid out over $32.8 million across its 18 ring events. Israeli player “pisgapoker_1” has managed to come out on top in the Main Event tournament. Read on for festival highlights and results. 


Let’s talk about some numbers to get a general idea of how successful this festival was. The WSOP Spring Circuit series has attracted 84,831 total ring event entries. The biggest event winner was Conor Beresford, as he managed to take home $728,028 for his victory. As mentioned previously, the Main Event was topped by “pigsapoker_1” for a total prize of $634,855. There were also several players that appeared in multiple final tables. These players were “TTP_Poker”, Pablo Silva, “DAVAIBANKROLL”, Yuri Dzivielevski, and Jon De Antonana Martinez. 

“Pisgapoker_01” Wins the Main Event for $634,855

The $525 Main Event was undoubtedly the most exciting part of the WSOP Spring Circuit series. It boasted a $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and has gathered a total of 13,397 entries. As a result, the actual prize pool has increased to $6,698,500, which would be divided among the finalists. Only 2,077 players have made it to the final day. After nine hours of play, Israeli player “pisgapoker_1” has come out on top for $634,855. “Pisgapoker_1’s” previous largest network cash was at the 2020 WSOP $800 Marathon, which saw them finish in the second place for $153,452. 

The Main Event’s final day reached the money round when Vincent “Moist” Huang bursted the bubble. Martin “marlin555” Raus was the chip leader of the final nine. Meanwhile, the eventual champion “pisgapoker_1” was stuck in the middle of the leaderboard. “Pisgapoker_1” has scored their first big pot with pocket eights against Alex Kolonias with 5 3 of clubs suited. The board gave an additional player to the Israeli. However, “pisgapoker_1” has lost a chunk of that win to “pedrinhoOo” with a straight that was dominated by pocket eights turned quads. With the final seven players remaining, “perdrinhoOo” took a piece of everyone’s stack. “Pisgapoker_1” has managed to double up through Raus, which propelled him to second place in terms of the chip count. Soon after that, “pisgapoker_1” carried out their first knockout with A Q against pocket tens of Kolonias. 

With the final four players remaining, there were many big pots and double-ups, which resulted in the fall of “Getaway729”. During the three-handed play, “pisgapoker_1” managed to overtake “pedrinhoOo” with Q 10 two pair over J 2 pair. Soon after that, “pedrinhoOo” took back the lead by knocking out Raus in 3rd place. Even though “pisgapoker_1” had fewer chips during the heads-up round, they still managed to control the game and quickly rise up to the top. The battle culminated with “pedrinhoOo” and their 8 5 up against pocket tens of “pisgapoker_1” on the 6 8 K 9 6 board. 

Here are the final table results:

1st “pisgapoker_1” – Israel – US$ 634,855

2nd “pedrinhoOo”-  Austria – US$ 476,079

3rd Martin “marlin555” Raus – Canada – US$ 357,001

4th “Getaway729” – Cyprus – US$ 267,713

5th Alex Kolonias – Greece – US$ 200,756

6th Joshua “IyasusSake” Gebissa – Austria – US$ 150,546

7th “Kowi” – Hong Kong – US$ 112,893

8th “kolayruss1978” – Russia – US$ 84,658

9th Aleksey “ImLuckPads” Savenkov – Russia – US$ 63,484

Alex “FutureOfMe” Kulev Wins Mystery Bounty HR 2M GTD for $285,413

The 2M High Roller Mystery Bounty was another popular event during the WSOP Spring Circuit. It has collected 1,565 total entries with the $2,100 buy-in across several starting flights. As a result, the total guarantee was bumped up to $3,130,000. Out of that crowd, only 231 players have made it to the final stage. There were many notable players that got knocked out at this stage. For example, recent ring winners Daniel “zafjekis” Rejmer and Conor Beresford were eliminated in the 57th and 30th place respectively. Damian Salas, the 2020 Main Event champion ran deep and was placed 16th.

There were many famous high rollers from all around the globe at the final table. David Miscikowski was the first elimination from the final table, as he departed in 9th place. With many players struggling to remain in the game, two Asian players reached the final five with Lei “yulie1986” Yu being knocked out in 5th place and “sutem” out in 3rd. The heads-up duel was between Alex “FutureOfMe” Kulev and Swedish online poker legend Niklas Astedt, who was eager to win his third gold ring. However, he would eventually be eliminated by the Bulgarian pro. Kulev took home a network high of $285,413 and his first WSOPC gold ring. Currently, Kulev has over $1.9 million in the GGNetwork winnings.  

Even though Astedt was unable to seal the deal, he still pocketed the largest payout of the tournament. On top of the $177,285 prize, Astedt has also received $347,000 in mystery bounties for a combined total of $524,285. It was also the case for 6th place-finisher Pablo Navarro, who took home $271,000 in mystery bounties for a total of $372,162. 

