On June 27, the online Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) culminated with the 8-Max Championship, which served as the online Main Event. The 8-Max Championship attracted 791 players, assuring that the $75,000 guarantee was surpassed by $4,100. The large prize fund meant everyone at the final table had a four-figure score, with the champion taking home five figures. The following post will provide you with the latest APAT WCOAP Online highlights and other PartyPoker news such as the All-Cashback and SPINS Leaderboards. Read on for more details. 

APAT WCOAP Online Highlights

The final table of the APAT WCOAP Main Event had players from six different nations, demonstrating how global the game of poker is. South Americans took their spots at the final table, but two dropped out early on. Caique De Castro ($1,032) and Andre Oliveira ($1,291) of Brazil withdrew to make way for the remaining participants. Two Belgians made it to the final table, but they could not complete the task. Nicolas Buysens ($1,611) finished seventh, while David Opdebeeck ($2,602) finished sixth. Jamie Burland, a well-known British grinder, was ousted between the Belgian duo ($2,025).

Kenneth Midgley, a fellow Brit who finished in fourth place and earned $3,765, pulled ahead of Manuel Montoya ($5,727), whose unexpected elimination put the 8-Max Championship into the heads-up round. Viktor Persson of Sweden and Heberto Marchetti of Argentina sparred together. Marchetti won the one-on-one match, turning his $109 investment into an amazing $12,027, leaving Persson to take home an $8,303 consolation prize.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Heberto Marchetti Argentina $12,027
2 Viktor Persson Sweden $8,303
3 Manuel Montoya Peru $5,727
4 Kenneth Midgley United Kingdom $3,765
5 David Opdebeeck Belgium $2,602
6 Jamie Burland United Kingdom $2,025
7 Nicolas Buysens Belgium $1,611
8 Andre Oliveira Brazil $1,291
9 Caique De Castro Brazil $1,032

The action-packed live edition of this perennially popular festival will take place at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, the birthplace of British poker. Each event will draw a sizable crowd, but the July 1-3 Main Event with a £150 buy-in is the one that all APAT members are most anticipating. 11 partypoker players have already been assured of a minimum payout after completing the first day of online action. Dan Owston prevailed over a Day 1A field of 70 players to advance with a respectable stack of 1,387,417. During Day 2 you should keep an eye out for other APAT regulars including Paul Haycock, Thomas Bacon, Dan Williams, and Tristan Chaplin.

Here is the full 2022 World Championship of Amateur Poker Live schedule:

Date Time (BST) Event Buy-in
Wed 29 Jun 18:30 WCOAP International Team Championship Day 1.2
20:00 WCOAP Short Deck Championship £60
Thu 30 Jun 15:00 WCOAP International Team Championship Day 2.1
18:00 WCOAP High Roller Championship (Open Event) £340
18:30 WCOAP International Team Championship Day 2.2
20:00 WCOAP ROE (NLHE/PLO) Championship £60
Fri 1 Jul 15:00 WCOAP Man Event Day 1B £150
19:00 WCOAP Bounty Championship £120
Sat 2 Jul 15:00 WCOAP Main Event Day 1C £150
17:00 WCOAP NLHE Tag Championship £120
20:00 WCOAP Mix Max Championship £120
Sun 3 Jul 14:00 WCOAP Main Event Day 2
15:00 WCOAP Shootout Championship £60
19:00 WCOAP PLO Championship £120
20:00 WCOAP Win The Button Championship £60

Giorgi Galdavadze Wins the 8-Max KO: $40K GTD

A total of 705 participants spent $55 to enter the inaugural event on Day 1, competing for a piece of the $40,000 prize pool. Due to the thrilling event’s PKO style, dozens more players received prize money into their partypoker accounts in addition to the top 119 finishers who split the main prize pool. Adam Bromley, a well-known APAT participant, had a strong run, but it came to an end in 13th position, just outside the money. For his effort, Bromley received $261. Nobody at the nine-handed final table would walk away from it with less than $450, bounties included.

Tomas Patka of Austria was eliminated and received a $450 compensation before Abid Rahman of Bangladesh tumbled out in ninth place for $468. Guilherme Magaldi of Brazil won a seventh-place and $900, the final three-figure prize of the evening, before Benjamin Sweetman and Andre Correia ran out of luck and departed with $1,176 and $1,228 respectively. Miroslaw Laborowski, a German grinder, busted in fourth place for $2,253, while Hristo Dimitrov, a Bulgarian player, secured the $1,986 third-place prize from his native country. The heads-up was set. 

