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· Published 12.06.2019 · last updated 28.12.2020

A new concept for qualifying for partypoker LIVE tournaments

To conquer the main event of a major poker festival is a dream of anyone who deals with online poker. It doesn’t matter whether online poker is your job or you just enjoy the game in your spare time. However, even if you exclude the elements of skill and luck that are required in order to get to the first place, the time factor also remains. In case you have enough time to take part in the protracted Main Event and poker is a part of your life, we have good news for you.

Partypoker launched a new concept for qualifying for partypoker LIVE tournaments that increases the chance to get into the crucial stage of the LIVE tournament from home and come to the live festival only at the very end.

You may have already noticed that partypoker`s new tendency to dedicate some online days to the majority of big LIVE tournaments series. However, even if you get a good stack for day 2, this still does not guarantee that your trip will pay off. From now, you can play online day 1 and online day 2. Thus, it will allow you to reach a reasonable level to come to live festival with confidence that you will get a cash prize.

Such policy reforms will noticeably reduce the players` cost of going to a live festival, where you will continue to fight in day 3 with the other players that went through the living days 1 and 2.

Also from now, players get the opportunity to qualify for Live poker festivals through the satellites and come to the main event only if they pass on day 3. In such a way, various payments for the tournament will relieve you of the headache associated with additional expenses.

The similar concept will be applied for the current largest festivals. WSOP Russia Main Event also will include days 1 and 2 which will be held in an online format. The nearest one is WSOP Russia Main Event with a buy-in of $71,050 and a guarantee of $65,000,000. Online day 1 and 2 will run on July, 14. If you manage to pass day 3, it will be enough to book a trip to Sochi for 2 days – July 27 and 28, when the combined days 3 and 4 of the Main tournament will take place.

Follow our news to find out about other series that will include special online days as well as to be aware of new satellites.

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