PartyPoker has been the center of exciting online tournament poker action for the last month. Currently, it is hosting the signature MILLIONS series with millions of dollars in guarantees. The $500,000 guaranteed Main Event will crown its champion on the 26th of September. Meanwhile, Grand Prix UK has recently wrapped up its action. In the following article, we will talk about all of the recent PartyPoker tournament winners. Read on for more details.

Richard King Wins Grand Prix UK

Richard King increased his live poker tournament winnings to over $400,000 past weekend when he won the latest episode of the Grand Prix UK at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

Because 1,507 players signed in online at PartyPoker and live at DTD club, pushing the room to capacity, Dusk Till Dawn was forced to cancel the turbo-structured tournament with a £120 buy-in and a £100,000 guarantee! 

Every one of the nine players that made it to the final table received at least £1,500 for their efforts. Andrew Palmer won the highest recorded live reward in Palmer’s career. Andrew Salami, another Andrew, joined Palmer on the barrier in eighth place, a finish worth £2,000. Then followed Gheorghe Stipan’s departure, who walked away with £2,500. Stipan won a £250 buy-in event in Luton in June 2022 and pocketed £15,780. Stipan then cashed in the Grand Prix UK Main Event in July 2022, giving him another final table appearance.

With Stipan out of the way, the remaining six players decided to crunch the figures to see if they could strike a deal for the remaining prize money. A bargain was negotiated, with the ultimate winner receiving £2,500 extra.

Scott Wills was the primary benefactor of the arrangement since despite finishing sixth, he received £10,875. Wills should be pleased with his performance, especially because he was the chip leader in an online Day 1 at PartyPoker before heading to Nottingham with a min-cash. That little investment grew into a five-figure number!

The next pair of players to bust and proceed to the cashier’s desk were Bogdan Neamtu and Bartlomiej Gorzolka. Neamtu took home £11,115, while Gorzolka took home £8,200. Both payments represent the greatest live result for each participant. Gorzolka, Stipan, and Wells also won a free £330 MILLIONS UK Phase satellite ticket for reaching the final table of the Grand Prix UK Main Event after playing their Day 1 online at PartyPoker. Keep an eye out for upcoming promotions!

Christopher Field was another participant to keep an eye out for in the £330 MILLIONS UK Phase competitions since he obtained a ticket via the event’s free gift offer.

Heads-up play began when Zohaib Rehman finished third for £14,000, the tournament’s highest score. In February 2010, Rehman won a £168 buy-in event at Dusk Till Dawn for £9,165. He has just set a new career-high score.

King and Orlando Anderson faced up head-to-head for the title of champion, the trophy, and the £2,500 prize money. King accomplished a remarkable recovery from the final table’s beginning, emerging winner and pocketing a £9,070 payoff. Anderson had to settle for a consolation reward of £12,129, the popular local’s first five-figure live result.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Prize
1 Richard King £9,070
2 Orlando Anderson £12,129
3 Zohaib Rehman £14,100
4 Bartlomiej Gorzolka £8,200
5 Bogdan Neamtu £11,155
6 Scott Wills £10,875
7 Gheorghe Stipan £2,500
8 Andrew Salami £2,000
9 Andrew Palmer £1,500

King has had a string of good performances at Dusk Till Dawn, including a £100,000 payoff. King won that cash after finishing second to Robertas Gordonas in the £220 Grand Prix UK Main Event in 2017.

Sami Kelopuro Wins MILLIONS 7-Max PKO Championship

Sami Kelopuro, a Finnish high-stakes poker maestro, is the next superstar to emerge in the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online. Kelopuro is a world-class poker player who is both revered and feared. He is also a MILLIONS Online champion, having defeated a 495-strong field in the $1,050 buy-in MILLIONS Online 7-Max PKO Championship, earning $78,653 plus rewards.

Only 74 of the 495 starters advanced to Day 2, which took place on September 12 in front of the renowned PartyPoker Twitch feed. The Day 2 field included Kenny Hallaert, Alexandros Theologis, our very own Jaime Staples and Patrick Leonard, Andras Nemeth, Niklas Astedt, and final table bubble kid Jans Arends.

Arends finished eighth after losing a coinflip to Kelopuro, who flopped a Broadway straight.

Ognyan Dimov was the first of the seven finalists to be eliminated. Dimov, on the other hand, received more prize money than the fourth-place finisher, due to earning $13,726 in bounties in addition to his $6,132 main prize pool award.

Dimov was caught off guard in a cooler hand against Eugenio Peralta. From the hijack, Dimov min-raised to 2,400,000 with AK, and the action folded to Peralta in the small blind, who three-bet to 8,400,000 with AA. When the play returned to Dimov, he ripped it in for 35,646,499, and Peralta snapped. Dimov finished eighth when a seven-high board failed to save him.

Sixth place was determined 40 minutes later when Elio Fox opened-shoved from the button for 12,504,596 chips, or little more than six large blinds with J10, and Enrico Camosci eyed him up from the big blind with A7. Fox flopped an open-ended straight draw, but he ended up missing all of his outs when Camosci struck a seven on the river.

After a collision with Peralta did not go as planned, the dangerous Rui Martins was the next player to go the showers. When Peralta pushed from the small blind, Martins called off his 63,345,558 chips with 10 10. Peralta flipped over A2, and the tens appeared to be double until the five community cards dropped 7 5 4 4 3, awarding Peralta a wheel.

Hristo Dimitrov of Bulgaria passed out six hours into the last day of the competition. The blinds were now 1,250,000/2,500,000/315,000a, and Dimitrov open-shoved from the small blind with A 10 for 43,484,640. Kelopuro stared down at the 7 7 big blind and saw no reason to fold. After a short call, the board rushed 5 J 2 2 4 to send Dimitrov to the rail.

