Poker should be fun

Obviously, poker is about real money, and it’s human nature to get competitive. People don’t like to lose, especially when real cash is on the table. However, poker is a community game that brings together people from all over the world, and it’s more enjoyable for everyone involved when there is a good atmosphere at the table.

We have summarized a few points that will help you create a better mood for yourself and your teammates. And a better attitude will mean smarter playing and a boost to your bottom line!

Be friendly

It is advantageous to always be friendly and sympathetic to other players. Friendly competition will help you to stay focused and smart, mean that people are more likely to stick to a game and increase your winnings, and let’s be honest, the world needs a little more love.

The better the mood the better the play for all participants.

When the situation arises, share a funny story

No need to be a listening ear to all the players at the table, you are competitors after all, but if the situation arises, share a funny or interesting story from your past. Sharing your humanity will bring it out in others. It can also lull your opponents into a sense of ease.

Control your ego

Don’t let your ego get out of hand. If a much worse player makes a very stupid but happy move, don’t try to moralize or belittle them,  you’ll only set yourself up for a moment of blindness. And keeping that stupid player feeling good is probably going to increase your earnings for the day!

Be respectful and don’t laugh at others

You should not laugh at anyone for making a bad move or not fully knowing the rules. Don’t try and hurt other players, meet your opponents with respect in all situations. You’ll be thankful for the good community if you make a bad call as well.

Be flexible

If there are crazy people at the table throwing a wrench in your plans by playing a straddle, relax and have fun. Even if it doesn’t seem profitable at first glance, it’s to your long-term advantage. Reckless play by others will only increase the action at the table. Take advantage of these weaknesses and ensure that the mood remains good and play continues.

Laugh at yourself

Take the whole game as a joke and you won’t be too beat up when you lose a hand or hit a streak of bad luck. If you can laugh at yourself and be relaxed, the other players will adapt and play much more relaxed and liberated, and you won’t make rash decisions.

Good manners

Imagine sitting down at a table as a real, physical act. Greet your fellow players. Try to remember their names. Devel0p camaraderie. Wish other players good luck, and politely say goodbye when they leave the table. Greet new players as they sit down at the table. All of these actions will keep the fish at the table, and keep you thinking with a level-head

Side Bets

A few side bets can loosen up the vibe at a table and provide plenty of fun. For example, bet on the color of the flop or the odds of a hand you aren’t involved in.

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