Multi Table Poker Tournaments (MTT) 2021 in the internet

Multi table tournaments are arguably the most popular type of online poker tournament. Every day you can find various big tournaments with guaranteed prizes on all major online poker sites. Why these tournaments are so popular is easy to explain. Every player has the opportunity to win a very large prize with a small stake.

Poker tournaments are a fantastic way to win big money with little stakes. A stake of € 10 is enough to win several thousand euros in a poker tournament. The higher the entry fee, the higher the prize pool of the poker tournament and the higher the chance of winning a big cash prize.

Of course, the whole thing also depends on the number of participants in the tournament. The more players play, the higher the prize pool the players are playing for.

Every tournament player dreams of big winnings. So-called multi-table tournaments attract thousands of players every day. Multi Table Tournaments have hundreds to thousands of participants and the principle is simple. If 1,000 players participate in a poker tournament and each player pays a buy in of $10, the prize pool will sum to $10,000 which will be distributed to the winners. How many of the top players in the tournament get paid, and how the funds are divided depends on the site.

There are many tournaments, from buy-ins of just $0.50 to thousands of dollars for the high rollers. There is a tournament for every type of player and every bankroll. Although each online poker provider offers poker tournaments every day, the stakes and rules can vary greatly.

Rakeback is also a very important aspect for pure tournament players and you should choose a provider that will give you an acceptable percentage of rakeback without generating a lot of rake.

We’ve compared all the leading online poker providers and put together the most important information.

The best poker sites for multi table poker tournaments 2021

Poker Tournaments in the GG Network

GGPoker and Natural8  are a part of the Asian friendly GGNetwork. The player field is one of the biggest on the online poker market which of course makes it interesting for tournament players. You find daily a lot of tournaments with big guaranteed prize pools and as an official partner of the WSOP the GGNetwork offers also a few times a year some very special WSOP online tournament series with millions of guaranteed dollars.

The range of tournaments is one of the best in the world and there are numerous tournaments for every type of player every day. Regardless of whether you only have a small bankroll or want to take part in the really big high roller tournaments, at GGPoker you will find everything you want.

In addition, you will enjoy a lot of private tournaments from YourPokerDream if you decide now to sign up at GGPoker via YourPokerDream as an affiliate.

Register at GGPoker with the bonus code: YPD and you will receive our VIP Deal and access to our exclusive $ 500 Welcome and 2.000$GGMasters Freeroll tournament as well as to our 41.500$ GGPoker Rake Race and fantatsic private tournaments!

600$ Bonus/YourPokerDream VIP Deal

1.000$ Bonus/70k YPD Rake Race

Poker Tournaments in the iPoker Network

The iPoker network is the largest poker network in the world, and you can find a variety of different tournaments here every day. iPoker offers tournaments ranging from small buy-ins of $1 up to $500 tournaments where you can win thousands of dollars in a day. They run qualification tournaments for big live events, and there are numerous online tournaments with guaranteed prize money.

We offer our players some exclusive 30-35% Flat Rakeback Deals at all iPoker skins + fantastic iPoker Rake Chase at Betsson/Betsafe/NordicBet and our BestPoker VIP Rake Chase.

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

MTTs in the Winning Poker Network(WPN)

The Winning Poker (WPN) Network is one of the world’s leading poker networks accepting US players. They offer a solid tournament schedule and also many special promotion tournaments. WPN network has great offerings for all players whether you’re looking for Micro Limits or big action.

As far as rakeback is concerned, our partner PokerKing is the best skin in the WPN network. Black Chip Poker and Americas Cardroom are also great options on WPN, but players at BlackChipPoker or Americas Cardroom play with less rakeback relative to PokerKing

2.000$ Bonus/Up to 55% Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

Tournament Poker at partypoker/bwin

PartyPoker is clearly one of the best places for online poker tournament players. There are a lot of tournaments every day, from small buy-ins for a few dollars to big high roller events. Every few months, Party Poker also holds special multi-table tournament series like the popular PartyPoker POWERFEST, which guarantees millions of dollars in prize money.

In addition, PartyPoker has a very good rakeback program and should you open your account through YPD, you can receive a lot of extra rakeback through our special VIP deals for tournament players.

Attention: If you have an old existing player account at PartyPoker, please contact our support. In many cases, we can link your player account to us or help you to open a new player account, so that you can get extra rakeback and participate in our exclusive promotions.

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Unibet Poker

Unibet is definitely a great poker room for cash game poker and of course also offers tournaments. As far as the range of tournaments is concerned, Unibet is already lagging behind the competition and the number of daily tournaments is manageable. Mainly small tournaments with low buy-ins are offered and tournaments with high guaranteed prize money are rather rare, unless there is a special tournament series.

Unibet is a good choice for beginners who do not yet have a large bankroll and are in the learning phase. Since the tournaments are not full of sharks and the number of participants is not that high, the variance is kept within limits.

200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

Frezzout Poker Tournaments

At the start of tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. It is not possible to add-on more chips while the tournament is in play. If a player loses all of one’s chips, then the player will be eliminated from tournament. If the tournament is not a rebuy tournament, then it will be freezeout tournament.

Guaranteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool (ex. $25.000 guaranteed). The guaranteed amount will be distributed as promised even if the total collected buy-in amount falls short of the guaranteed amount. Please note that our regular tournaments contribute the collected buy-in amount to the prize pool. However, if there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total money pool increases accordingly. The guaranteed prize amount for each tournament is indicated in the tournament lobby, if applicable.

Rebuy Tournaments

At the start of tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, every player has the opportunity to rebuy, which is purchasing additional chips equivalent to the starting chip stack.

Players have the option to rebuy at any time during the specified time period, when their current chip amount is equal to or below the starting chips. The time allotted for rebuys and the number of rebuys available are different depending on the tournament.

Knockout Tournaments

In our Progressive Knockout (PKO) Bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on his or her head. When a player is knocked out of a tournament, half of the corresponding player’s bounty is added on to the bounty of the player who knocks him or her out. The other half of the knocked-out player’s bounty is awarded to the player who knocked them out as an instand cash prize.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are qualifying tournaments that give you the opportunity to win a seat in a target tournament with a higher buy-in. These tournaments are ideal for players who do not have such a large bankroll to buy an event directly, but still want to play in the big events.

Final Table Deal

In exceptional cases, the tournament can also be ended prematurely if a so-called final table deal occurs. The final table is the table at which the last 9/10 remaining players in a tournament sit down and determine the winner. Some poker rooms such as our partner Party PokerPoker or GGPoker offer such final table deals.

This means that the players can negotiate a deal among themselves and decide who receives how much of the prize money still to be distributed. As a rule, the poker room automatically suggests a percentage distribution of the remaining prize money depending on the current chip status. The players have the option to accept or decline this deal and play the tournament normally to the end. To close a deal, all players still involved must agree. If a player does not agree, the tournament will continue as normal until only one player remains or another final table is agreed

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