Camosci faced up against Peralta in another brutal hand one hand after Dimitrov’s death. Camosci bet 5,000,000 with AQ and Peralta called in the big blind with Q3. Peralta check-called a 3,658,500 bet from Camosci on the action flop 10 K 2. The J turn elevated Camosci to a Broadway straight, but it was only the beginning of the drama. Camosci bet 12,500,000 after Peralta checked, only for Peralta to check-raise enough to force Camosci all-in; Camosci called off the 47,248,195 chips he had behind. The dealer dealt the J on the river, giving Peralta a queen-high flush and dropping Camosci to third place.

Going into the heads-up duel, Kelopuro had a chip lead of 254,816,253 to 240,183,747 over Peralta. The Finn fared well in the early one-on-one battles, putting a considerable gap between himself and his opponent by the time the last hand was played.

Kelopuro finished the small blind with A8, Peralta raised to 10,500,000 with QJ and called when Kelopuro jammed all-in, covering Peralta by more than eight-to-one. Both players hit the A 4 Q flop, but neither the 2 turn nor the 4 river satisfied Peralta, and he ducked out in second place for $52,587, allowing Kelopuro to take home the top prize of $78,653.

Due to finishing in the top three in this incredible tournament, Kelopuro, Peralta, and Camosci each received a Party Ape NFT. They will now compete in a special Ape-owners freeroll in which 48 players compete for a $5,000 MILLIONS package, with the top four finishers receiving another Party Ape NFT as a prize.

Not only are the aforementioned trio now proud Party Ape owners, but Twitch viewer “Bathingalags” also won one during the live stream via the Twitch promotion! Bathingalags guessed correctly that the Ape was lurking beneath card number three, and they will now join all of the Party Ape winners in that unique freeroll! 

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Sami Kelopuro Finland $43,155 $35,498 $78,653
2 Eugenio Peralta Ireland $17,139 $35,448 $52,587
3 Enrico Camosci Malta $7,427 $24,171 $31,598
4 Hristo Dimitrov Bulgaria $3,687 $16,053 $19,740
5 Rui Martins Malta $4,125 $10,971 $15,096
6 Elio Fox Mexico $2,062 $8,526 $10,588
7 Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria $13,726 $6,132 $19,858

Alexander Ivarsson Wins MILLIONS Online Super 500

The Super 500 saw 1,063 PartyPoker players take to the virtual felt across multiple Day 1s, resulting in a $531,500 prize pool. Only 155 of those starts were present and accurate on Day 2, with each earning at least $1,076.

Patrick Leonard of Team PartyPoker was one of the first casualties of the evening. Top-tier grinders like as Sami Kelopuro, Christian Rudolph, Endrit Geci, Jaime Staples and Matt Staples of Team Online, and Andras Nemeth cashed but did not make the final table.

Those who made it to the final table were guaranteed a minimum payout of $10,506; things were heating up.

Batha Cristian of Hungary finished seventh for $10,506 before Bulgarian great Ognyan Dimov’s campaign ended in sixth place for $14,020. Fabrice Bigot was eliminated in fifth place, and Jesse Fonseca was eliminated in fourth place. These participants took home winnings of $18,947 and $28,329, respectively.

Slovenia’s Blaz Zerjav made the last departure, finishing third and earning an incredible $41,741. Alexander Ivarsson faced Karim Maekelberg in a heads-up match after Zerjav busted out. Nobody would have batted an eyelid if the heads-up duo had cut a compromise because the final payments differed by more than $27,000. The last two players, however, completed the Super 500 in the customary fashion, which means Ivarsson received $88,292 when he defeated Maekelberg heads-up, relegating the Belgian runner-up to a still excellent $61,071 consolation prize.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Alexander Ivarsson Sweden $88,292
2 Karim Maekelberg Belgium $61,071
3 Blaz Zerjav Slovenia $41,741
4 Jesse Fonseca Brazil $28,329
5 Fabrice Bigot United Kingdom $18,947
6 Ognyan Dimov Bulgaria $14,020
7 Batha Cristian Hungary $10,506

Vladislav Donchev Wins MILLIONS Online Super 100

Bulgarian Vladislav Donchev boosted his PartyPoker account after outlasting 3,922 opponents in the MILLIONS Online Super 100, turning his $109 bet into a $57,030 prize.

580 of the 3,923 contestants received a piece of the guaranteed prize pool of 392,300, with a minimum cash reward of $224.

Martins Adeniya, Will Kassouf, Niklas Astedt, Christian Jeppsson, and Diego Ventura all had long runs but fell short of the seven-handed final table.

Except for two of the seven finalists, whose $109 buy-in grew to a five-figure sum. Juan Lamprea and Nicolas Maillaud, the first two losers of the final table, nevertheless took home $6,293 and $8,462, respectively, which is a tremendous return on a $109 stake.

Brazilians Joao Matos and Thiago Taira finished fifth and fourth, earning $11,857 and $17,267 respectively. Emil Sjorgen of Sweden finished third and received a cool $25,639, giving him more than enough ammo to complete the MILLIONS Online series on a good note.

Donchev squared off against Brazil’s Lucas Vanzella and butted heads. Donchev took the first position and won $57,030, while Vanzella took second place and received $38,315 in prize money.

Here are the final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Vladislav Donchev Bulgaria $57,030
2 Lucas Vanzella Brazil $38,315
3 Emil Sjorgen Sweden $25,639
4 Thiago Taira Brazil $17,267
5 Joao Matos Brazil $11,857
6 Nicolas Maillaud Malta $8,462
7 Juan Lamprea Canada $6,293


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· Published 22.09.2022 · last updated 22.09.2022