GGPoker WSOP Online is in full swing right now. With the final days of the GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event slowly approaching, it is time to talk about the latest bracelet winners. Read on for the full rundown of the WSOP Online highlights. 

Rafael “BruxoR10” Caiaffa Wins Event #3: $2,500 Limit Hold’em Championship

Brazil is celebrating the addition of another WSOP bracelet winner, Rafael “BruxoR10” Caiaffa, who won the $2,500 Limit Hold’em Championship. This format isn’t as popular as it once was, yet 124 participants contributed to a $294,500 prize pool, proving that there is still demand for it.

The top seven finishers’ $2,500 investment increased to a five-figure sum. The pair that lost out on a $10,000+ award was “zhoubotong22” ($6,821) and Zhao Zi Long ($9,035).

Montenegro’s “takemeaway” ($11,969) was joined on the sidelines by Mexico’s “soflo” ($15,855), Norway’s “BrautHaaland” ($21,003), and Canada’s “LJoseph62” ($27,822).

The pay increases for the final four competitors were incredible, with Rostyslav “Lucky boi” Sabischchenko earning $36,855 for third place and Jifeng “Snakey” Huang earning $48,820 after falling at the final hurdle. Caiaffa’s GGPoker account balance increased by a whopping $64,671, and he also became a WSOP bracelet winner.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Rafael “BruxoR10” Caiaffa Brazil $64,671
2 Jifeng “Snakey” Huang Hong Kong $48,820
3 Rostyslav “Lucky_boi” Sabischchenko Ukraine $36,855
4 LJoseph62 Canada $27,822
5 BrautHaaland Norway $21,003
6 soflo Mexico $15,855
7 takemeaway Montenegro $11,969
8 Zhao Zi Long Hong Kong $9,035
9 zhoubotong22 China $6,821

Jacopo “JESUSYAAZY” Achille Wins Event #4: $1,050 Bounty Deepstack No-Limit Hold’em

The $1,050 Bounty Deepstack, the fourth of 33 bracelet-awarding events, drew 986 participants. Achille took home nearly $100,000 of the $986,000 prize pool produced by the 986 participants.

Because of the high bounties in play, each of the nine players that skillfully made their way to the nine-handed final table earned a five-figure score for their efforts. The first to fail was Canada’s “Dodgetothemoon,” who gathered $19,676.

Paulo “Pokerggbras” Goncalves, the first of four Brazilian finals, ran out of steam and had to settle for a $14,381 payoff. Russian grinder “DimarikSPB” ($22,372), the famous Bryan Paris ($17,944), and Brazil’s Danilo “Olag” Gomes ($30,936) all bowed out, leaving only four players in contention for the championship and the over $100,000 top prize.

When Fang “nanafish” Wang ran out of steam, the four became three. Wang finished fourth, earning $42,511. Soon after, Ake Mantovani of Brazil busted in third and came away with $42,363 for his close call.

Achille and another Brazilian, Carlos “Wtfisthis” Silva, faced off for the title of champion. Both players received over $40,000 from the main prize pool, but the ultimate reward amount exceeded $56,000! Achille won the tournament’s coveted gold WSOP bracelet as well as $96,796 in prize money after defeating his last opponent. Silva consoled himself with a score of $66,052.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Jacopo “JESUSYAAZY” Achille Austria $56,907 $39,862 $96,796
2 Carlos “Wtfisthis” Silva Brazil $26,288 $39,764 $66,052
3 Ake Mantovani Brazil $10,754 $31,609 $42,363
4 Fang “nanafish” Wang Hong Kong $17,416 $25,095 $42,511
5 Danilo “Olag” Gomes Brazil $11,011 $19,925 $30,936
6 Bryan Paris Austria $2,125 $15,819 $17,944
7 DimarikSPB Russia $9,812 $12,560 $22,372
8 Paulo “Pokerggbras” Goncalves Brazil $4,410 $9,971 $14,381
9 Dodgetothemoon Canada $11,759 $7,917 $19,676

Jon “Marklanders1” Garde Wins Event #5 $315 6-Handed Bounty NLH

A total of 2,312 players competed in Event #5 $315 6-Handed Bounty NLH on the online felt. The massive number of entries resulted in a total reward pool of $693,600, with half going to the main prize pool and the rest going to the bounty pot.