Georgian Giorgi Galdavadze and British Peter Denly engaged in a one-on-one duel. Both players received more than $2,770 from the main prize pool, but the bounty payout was also in the four figures and was well worth the struggle. The last, substantial reward, which came in at $2,341, was given to Galdavadze. This resulted in the first APAT WCOAP champion of the series receiving a total reward of $5,117 and the first runner-up receiving a consolation prize of $3,536, respectively.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Giorgi Galdavadze Georgia $2,341 $2,776 $5,117
2 Peter Denly United Kingdom $765 $2,771 $3,536
3 Hristo Dimitrov Bulgaria $140 $1,846 $1,986
4 Miroslaw Laborowski Germany $1,048 $1,205 $2,253
5 Andre Correia Brazil $398 $830 $1,228
6 Benjamin Sweetman United Kingdom $531 $645 $1,176
7 Guilherme Magaldi Brazil $420 $480 $900
8 Tomas Patka Austria $64 $386 $450
9 Abid Rahman United Kingdom $158 $310 $468

Artem Vozilanov Wins PLO8: $7,500 GTD

Artem Vozilanov of Kazakhstan is the APAT WCOAP champion after defeating 138 opponents in the Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. Five of the finalists in this tournament were from the United Kingdom, including APAT regular Tristan Chaplin, who finished sixth for $293. Following Chaplin’s departure, the other British players fell by the wayside in quick succession.

Graham Clarkson, Scott Highfield, and Anthony Foux all exited the event, leaving Antony Ross as the last player from the UK standing. Ross couldn’t quite complete the task heads-up, and his tournament finished with a second-place result earning $1,016, allowing Vozilanov to win the event and $1,454.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Artem Vozilanov Kazakhstan $1,454
2 Antony Ross United Kingdom $1,016
3 Anthony Foux United Kingdom $722
4 Scott Highfield United Kingdom $495
5 Graham Clarkson United Kingdom $366
6 Tristan Chaplin United Kingdom $293
7 Josef Schnoell Austria $242

Dirk Wiele Wins 6-Max No-Limit Hold’em: $25,000 GTD

The third event of the series was a six-handed no-limit hold ’em tournament, which attracted 352 participants to the partypoker tables. The 352 participants clashed in an attempt to win a share of the $25,000 money pot. By the time the final table of seven was formed, the least anyone could take home was $611. This was the award given to Leonardo Azevedo of Brazil, the first finalist to be eliminated. The next two players to go bankrupt were Petras Gorodincenko ($769) and Joao De Medeiros ($968). De Medeiros was the final finalist to fail to convert their $55 buy-in into a four-figure score.

Michael Skenicka, a Czech player, came fourth for $1,375 before Marcus Miller lost his stack and had to settle for the $2,033 third-place reward. Dirk Wiele of Germany faced up against Alex Montgomery of the United Kingdom in heads-up. Despite a 25 buy-in differential in prize money, the last two players did not reach an agreement. This meant that when Wiele won the one-on-one duel, he pocketed $4,131, leaving Montgomery with a $2,893 consolation award.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Dirk Wiele Germany $4,131
2 Alex Montgomery United Kingdom $2,893
3 Marcus Miller United Kingdom $2,033
4 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic $1,375
5 Joao De Medeiros Brazil $968
6 Petras Gorodincenko United Kingdom $769
7 Leonardo Azevedo Correa Brazil $611

Simon Brooke Wins Fixed-Limit Hold’em: $3,700 GTD

Fixed-limit hold’em tournaments are uncommon in today’s poker industry, but WCOAP is all-encompassing. The event had 74 participants, resulting in a $3,700 prize pool.

The lion’s portion of the prize went to Simon Brooke of the United Kingdom, who won $927 after defeating fellow Brit Robert Hallworth heads-up. Six of the nine finalists were from the United Kingdom, therefore it was very certain that one of them would walk away with the grand prize.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Simon Brooke United Kingdom $927
2 Robert Hallworth United Kingdom $609
3 Craig Daye United Kingdom $428
4 Lucas Martins Morais Brazil $314
5 Stefan Wolfschutz Germany $242
6 Isaac Barker United Kingdom $197
7 Jonas Neukirch United Kingdom $171
8 John Murray United Kingdom $157
9 Martin Sheridan-Pope Ireland $142

Marton Szederkenyi Wins Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: $7,700 GTD

The Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event, a lively and entertaining split-pot tournament, drew 154 participants. Those 154 players were all outlasted by Hungarian Marton Szederkenyi, who won a $1,635 grand prize plus bounties.

