Online Poker WorldMany things have changed in the world of online poker
Online poker has been nothing new for many years. There are hundreds of different providers with great promotions, rakeback tournaments etc and numerous different networks with different strategies. What has happened in the last few years, what is good and what is bad, what changed? We’ve analyzed the past few years to see how and what has changed in the global online poker market. What is positive and what is negative.

EU RegulationsRegulations in different countries
The number of players has definitely dropped a bit. But the the reason for this is not that the enthusiasm or the demand has fallen. The reason is that different countries have noticed how big and profitable the online poker market is. Starting with France, Italy or even Spain. All player pools have been separated since many years. At golden poker time these countries were all still in the international pool of players and players from these countries could easily register at any poker room and compete against players from all over the world. Since the state of individual countries has regulated the poker market, all changed. Spain play against Spain and French against French. Of course, that reduces the number of players and does not make it that interesting anymore, because you can only play against players from your own country.

The problem lies in the policy and the responsible persons who simply have no idea of ​​anything. After a few years of failure and declining numbers, some people used their brain and the regulated countries Italy, France, Spain and Portugal have decided to merge their pool of players from 2018 to make online poker more interesting for the players. This is an important step for the poker industry, for the future and that’s the only way.

The dream is still alive that eventually there will be a big pool of players again.
Poker Black FridayUS Players and the Black Friday
Black Friday has been a long time ago. Nearly 7 years have passed. What were those times when the US players were in the international pool of players! The Black Friday has changed a lot and especially in the US poker market. Undoubtedly, the US market is the largest, along with Russia and Germany. With the exception of a few providers, everyone has had to withdraw from the US market and there is still no clear legal position regarding online poker in the USA. Nevertheless, there are also some providers who have benefited from the Black Friday and certain incidents. The Winning Poker (WPN) network, which includes our partners BlackChipPoker and PokerKing, has been continuously accepting US players since 2002. To be precise, the traffic there is 80% only US players. This makes the network especially interesting for players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland because nowhere else it is possible play against the US players.
Poker RakebackRegular Player/Rakeback
It is no secret that you can really make good money with poker, if you are better than your opponents. However, this is not nearly as easy as it might have been in 2010. The reason is obvious. With the time, more and more online poker schools have developed, there are free articles all over the internet, which help everyone to improve their own game. Of course, it’s not that easy to become a poker pro, but it helps bad players to evolve and improve things. The possibilities that exist now in many different languages ​​are really enormous. Many players who are not lazy take advantage of these opportunities and become better players. Especially on the higher limits, the edge has become very small. Nevertheless, of course, there is still plenty of money to earn, just not as easy as before.

Many experienced players like to remember the times when choosing the right starting hands was enough to make them profitable. In fact, all you had to do was learn the poker rules and pick some right starting hands to beat the first limits. Of course it is not that easy anymore as it was years ago.

The rakeback offers have changed a lot. Especially in the iPoker network until 2 years ago it was still possible to achieve over 100% rakeback. Totally crazy but it was like that. Thousands of players who were not winners and who lost out of the game became rakeback winners. Quite a few played so many tables and hands that you ended up with thousands of dollars of rakeback and a solid monthly earnings. This was then stopped by the iPoker network.  Surely this has been a wise decision on the part of the iPoker network.

Of course, there are still many regular players today who can only make a profit through rakeback and otherwise could not survive. Even though the crazy iPoker times are over, there are of course still very good rakeback deals in the iPoker Network, but also in the Microgaming Network, PartyPoker or the Winning Poker Network. And of course, every regular is interested in a good rakeback deal. No matter if you are a super winning player or a break-even player, more rakeback means more money.

YourPokerDream offers the best and highest rakeback deals on the market

CryptopokerThe future of Online Poker
We have also reported a lot about CryptoPoker in the last few days. Everywhere in the net you find different news about Cryptopoker. Whether providers like CoinPoker or VirtuePoker are the future remains to be seen. Cryptocurrencies and primarily Bitcoin have been experiencing a boom since 2017 and no one wants to deny. It is quite clear that the idea these providers have and cryptocurrencies in themselves bring some benefits. However, the reality is not nearly as easy as some people imagine. Nevertheless, this is actually something that can change the online poker world. Many stars of the poker world like Phil Ivey, Tony G and Co. are involved in these projects and certainly not without reason.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the online poker world in 2018!

The marketing plan of the operators

In this regard, all providers follow a clear line. The focus must be on generating new players and keeping them in the player pool. Therefore, the idea that there is less rakeback and this money rather invested in marketing makes sense. The well-being of the entire poker market is the most important and many poker sites had lost this goal for a while. Of course it is also a mistake to completely ignore regular players. For the poker market regular players are the same as important as the normal hobby players and the players who put the money into the system. A healthy mediocrity is therefore very important.

What the poker scene did very well was the launch of the Jackpot Spin & Go tournaments. These tournaments enjoy immense popularity and attract all types of players like a magnet. The tournaments have only 3 players, go fast and the players can multiply their buy ins in a few minutes or hit a jackpot.


The online poker world has changed a lot over the years and will continue to change. There are some negative things but if we take a look to the whole situation, there is a positive development in the last 1-2 years and things are going in the right direction. Online poker is far from dead as it is sometimes claimed and the next mega boom comes faster than you think. Individual country regulation and development in this area will be the key in the future. The poker rooms  are on the right way and will continue to do their best to keep the tables attractive and the online poker world remains open for any future changes.




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