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Freeroll Poker is very popular in the online poker community and offers the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em and other real money poker games without spending real money. If you win something at freerolls, that means real money. You cash it out if you want it or use it at the real money tables to win even more.

If you have never played poker freerolls, do not worry. It is very simple and completely without risk. Here at YourPokerDream you will find the best freeroll poker offers and all the necessary information about these offers

The best Poker Freeroll Online Poker Operator

YourPokerDream recommends these 6 sites as they offer a variety of freeroll poker tournaments. Just click on the sign up button and you will be redirected to the homepage of the provider where you can sign up.

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What can i What can i expect at such poker freerolls?

Let’s be realistic. Freeroll poker tournaments have the word “free” in it. And every poker player, no matter how talented and rich, loves free things. Especially free money. So it’s always to be expected that in such freeroll poker tournaments, where you can win real money, there will also be plenty of players.

For example, if a typical $ 10 + 1 tournament attracts around 500 players on an online poker site, then it is expected that more than 1,000 players will participate in such a freeroll poker tournament. The higher the prize pool, the higher the number of players. Especially beginners who have just learned the poker rules, rush to such tournaments. The advantage of course is that you can find 90% of very bad and inexperienced players, which means that as an experienced player you will have an easy game.

Things will look a little different on the exclusive YourPokerDream Poker freeroll tournaments. These tournaments are only for players who have registered through our site at a poker room and run at almost all our poker partners. Our exclusive freeroll poker tournaments are every Sunday with a prize pool between 25-50 € at each poker room. At this tournaments are only around 15-25 players registered maximum and therefore these tournaments offer you a great chance for some extra cash.

The difference between play money and free poker money

There are two types of providers – free poker sites and real money poker sites. Most players assume that for no bankroll players, instant no deposit poker sites are the right ones. Of course you can easily play online poker on these sites, but you can not win real money there. For that reason it make always sense to sign up at a real money poker site where you can win real money.

Even if you sign up to a real money poker site, it’s up to you to play for real money and make a deposit, or just play the poker freeroll tournaments to win real money and use it at the real money tables/tournaments or even directly request a withdrawal. We always recommend signing up for a real money poker site, as you can win money without risk.

If you are interested in further offers regarding providers who offer players free poker money, just take a look HERE.

Are real poker money sites safe?

Of course. YourPokerDream works only with the world’s largest players and has already passed thousands of happy players to our poker partners. All poker rooms listed here are serious and customer satisfaction comes first.

Are poker freeroll tournaments really 100% free?

Maybe you read this article now and think that there must be a catch and that freerolls can not really be totally free, because nobody gives away money. You really do not need to worry about hidden fees or nasty surprises, because freeroll tournaments are free poker tournaments that cost nothing, otherwise they could not be called a poker freeroll! Of course, the tournaments are especially for beginners to welcome them at the tables and inspire them for the colorful online poker world.

The only downside of these free poker tournaments is that the prices offered are usually not very big. The entire prize pool is often only 50-100 €. But  50-100 € for free is not so bad and these poker freeroll tournaments run daily on different poker sites and often several times a day.

Can i win always cash at this poker freeroll tournaments?

First and foremost you can win there cash. Depending on the provider, there are also tickets for larger tournaments to win, which gives you the possibility to get access to some very big online tournaments and win thousands of euros. So you can build your way to the big tournaments completely without risk, which would normally cost several hundred euros or even thousands of euros in buy-in.

Online poker sites offer various freeroll tournaments that allow you to play poker for free. One of the most common poker freerolls is the freeroll for new players, which is only open to players, who are new to the site and who should give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the poker software and as a small thank you for signing up.

Then there are the normal freerolls, which are open daily to all players who have a player account at the poker room.

Another common freeroll is a tournament that rewards players for making their first deposit on a website. These usually have a much larger prize pool and are only available to players who made their first deposit during the qualifying period. The number of players here is much smaller and therefore offers a great opportunity to win extra money. There is also a little trick here. You can easily pay the minimum of 10-20 € (depending on the provider) to gain access to the special freerolls, which are only for players who have made a deposit and pay your 10-20 € directly without using them

Can i withdrawal my money without any problems?

Of course! However, you must first confirm your identity to the poker room, that they can ensure that you are of legal age and that you are a real person and have also provided correct data when you registered. In real life, you also have to present an ID card when you go to a casino. The same it is at an online poker room.

So it’s important to verify your player account by sending a copy of your ID card or passport to the poker room via email. Your player account will then be verified within a few hours and you can withdrawal your money whenever and how often you want.

As far as deposits and withdrawals are concerned, we recommend the e-wallet providers and partners of YourPokerDream Neteller and Skrill. Here you can even earn extra money just by paying in and out and get a free MasterCard.

The right strategy for poker freerolls

Finally, our poker experts have prepared important tips and tricks for online poker freerolls to help you set up your own freeroll strategy.

1. Note the stages of a tournament

Every freeroll tournament takes place in phases. Be sure to adjust your style of play to each phase and watch your opponents. Do not get carried away by the irrational gambling of your teammates for ill-considered actions.

2. Play tight

Especially at the beginning, many players go all-in hoping to double their chips quickly. Your poker face is in demand: While the blinds are still low, you’d better wait for good cards. Your chance to get chips will come.

3. Adapt

The early stages of the tournament are completely different than the end. Do not be surprised when the game changes a lot during the game

4. Bluffing

In freeroll tournaments, bluffs are to dangerous because many players call instantly. In the early stages, you will see very often how fast and reckless gamblers push their chips into the middle. Only when the gameplay changes, you can dare semi-bluffs.

5. Limping

In the early stages, responding to a raise is often an all-in. You can always bet with a good pair, but with lots of hands you should wait for the flop. Push your strong hands or fold if the flop fails.

6. Aggressiveness

If you have a good pair, you should play opposing and not just call. From two jacks or better, you should definitely play aggressive. Players with undefeated hands will call and sometimes win as you never have 100% equity. Nevertheless, you can push your stack so very often.

7. Range

Think of a range of hands for each tournament phase you want to play or raise with. This may mean that you’re playing less tight than usual, but the trick is that your range just has to be a little bit tighter than most other players.

8. Blinds

Use the low blinds to your advantage in the beginning and do not forget that in the final phase you have to master high blinds with a presumably low stack. You can practice this in cash games or play money. In the early stages, keep an eye out for players who have registered but have not competed in the tournament yet(sit out). From the position you can easily steal blinds, but fo not battle to much with other players who also want to steal.

9. Choose the appropriate freeroll tournament

Freerolls are free but still cost you time. It may be better if you play cash games or Sit’n’Go instead. The art of lucrative freerolls is to choose the appropriate tournament: the smaller the number of participants, the better. Ideal are often events with a maximum of 1,000 players and a prize pool of 50 € or 100 €, which goes to the top 15 to 20 players, or a similar payout structure.

10. Play many freerolls

As you have seen, freerolls run differently than cash games or normal tournaments. Do you want to master freerolls, participate in many tournaments as possible. At the same time, you should not transfer your accumulated freeroll knowledge to the traditional game because you are confronted with other opponents and ways of playing. If you register at several poker rooms, you can benefit from various freerolls for new players. Very good freerolls are the deposit freerolls which every poker site offer. You need to make a small deposit of 10-20$ and get access to different 250-500$ Freeroll Tournaments.

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