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Anyone who deals with the topic of poker, should not ignore the issue of gambling addiction. In this article, we would like to discuss some features that can lead to gambling addiction or are already the first signs. The fine line between fun and seriousness is often very sin. What often starts with a fun leisure time, with the charm of gaining some money, is quickly becoming the daily life content.

You can not resist the whole and spend hours every day playing. The step into gambling addiction, which is also referred to as pathological gambling and as a dissocial personality disorder, has already taken place. The path from hobby to addiction is insidious. Since this type of addiction has hardly any external features, it is actually impossible for family or the circle of friends to intervene in time. As with all addiction patients, the addiction is not recognizable and does not want to be accepted.

There are three phases of gambling addiction

The win phase – This phase is characterized by the fact that you only rarely play. Over time, a certain sense of security spreads and you feel a certain euphoria to beat other opponents and to win their money. You bet ever higher amounts, you play higher limits, because you think you can defeat all. Now it goes straight into the loss phase.

The Loss Phase – The fun and the ease have now disappeared. You are angry about the losses and would like to get them back quickly. You play more and more and gradually lose track of profits and losses. You think that you has everything under control and only blame the bad luck for your failure. You dive into your own world and gradually neglect your family and friends. The losses increase and one starts to go to the savings, or to borrow money to recover the losses. You are still completely convinced that it is only pursued by bad luck and you have now also the pressure to recover lost money which you has lost. Someone with a clear mind would pull the emergency brake and stop here. A gambling addict not! Now it goes into the despair phase.

The Despair Phase – Now comes the most dangerous part. You withdraw completely and are 100% immersed in the virtual world of the game. Debts can only be repaid sporadically and you continue to raise money, whether legally or illegally. The personality changes, one is irritated. nervous and sleeping very badly.
The consequences and the legal situation

Unfortunately, the consequences of gambling addiction are often not limited to making amends for one’s own family and reducing the mountain of debt. For many concerned, the way also leads to a court. The addiction costs money and in most cases this is done illegally via crime. Pathological gambling as a cause of a crime reduces the sentence only in exceptional cases, since the disease is unfortunately not yet recognized as the drugs or alcohol addiction. In order to apply extenuating circumstances, the personality must have suffered the most severe changes or the addiction must have been so great that it is already possible to speak of withdrawal symptoms. This can only be done through a special reviewer.

Helps to control the addiction

Whoever manages to recognize the first signs should act as soon as possible. You should go to a self-help group as soon as possible and also contact a psychotherapist. Professional help and advice have the highest priority here. As pathological gambling is a mental illness, it can also be treated. To get the financial problems under control, it should have come so far, for example, helps the debt counseling. Of course, the decision to seek help must come from the affected person himself. Only if he is ready for it, the treatment and counseling can make a difference.

What do the gambling operators do to protect people

Gambling addiction affects lawmakers as well as gambling operators, which also include casinos, betting offices and poker providers. These refer among other things to the self-control of the player and give with a few rules of conduct at least a little help. Some poker rooms also impose certain deposit limits on players, which must not be exceeded in order to protect themselves.


Tips and help are not lacking. If you notice the first signs of addiction, you should act as soon as possible. Gambling addiction is a very serious topic and should not be underestimated.

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