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· Published 06.01.2022 · last updated 06.01.2022

GGPoker’s flagship tournament, Super MILLION$ has been recently concluded. This was the last Super MILLION$ festival of the year. This time, it was Russia’s Ognyan “fizoka” Dimov that has managed to reach the final table of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ and navigate his way to the first-place finish. At the start of the final table, Dimov was only fourth in terms of chip count and almost 60 big blinds behind the leader, Ravid Garbi. What’s notable, is that Dimov reached the final table of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ last week, but had to settle for a fourth-place finish. This time, he was determined to go for the top prize and the title of champion. Read on to find out how the events unfolded. 

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Recap

Artur Martirosian, who is a two-time Super MILLION$ champion, was the first of the nine finalists to go home. Martirosian was eliminated during the 60,000/120,000/15,000a level. First, he lost five big blinds after clashing with Isaac Haxton. Soon after that, Martirosian went all-in with pocket nines against K J of Nenad “O O L” Djukic and his min-raise. Djukic has managed to flop a king and Martirosian was awarded $63,611 for his ninth-place finish. 

Isaac Haxton was the next player to live the final table just a few hands later. It started when Haxton min-raised to 240,000 with his A Q of hearts. Garbi quickly called in the button with his K Q of spades. To his surprise, Djukic shoved for 3,590,131 in the small blind with his A K. Haxton has decided to call the remaining 2,600,000 he had, while Garbi folded. Even though both players have managed to flop an ace, Haxton was unable to get a queen and was awarded $82,493 for his eighth-place finish. 

Lukas “rustyhusky” Hafner was the first player to get into a six-figure score. Joshua McCully bet 294,000 in the big blind and Hafner three-bet all-in for 1,975,809 in the small blind. McCully called with his pocket sevens, while Hafner held A Q. Unfortunately, Hafner did not match his cards with the board and was awarded $106,981 for his seventh-place finish. 

Many poker fans have claimed that Stephen Chidwick is going to be the latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ winner. However, this time, luck was not on his side. Chidwick was eliminated during the 80,000/160,000/17,500a level when he bet 352,000 in the cutoff with pocket jacks. McCully quickly responded with a three-bet from the button all the way to 1,044,000 with his K Q. After that, Chidwick moved all-in for 2,212,064 and McCully called. New Zealand’s poker regular caught a king on the flop and Chidwick busted. Stephen Chidwick was awarded $138,737 for his sixth-place finish.

Poland’s Gytis Lazauninkas was the next player to hit the showers. Once again, McCully was the one responsible for the knockout. McCully went all-in in the small blind with 7 6 and Lazauninkas called with his remaining nine big blinds. Lazauninkas A K lost to a six on the river and he was awarded $179,920 for his fifth-place finish.

The next player to be knocked out was the start-of-the-day chip leader Ravid Garbi. The Israeli lost a large pot shortly before that, which left him with a short stack of only 13 big blinds. After that, he moved all-in with pocket fives up against the pocket eights of Nenad Djukic. Ravid Garbi was unable to find the much-needed five on the river and he was awarded $233,327 for his fourth-place finish. 

Nenad “O O L” Djukic was the last player to be eliminated before the tournament went into the heads-up. Djukic bet 352,000 from the button with K Q and Dimov three-bet shoved to 1,401,960 with his J 10 of diamonds in the small blind. This time, McCully has decided to fold his Q 9. Djukic called without much hesitation and the flop showed 10 J 2. Dimov bet another 846,698 as a continuation bet and Djukic called once again. Dimov was lucky enough to get a jack on the turn, which gifted him a full house, which he checked. Djukic bet another 1,211,329 and Dimov called. After six of spades on the river, Djukic shoved for 5,518,387 into a massive 7,139,974 pot. Ognyan Dimov called with his full house, which left Djukic with only 3.5 big blinds. Djukic busted on the very next hand against McCully and was awarded $302,558 for his third-place finish. 


Ognyan Dimov held a 16,162,268 to 9,937,732 chip lead over McCully going into the heads-up play. The duel lasted for only 30 minutes. The final hand went as follows. McCully bet for 12 big blinds with 8 7 of spades and Dimov called with his pocket deuces. McCully has managed to flop an eight and turn trips, but a two on the river crowned Dimov as a GGPoker MILLION$ Online champion. McCully was awarded $392,409 runner-up prize and Dimov was awarded $508,891 for his first-place finish. Here are the full GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ognyan “fizoka” Dimov Russia $508,891
2 Joshua McCully New Zealand $392,409
3 Nenad “O O L” Djukic Croatia $302,588
4 Ravid Garbi Israel $233,327
5 Gytis Lazauninkas Poland $179,920
6 Stephen Chidwick Canada $138,737
7 Lukas “rustyhusky” Hafner Austria $106,981
8 Isaac Haxton Canada $82,493
9 Artur Martirosian Russia $63,611
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