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This is an official PSA for our community regarding the Bodog brand umbrella and RevenueNetwork affiliate management. Unfortunately, there are still black sheep in our industry and it is often hard to tell at first glance. It is always an risk to work with offshore poker sites and generally YourPokerDream avoids adding new offshore partner sites without any real licenses — we took that risk with Bodog.

They have been refusing to pay out YourPokerDream for over 2 weeks without proper explanation and are withholding our commission.

At first the reasoning was stated as follows: someone from our team had created a test account to check the tracking and take screenshots of the lobby and the tables for our review. Of course, the account was not played with.

As this is against network rules, the payout was on pending.

We were well aware that there was no problematic activity on the account. The one account was created as a test, and the account’s activity can be checked/cleared within a few minutes. In order to expidite the ‘investigation’ we gave them a deadline until July 25, at which point we would be forced to remove them from our site.

To our shock, the following email arrived.


A notification from the brands.

After a thorough investigation, it has been determined that all accounts you have referred have been deemed fraudulent and in violation of our Terms of Service. Any accrued earnings will not be paid out.

As such, we have closed your affiliate account and will not continue with this business relationship moving forward.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

We wish you luck in your future endeavors


We have never gotten such accusations in our history of affiliation, and are offended by the prospect. As an affiliate, YourPokerDream has no control over any registrations and cannot possibly be responsible for checking them, as we do not have access to the poker rooms’ back-end.

It’s curious that they first put forward one reason not to pay a commission and then, on the day of our deadline, come out of the blue with this new accusation. It is also interesting that apparently, all accused players can continue playing. If it is fraud traffic, then the player accounts must be closed.

We have repeatedly asked for more information, but do not expect to receive a transparent statement. We strongly advise all players to withdraw their money immediately and avoid the Bodog umbrella of poker rooms. Further, be careful in your dealings with RevenueNetwork affiliate management.

Of course, we will update this article in a swift and transparent matter should there be any developments.

We would like to apologize to all of you, our community for the inconvenience. The poker world deserves better. Please inform us immediately if you have any issues whatsoever with withdrawal.

Kind regards


Update 29.07.2022:

There was no answer anymore to our inquiry and as expected, no further information. Since this is an offshore provider, we have no legal options to take action against it. We can only make sure that the poker scene knows that the poker provider Bodog and the revenue network are simply fraudsters and nobody should work with them.

Although we are very upset that we were cheated out of thousands of dollars, we now have to accept it.

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· Published 25.07.2022 · last updated 29.07.2022

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