Szederkenyi won his share of the $7,700 prize pool after defeating Per Ola Haraldsson in a heads-up play. Simon Brooke placed sixth in this tournament for $255 shortly after winning the fixed limit hold ’em event.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Total Prize
1 Marton Szederkenyi Hungary $1,635
2 Per Ola Haraldsson Sweden $821
3 Michael Reilly United Kingdom $520
4 Ruslan Rogozhyn Ukraine $341
5 Graham Pound United Kingdom $223
6 Simon Brooke United Kingdom $255
7 Jan Cingros Czech Republic $315

Over $20,000 Are Waiting to be Won By SPINS Players Every Day

If you’ve been debating whether or not to play SPINS and SPINS Ultra games at partypoker, now is the moment. Why? Because every day up until July 10, more than $20,000 in party Dollars is up for grabs in the new-look Daily SPINS Leaderboards.

There is a SPINS Leaderboard for every buy-in level, so even if you play for the smallest stakes, you may win some party Dollars. Medium SPINS are those with $50 and $100 buy-ins, while High SPINS are our $250 and $500 games for the sake of this exciting event.

As shown in the chart below, up to 50 participants from each buy-in level win a reward every day, with prizes ranging up to $1,500.

Party Dollars have just replaced Tournament Dollars to provide partypoker gamers with even more options. Party Dollars, or simply P$, may be used to purchase into any of the partypoker games, including additional SPINS and SPINS Ultra games, multi-table tournaments, sit and gos, cash games, and even fast forward games.

Here are the SPINS Leaderboards payouts:

Rank $0.25 $1 $3 $5 $10 $20 Medium High
1 $30 $50 $135 $180 $325 $400 $1,000 $1,500
2 $25 $40 $100 $150 $250 $320 $800 $1,000
3 $20 $30 $80 $125 $200 $260 $650 $750
4 $15 $25 $60 $100 $150 $220 $550 $500
5 $12 $20 $45 $80 $125 $200 $475 $250
6 $10 $15 $35 $70 $100 $180 $425
7 $8 $13 $30 $60 $90 $160 $375
8 $5 $10 $25 $50 $80 $140 $325
9 $3 $8 $20 $40 $70 $120 $275
10 $2 $5 $15 $30 $60 $100 $225
11-15 $1 $4 $12 $25 $45 $80 $175
16-20 $0.75 $3 $9 $20 $35 $60 $125
21-25 $0.75 $2 $9 $15 $25 $40 $100
26-30 $0.50 $2 $6 $10 $20 $30 $75
31-40 $0.25 $1 $3 $5 $15 $25 $50
41-50 $0.25 $1 $3 $5 $10 $20

You get points for participating in SPINS or SPINS Ultra tournaments, but you earn more points when the prize pool multiplier on your table is higher! The new Daily SPINS Leaderboards give points using the following straightforward formula:

Points = (buy-in – rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier

Table Multiplier Leaderboard Multiplier
2 2
3 3
5 5
10 10
25 25
120 25
240 25
2,400 25
4,800 25
12,000 25
240,000 25

Partypoker All-Cashback

To get rid of the nasty online poker bad beads. That is the purpose of partypoker’s new “All-in Cashout.” Recently, the poker operator introduced the next feature, which aims to avoid users from experiencing a string of bad luck. Players may now guarantee their post-flop all-in bets, which pay out according to the hand’s odds of winning. Regardless of whether or not the person wins the hand, the cash is sent to them. Here is what Vadim Soloveychik, partypoker director, said in the latest press release:

“We are excited to introduce this new feature to our cash games and fast-forward tables. Having the option to hedge the risk of a bad beat when all in will hopefully give some players more peace of mind while making bold moves, which will add more thrill to the game for all players.”

It is straightforward to obtain insurance on an all-in bet. A player participating in a showdown after moving all-in post-flop, for example, may have an 80 percent probability of winning the hand. When the pot reaches $100, the player has two choices. The hand can go normally, with the player either winning the $100 pot or losing nothing. The second option is to click on the All-in Cashout button, which displays when the option is enabled. If the player chooses that option, he or she will get the current odds to win minus a 1% charge. The player would gain $79.20 in this situation.

No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games, as well as fast-forward cash games, will be able to use the All-in Cashout option. If players refuse the option, they can still run it again with two sets of board cards. The two features can also be used in tandem.

Here is what team partypoker’s Jaime Staples said about the All-Cashback feature:

“Some people can’t stomach the pain. It’s common for players to seek deals to reduce the risk after they have moved all-in, but now thanks to PartyPoker, players won’t have to. I like how PartyPoker is now allowing players to opt out of showdowns for a small fee.”



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