With whatever partying you’ve been up to coming to an end for 2020, it’s time to think about what you’ll be doing poker wise in 2021. It pays to start a new year with some oomph, and a good way to do that is with a fresh focus. Make the most of the great deals YourPokerDream has in store for you in 2021, and sit down to play armed with a New Year’s Poker resolution.

Here are some important points to help you on your way:

Set realistic goals

A common mistake, whether it’s an ambitious fitness regime, dieting or poker, is to get carried away when embarking on something new or making new plans and so on. A specific target to definitely avoid is to ‘plan’ on winning a certain amount of money over a year. Such expectations/desires serve only to undermine our quest which, essentially, is to improve our game while still enjoying it.

Bankroll Management

This crucial subject shouldn’t really be part of anyone’s New Year’s resolutions because it’s an absolutely imperative of any player’s poker life that they adhere to some kind of prudence regarding their bankroll. But it’s healthy to keep such matters in the forefront of our minds when thinking about the (poker) year ahead, so why not? Perhaps it’s a good idea to remind ourselves that just because we’re starting a new year it doesn’t follow that we can magically move up in terms of buy-in levels, and instead stick sensibly to good BR management.


This is a good one! And not least because so many players understandably want only to play. Work is a proverbial four-letter word for most but, if we want to improve and become better players, it’s essential that we put some time into working on our game and attitude and so on away from the virtual tables. If other players are increasingly putting in the effort to stay ahead of the curve, then so should we. Better still, going that extra mile will pay dividends…

Zen and online poker

While it’s important to study the game and to take advantage of whatever free learning materials are widely available, no less important is learning about ourselves. In fact, the better we know how we think and feel about poker – what we want to achieve, how far we’re willing to go to reach our personal ambitions, how we react to loss/variance – the easier it is to progress. ‘Know yourself’ is an oft-quoted cliché for a reason, and there have been many times when I have spent a while at a poker table with someone to notice that they’re their own worst enemy. So, take a step back and contemplate not only poker, but your place in it…

Play only when it’s fun and when the time is right

This should be obvious, but it’s another part of the game into which most players put no thought. How often do we plan to play and, when the time comes, do say anyway even though there are other things that should really take priority, or distractions that we know deep down will be to the detriment of our game? This ‘settling’ for less than desirable conditions is a common mistake, even among experienced players.

The world of online poker is indeed a fantastic one, but it’s literally happening across the globe 24/7, 365 days per year – it’s not going anywhere, so make it a rule in 2021 only to play when you can do so in perfect conditions.


Again, why would we need to be reminded to actually think at the tables? The answer is because it’s so easy to get into the habit of not thinking properly, perhaps due to distractions or impatience or because we’re playing too many tables at once, or we’re on autopilot. Make it a rule to deliberately give each decision a certain amount of time, not least to get used to analyzing properly. This will help when it is time to focus.

Poker is fun

If the above doesn’t ring true, then we’re doing something wrong. We started playing online poker because it’s a fascinating game and it has so much to offer, and all of the above is geared to getting as much out of it as we can. If it’s not fun we simply won’t be able to play at our best. It really is that simple…

Have a great 2021, and have fun at the tables!

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