The six lucky players who made it to the final table each received a minimum payout of $8,058, with the eventual winner receiving $28,358. Timo “omaha4lolz” Kamphues was the first final table loss, winning $13,464 once his bounties were applied.

“Loris51” and “an@ntrocks” left soon after, boosting their bankrolls by $15,919 and $17,356, respectively. Joshua “slayerv1fan” Hoesel of the United States then claimed bronze for a total of $29,821.

Garde then defeated “ZWC8794” in heads-up play to capture his first WSOP bracelet. The latter won the runner-up prize of $28,286 and earned $10,781 in bounties. Garde was the big winner, taking home a total of $60,714 in prize money.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize Bounties Total prize
1 Jon “Marklanders1” Garde France $28,358 $32,356 $60,714
2 “ZWC8794” China $28,286 $10,781 $39,067
3 Joshua “slayerv1fan” Hoesel United States $20,684 $9,137 $29,821
4 “an@ntrocks” India $15,106 $2,250 $17,356
5 “Loris51” China $11,033 $4,886 $15,919
6 Timo “omaha4lolz” Kamphues Hungary $8,058 $5,406 $13,464

Jonas Lauck Wins Event #6: $800 Monster Stack

When play started on Day 2 of the MONSTER STACK, there were just 36 players left from the initial 1,797 entry field, with Greece’s Ioannis Konstas leading the charge. Alexios Zervos (12th – $8,120), Aditya Agarwal (14th – $7,127), and Stoyan Obreshkov (21st – $6,255) were among the nine finalists who were eliminated before final table play began.

Despite starting the day with the largest stack, Konstas was the first final table loss. His bankroll was increased by another $17,332. Two Brazilian players, Rafael “OpalaPreto” Monteiro and Rodrigo “sauvage” Valente, exited the competition in eighth and seventh place, respectively, before a pair of Norwegian players were eliminated. Simon Mattsson took home a $41,078 payoff, while Yngve Steen took home a $54,778 payday in fifth place.

The elimination of Anton “Kingtale” Wigg brought the field down to three, with Lauck and Yuri Dzivielevski trying to add to their bracelet collection and Ilya Anatski searching for his first. Dzivielevski was the third Brazilian to exit the final table, setting up a heads-up duel between the two remaining players.

When the dust settled, Lauck had won the tournament, earning Bracelet No. 2 and $173,224. The triumph comes three years after he won his first bracelet at the 2019 WSOP in Event #56: $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jonas Lauck Germany $173,224
2 Ilya Anatski Belarus $129,899
3 Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil $97,410
4 Anton “Kingtale” Wigg Sweden $73,047
5 Yngve Steen Norway $54,778
6 Simon Mattsson Norway $41,078
7 Rodrigo “sauvage” Valente Brazil $30,804
8 Rafael “OpalaPreto” Monteiro Brazil $23,100
9 Ioannis Konstas Greece $17,332

Tapio Vihakas Wins Event #7: Million Dollar Mystery Bounty

The first player to exit the final table was Alexey Solntsev. After Hyunsup folded, he pushed all in from the big blind with ace-seven. Kim started the game with pocket sixes. On the first hand of the day, Kim called and his hand held better, sending Solntsev to the rail.

The following bust would take place roughly 90 minutes later, with Rytis Strigunas putting in his tiny stack with king-queen. In the big blind, Diogo Ferreira Da Silva awoke and called with ace-ten. Strigunas flipped a flush draw and a straight draw to broadway, but he was unable to overtake his opponent on the turn or river.

Due to a preflop cooler, Kubanychbek Abakirov was the second final table victim. Abakirov shipped in his last stack with ace-king but couldn’t improve against Tapio Vihakas’ pocket kings. Kim subsequently scored his second knockout of the day as his ace-queen outlasted Timo De Smet’s ace-six.

Vihakas defeated Ferriera in a blind vs blind battle, reducing the group to four. Ferreira bet his stack with nine-six, and the eventual winner called with king-five. Because neither player hit on the run-out, Vihakas’ high card was enough to earn him the victory.

