Anyone who plays online poker nowadays can hit a life-changing jackpot

What online poker fan doesn’t dream of being lucky enough to see their life dramatically change in literally minutes by winning a huge jackpot? Jackpots used to be seen as elusive and what happened to ‘other people’ but, thanks to today’s set-up it’s possible in online poker – in many different poker rooms – to hit very, very big.

In this article we explain which sites offer these massive jackpots, and what you have to do to win them.

The Spin & Go/Jackpot SNGs, which are often called ‘spins’, have been around for a few years. These games are very fast, with blinds typically increasing every 1-2 minutes, and with only three players. The game begins as soon as all three players have registered (player selection is completely random), with the beauty of this format being that a random number generator determines the prize that will be up for grabs. And herein lies the attraction. As we’d expect, the higher the buy-in, the higher the prizes can be but, regardless of our bankroll, we all get the opportunity to win literally thousands of times our buy-in, and the Jackpot amounts are enormous.

Let’s say each of the three protagonists enters a $10 buy-in tournament. In terms of multiples of the buy-in, the random number generator might stop at x2, x4, x10, x25, x250, x1,000 or x20,000, meaning the players might be battling it out for $40 or a prize pool of $200,000. Note that these specific multiples and limits vary depending on the provider, but it’s the norm across the board to offer big payouts.

In the majority of games the winner receives the prize and the other two players get nothing, but if the RNG happens to fall on one of the very top payouts, then all three players be will be guaranteed a share of the booty. Here, too, there are small differences from provider to provider. When the Jackpot hits, expect big money to come your way!

Using our $10 buy-in example, the Jackpot breakdown would be as follows:

1st place: $100,000
2nd place: $60,000
3rd place: $40,000

Not bad for an investment of just $10…

A small buy-in is enough for a chance of hitting a $1 Million Jackpot

At our partner, GGPoker, a buy-in of $50 is enough for a shot at Poker Million Jackpot, while $100 opens the door to a chance of the $2 Million bonanza.

However, even $10 is enough to play for a prize pool of $1 Million! If you wager $10 in the popular Spin & Gold tournaments at GGPoker and hit the jackpot, you will be playing for the following prize pool:

1st place: $500,000
2nd place: $300,000
3rd place: $200,000

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