Affiliate rake races are no longer allowed at Natural8 either

It was really just a matter of time and it’s not really a big surprise. After GGPoker had banned all affiliate rake races since February 2022, we received a message from Natural8 today that this also applies to all other skins of the GG network with immediate effect.

To our surprise, we were told the following today:

We’re sorry to inform you that Rake Races will no longer be allowed on Natural8. This was confirmed upon discussion with GG and it is now officially restricted. We ask that you remove Natural8 from all participating rake races with immediate effect.

We apologize for the short notice and we hope that this will not cause you too much inconvenience. Moving forward, we can only run leaderboards on a point-reward system. It cannot involve rake.

It goes without saying that Natural8’s hands are tied here and all skins must accept GGPoker’s rules as the network owner. Since some personnel changes at the beginning of the year at GGPoker, a different strategy has been pursued, which is aimed specifically at casual players. The cooperation with affiliates has also changed significantly, with the aim of focusing on the affiliates who also have the opportunity to bring enough new players into the pool and who do not just focus in rakeback and winning players.

Attention: After further consultation with Natural8, we were able to at least finish the rake race in June and it will then be ended due to the new guidelines of the GG network.

Exclusive affiliate promotions are allowed as long as they are not based on generated rake.

The possibilities for affiliates to offer players any exclusive promotions are of course limited by these changes. At GGPoker, due to a very large player base, we have the opportunity to offer weekly freeroll tournaments worth $1,000 each and also a $1,500 MTT leaderboard, which is based on the results of the weekly tournaments. Things get a bit trickier at Natural8 as we have significantly fewer players here, partly due to the fact that many countries are only allowed directly at GGPoker.

We will do our utmost to continue to offer all players something interesting at Natural8 in the future.

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· Published 06.06.2022 · last updated 07.06.2022

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