Mark Waal, the day’s chip leader, was the short stack in four-handed play and sent his stack with ace-queen. Kim made the call with pocket eights, and a clean runout awarded the Japanese poker player his third final table knockout. Kim’s assault resumed, with Vincent Huang as their next target. The pair placed their stacks in the center of the table, with the latter facing elimination. Kim’s ace-queen dominated Huang’s ace-deuce. Huang was left drawing thin as the ace-queen flipped two pairs, and Kim ended up making a boat as the board was sealed with another ace.

Vihakas held a slim chip advantage entering into heads-up play, but Kim took charge of the chip lead barely 10 minutes later. After double up with king-queen against his opponent’s pocket fives, Vihakas reversed the tide. Vihakas then clinched the match with a pair of threes that outlasted Kim’s ace-king.

The $348,723 first-place reward and his first WSOP bracelet went to the Finnish national, while Kim had to settle for the $261,490 set aside for the runner-up.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Bounty Prize Total Winnings
1 Tapio Vihakas Finland $19,230 $348,723 $367,953
2 Hyunsup Kim Japan $16,960 $261,490 $278,450
3 Vincent Huang Australia $4,200 $196,090 $200,290
4 Mark Waal Netherlands $6,330 $147,046 $153,376
5 Diogo Ferreira Da Silva Brazil $9,550 $110,269 $119,819
6 Timo de Smet Netherlands $9,660 $82,690 $92,350
7 Kubanychbek Abakirov Kyrgyzstan $14,420 $62,009 $76,429
8 Rytis Strigunas Poland $4,610 $46,500 $51,110
9 Alexey Solntsev Kazakhstan $42,000 $34,870 $76,870

Pieter “Daniele Sesta” Aerts Wins Event #8: $5,000 6-Handed NLH Championship

Prominent people like Felipe Ramos, Chris Moorman, and Niklas Astedt all paid the $5,000 buy-in but saw no return on their investment. Ramiro Petrone (23rd – $15,807), Artur Martirosian (16th – $18,375), and Kevin Paque (12th – $21,360) all did somewhat better and ended in the paid positions.

The elimination of Oliver Weis established the official six-player final table, with Benjamin Miner of the United States being the first to go. Ioannis Konstas, who has previously run deep in multiple WSOP online events, finished sixth on the wrong side of the rail.

Yakov “YaNesterov” Nestervov and Christopher Puetz finished fourth and third, respectively, for six-figure payouts.

Aerts became only the third player from Belgium to win a WSOP bracelet after dispatching “WouldIlieToYOU” in heads-up play. He joins a limited but illustrious line of players that includes Michael Gathy and David Kitai, both of whom have seven bracelets.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Pieter “Daniele Sesta” Aerts Belgium $400,213
2 “WouldIlieToYOU” Netherlands $289,362
3 Christopher Puetz Germany $209,214
4 Yakov “YaNesterov” Nestervov Russia $151,266
5 Ioannis Konstas Greece $109,369
6 Benjamin Miner United States $79,076

Ami Barer Wins Event #9: $525 Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha

Despite the fact that Event #9: $525 Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha was substantially less expensive than the previous event, the tournament nonetheless generated a sizable $571,000 prize pool owing to the 1,142 entrants.

As is customary, various famous names competed for WSOP glory, but former bracelet winners Jessica Teusl, Joseph Cheong, and Patrick Leonard were unable to finish in the money.

Famous faces who made the paid places included Sylvain Loosli (100th – $849), Kenny Hallaert (27th – $1,557), and Dylan Linde (19th – $1,983), but none made the final table.

After that, Barer defeated a final table that included Elias Harala, Chris Klodnicki, and GGPoker Omaha Squad Member Mikhail “Minthon” Yakovlev.

The victory earned Barer his first bracelet and put an end to his runner-up result in last year’s WSOP Online Event #24: $1,050 Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Bounty Prize Total Winnings
1 Ami Barer Canada $37,178 $23,711 $60,889
2 Elias Harala Finland $3,846 $23,653 $27,557
3 Chris Klodnicki Canada $17,786 $18,177 $41,439
4 Maverick1985 Austria $5,102 $13,952 $23,279
5 Mikhail “Minthon” Yakovlev Russia $875 $10,709 $14,827
6 “Wish-u-luck” Israel $3,588 $8,220 $14,297
7 Markku Koplimaa Estonia $2,715 $6,309 $10,935
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