Dear community,

As you all have surely noticed, numerous player accounts have been transferred from Natural8 to GGPoker and the other way around, for over 1 week without prior notice.

After consulting GGPoker, we were told that the players in the background still belong to Natural8 and that they are also responsible for providing us with the reports and also with regard to our commission.

Today we have received the following message:

We want to assure you that we have been actively working on sorting out the issues. We understand that this migration has been challenging for everyone involved, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the issues one step at a time. Rest assured that we’re doing our best to address the matter as efficiently and effectively as possible, and we hope to have it sorted out within the next few days with further updates and information.

Your player accounts was linked to us and some of you even had a player account at GGPoker which was also linked to us as an affiliate, so of course it should stay that way.

We understand that this situation is also very uncomfortable for you and we would like to apologize for it. For the moment it’s impossible for us to update the leaderboard correctly as we don’t have the data, which means, we also can’t start paying out the leaderboard for last month. Our team is working flat out on a solution.

We highly recommend all players who are currently still playing at Natural8 and everyone whose player account has been moved to Natural8 or GGPoker to stop playing until we give you the green light again that everything is fine.

Even though we totally understand that you are impatient and upset, we ask you for a little patience.


YPD team

Update 12.05.2023: Still no news about the situation. Natural8 told they are on it to solve the situation somehow but unfortunately, nothing happened so far. We are very sorry for the long waiting time.  As soon as we have any new information we will keep you updated.

Update 13.05.2023: Still no news about the situation. We understand that all this is totally unacceptable, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do. You are also welcome to contact Natural8 or GGPoker support and ask for a solution to the problem, although they will probably come up with standard answers as well.

Update 16.05.2023: The migrated players from Natural8 to GGPoker are now again tagged to us and will be listed in our leaderboard. Player migrated from GGPoker to Natural8 not yet.


· Published 06.05.2023 · last updated 16.05.2023