Here are the final table results:

1st Alex “FutureOfMe” Kulev – Bulgaria – US$ 285,413

2nd Niklas Astedt – Sweden – US$ 524,285

3rd “sutem” – China – US$ 225,944

4th “naal bail” – Israel – US$ 100,994

5th Lei “yulie1986” Yu – China – US$ 83,060

6th Pablo Navarro – Spain – US$ 327,162 – US$ 271,100

7th Harald “OscartheCon” Sammer – Austria – US$ 105,440

8th “No1A” – China – US$ 37,226

9th David Miscikowski – USA – US$ 24,941

Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” Martinez Wins Ukraine Fundraising Event NLH for $115,637

The $1,111 Ukrain Fundraising Event NLH was able to collect a total of 799 generous contributors for a total donation of $88,689 to the cause. When the final table was reached, Markos Ladev was the first player to hit the showers. Two-time bracelet holders Elio Fox and Yuri Dzivielevski followed in 8th and 7th place. Once again, it was a pretty close run for Dzivielevski after his final table appearance in Event #2: Super MILLION$ High Roller. Arkadiy “Kamsky” Tsinis showed confident poker on his way to heads up. However, he was unable to take down the chip leader Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” Martinez. It was Martinez’s second final table of the series, as he just missed the gold at the Myster Bounty 1M GTD where he finished in 3rd. But this time, Martinez made everything to capture his first WSOP win and gold ring. Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” was awarded $115,637 for his result. 

Overall, Martinez has been quite successful on the network. Ever since he signed up, he has produced four big tournament wins. The largest one so far was the $128,613 at GGMasters High Roller. His other six-figure win was for $125,063 at Bounty Hunter High Rollers Main Event. Currently, Martinez has earned over $2.3 million on the GGNetwork. 

Here are the final table results:

1st Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” Martinez – Spain – US$ 115,637

2nd Arkadiy “Kamsky” Tsinis – USA – US$ 89,148

3rd Wang Kun – China – US$ 68,727

4th “Jesstex4” – Israel – US$ 52,984

5th “kimsunSHT” – China – US$ 40,847

6th “LJoseph62” Canada – US$ 31,490

7th Yuri Dzivielevski – Brazil – US$ 24,277

8th Elio Fox – USA – US$ 18,716

9th Markos Ladev – Estonia – US$ 14,428

“MBHH90” Wins Double Stack Bounty NLH for $40,462

This event has gathered a massive field of 5,577 entries to generate a total prize pool of $557,000. An anonymous player from Germany by the nickname “mbhh90” came out on top for $40,462. This amount is a combination of bounties and the first-place prize. On top of that, this is their first major win on the GGNetwork. To achieve this victory, “mbhh90” had to eliminate Argentina’s “lalolands”. However, it was quite easy, as the German player held a 4:1 chip lead. 

Here are the final table results:

1st “mbhh90” – Germany – US$ 40,462

2nd “lalolanda” – Argentina – US$ 28,860

3rd “Amisrad” – China – US$ 16,805

4th “HardGenomen” – Netherlands – US$ 11,443

5th Henrique “BlackMamba4Life” Starling – Brazil – US$ 8,214

6th “OttoKatz” – Mexico – US$ 5,408

7th “dushen625” – China – US$ 6,330

8th Sergejs “Peehon” Zubkovs – Austria – US$ 5,131

9th “velka” – Mexico – US$ 3,598

Ivan “Cordialemeent” Deyra Wins 6-Max NLH Championship for $161,974

Ivan “Cordialemeent” Deyra was able to capture his fourth career ring at the 6-Max NLH Championship. The Canadian pro has managed to outlast the 1,525 entry field and defeat Luis “LuisRRRRR” Rocha in the heads-up battle to claim the top prize of $161,974. Thanks to this win, Deyra crossed the $1,000,000 mark when it comes to WSOP earnings. 

Here are the final table results:

1st Ivan “Cordialemeent” Deyra – Canada – US$ 161,974

2nd Luis “LuisRRRRR” Rocha – Brazil – US$ 117,109

3rd Fabian “lordof0513” Schmdt – Austria – US$ 84,672

4th Fabian “MeowTzGenau” Gumz – Austria – US$ 61,219

5th Menachem “didi2” Arava – Israel – US$ 44,263

6th Oliver Weis – Austria – US$ 32,003

7th Guo Wei “SPARK1207” Liang – China – US$ 23,138

And here is the list of other Ring winners:

“Godofbaccarat” – BIG 500 NLH Spring Kickoff – US$ 325,684

Conor Beresford – Super MILLION$ High Rollers – US$ 728,028

Joachim Haraldstad – PLO Spring Championship – US$ 100,506

Ryan Plant – Bounty Hunters NLH Spring Championship – US$ 104,900

Evgenii Fidchuk – Bounty GIANT No Limit Hold’em – US$ 69,414

Zeping Lu – GIANT NLH – US$ 189,882

“THEHUMBLEGODESS” – MILLION$ Mini Main Event – US$ 106,308

Joao Vieira – Deepstack NLH Spring Championship – US$ 185,516

Stanislav “shrekpoker91” Halatenko – Big 500 PLO Bounty – US$ 73,395

“WouldIlieToYOU” – Monster Stack Bounty  – US$ 85,456

Dalton “morgota” Hobold” – Mystery Bounty 1M GTD – US$ 94,843

“GameOver” – GGMasters NLH Circuit Championship – US$ 204,215

Daniel “zafjekis” Reijmer – 2K High Roller 6-Max NLH – US$ 233,574


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