The World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP), presented by the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, returns to partypoker Live this month. The series runs from June 19 to June 26 online and then from June 29 to July 3 in a live format, giving amateur players plenty of opportunities to participate. The program follows partypoker’s habit of providing both live and online alternatives within the same series. Here is what APAT CEO Leigh Wiltshire said in the latest press release:

“We are thrilled to be bringing the WCOAP back to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham Along with the incredible online schedule provided by partypoker, recreational poker players will have an amazing two weeks of poker to get involved with. We hope everyone has a great poker experience in whichever WCOAP events they choose to play.”

In the following article, we will talk about the upcoming World Championship of Amateur Poker. We will also discuss the new cashback system recently announced by partypoker. Read on for more details. 

Partypoker Normal 1

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

World Championship of Amateur Poker Overview

The World Championship provides players with several options. According to partypoker executives, all tournaments in the series are freezeouts, which helps to establish an equal playing field. The opening flight of the £150 Main Event gets underway online. All players that finish in the top 15% of the field advance to Dusk Till Dawn to complete the tournament. While the online opening flight is a freezeout, those that get eliminated can still participate in a live Day 1. The WCOAP Online offers a variety of tournament types, including 6-max, 8-max, PKO, and turbo PKO. 

Except for the $109 Eight-Max Championship, all online-only tournaments have a $55 buy-in. The tournament is scheduled for June 26 and has a $75,000 guarantee.

The tournament series then continues in a live format, marking it the first time Dusk Till Dawn has hosted the show since 2013. Short Deck, “round of each” (NLHE/PLO), tag team, mix-max, and bounty tournaments are among the live events available. The Main Event will return to live action on July 1, with an additional starting flight the following day. On the last day of the series, the champion will be crowned. In addition to the prize money, all live championship event winners get a commemorative bracelet. WCOAP Live online satellites are already in service. Players can also participate in the WCOAP by purchasing holding tanks at partypoker, through the LuxonPay app, or in person at Dusk Till Dawn. The whole schedule is shown here.

Date Event Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
June 19 2 PLO : $7.5K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $7,500
June 19 1 8-Max KO : $40K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $40,000
June 20 3 6-Max : $25K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $25,000
June 21 5 PLO8 KO : $7.5K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $7,500
June 21 4 FLHE : $2.5K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $2,500
June 22 6 6-Max KO : $40K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $40,000
June 23 8 PLO : $7.5K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $7,500
June 23 7 Mix-Max KO : $40K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $40,000
June 24 9 7-Max Turbo : $15K GTD [1-Day Event] $55 $15,000
June 25 10 7-Max Turbo KO : $25K GTD [1-Day Event] $55 $25,000
June 26 13 APAT World Championships Main Event [2-Day Event] £150
June 26 12 PLO KO : $10K GTD [2-Day Event] $55 $10,000
June 26 11 8-Max Championship : $75K GTD [2-Day Event] $109 $75,000
June 29 13 WCOAP International Team Championship [STTs, 64 Player Cap] £120
June 29 13 WCOAP International Team Championship [STTs, 64 Player Cap] £120
June 29 14 WCOAP Short Deck Championship [1-Day Event, 120 Player Cap] £60
June 30 13 WCOAP International Team Championship [STTs, 64 Player Cap] £120
June 30 15 WCOAP High Roller Championship (Open Event) [1-Day Event, 48 Player Cap] £340
June 30 13 WCOAP International Team Championship [STTs, 64 Player Cap] £120
June 30 16 WCOAP ROE (NLHE/PLO) Championship [1-Day Event, 120 Player Cap] £60
July 1 13 APAT World Championships Main Event [2-Day Event, 180 Player Cap] £150
July 1 18 WCOAP Bounty Championship [1-Day Event, 135 Player Cap] £120
July 2 13 APAT World Championships Main Event [2-Day Event, 225 Player Cap] £150
July 2 19 WCOAP NLHE Tag Championship [1-Day Event, 54 Player Cap] £120
July 2 20 WCOAP NLHE Mix Max Championship [1-Day Event, 72 Player Cap] £120
July 3 13 APAT World Championships Main Event [2-Day Event, 80 Player Cap] £150
July 3 21 WCOAP Shootout Championship [1-Day Event, 180 Player Cap] £60
July 3 22 WCOAP PLO Championship [1-Day Event, 144 Player Cap] £120
July 3 23 WCOAP Win The Button Championship [1-Day Event, 72 Player Cap] £60

New Partypoker Cashback

Partypoker is set to launch their new cashback program on the dot com network quite soon. The planned launch date is Monday, June 20, 2022.

The current partypoker cashback program has been in place for almost four years and was the only such program offered by the main poker operators when it was announced. It was intended to reward players with an increasing rakeback rate, and it assisted partypoker in growing games and gaining market share from competitors.

With other large operators also providing their own versions, partypoker is switching to a new cashback plan that is supposed to reward many more players than previously.

In today’s partypoker cashback program, around 20% of players earn cashback every week, implying that the remaining 80% of players receive no weekly cashback benefits. That is the most significant single change brought about by the new rewards program. Partypoker will significantly increase the percentage of players that get rewards each week by overhauling the cashback program. Over half of all users are now anticipated to get weekly cashback payments. In today’s cashback model, a player must earn around $25 in “rake” before they can get cashback. That barrier, though, is being decreased. Reduced to as little as $1.50. 

Today’s cashback program awards one cashback point for every dollar spent. The new program gives varied points per dollar, with fast-forward poker yielding up to four points per dollar. Because of this new feature, players of specific game types will gain points faster than players of others. The complete breakdown of which games get which points will be provided by partypoker later this month. 

As part of their welcome gift, new players will receive a 70 percent boost to their points. This implies that a new player will earn 6.8 points for every $1 earned on fast-forward (4 points boosted by 70 percent ). Not only will new players earn boosts, but there will also be regular boost promotions. Every Monday, users will receive boost resets, with their new weekly boost level applicable for the whole week.

The revised payment table is intended to guarantee that many more players get weekly cashback, with a new minimum points barrier of only 10 points. Players will earn $0.50 in cashback after accumulating 10 points. This implies that a new player who plays fast-forward will begin to collect cashback from as little as $1.50 in rake. (4 points at 70% boost = 6.8 points per dollar; $1.50 x 6.8 = 10.2 points) With this increased payment, players may earn up to 55% in weekly rakeback.

Partypoker aims at rewarding players of all skill levels, not just “grinders” with this new update.  While grinders are very essential to the network and will continue to receive good reward amounts, partypoker is committed to ensuring that leisure / casual players may also earn cashback.

Here is what partypoker’s director, Vadim Soloveychik, said in the latest press release: 

“Our new cashback programme aims to pay vastly more players than today, whilst also ensuring our loyal grinders are well catered for. By giving casual and leisure players more rewards, we believe that they will become more loyal customers, and help us deliver a more recreational focused poker network, which is good for all players”

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