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What is Sit&Go Hero?

Sit & Go Hero – it’s a brand new format of poker tournaments Sit&Go – a fast paced four-handed Sit & Go bounty tournament with a twist!

Sit&Go Hero, which is already available on PartyPoker and BwinPoker gives players the possibility to win up to 10,000 times more, than their buy-ins!

The player can choose between seven different buy-ins: $1, $3, $5, $10,$20,$50 and $100, so everybody will have a chance to participate in the game!

The game also has random draws determining:

a) the multiplier and total prize pool

b) which player will have a bounty on their head.

The new bounty feature of this new type of Sit & Go gives all players the unique possibility to win up to $50.000!

Most often the winner of Sit & Go Hero will get 75% of the prize pool, with the remainder funding the bounty.

However, when the prize pool reaches 50x -1,000x, second and third position also will get a share. When the tournament prize pool hits the huge 10,000x jackpot, it’s a win-win-win-win situation. The second–fourth placed players all getting a 15% piece of it.

50 and 100$ Sit&Go Hero Special Edition

The rules are almost the same like with all the other tournaments. The only differences are:

  • Only 3 players
  • 2min Levels
  • No Bounty

You can win now up to 1 Million $ in a few minutes!

How to play Sit & Go Hero ?

1) Select the size of the buy-in

2) Choose the number of games that you would like to play

3) Click “Play”

It’s Easy!

Sit&Go Hero Lobby

As we mentioned before, there are 7 levels of buy-in in Sit & Go Hero tournaments: 1$,3$,5$,10$,20$,50$ and 100$

At the beginning of the game, each player receives 500 chips, and each blind level lasts 3 minutes.

By selecting the amount of the buy-in and the number of games you want to play, you will take a seat at the table. Once all seats are occupied, it will be held the first lottery in random order. It will determine the overall size of the prize fund for this tournament Sit & Go Hero.

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After the prize is selected, the screen will show a summary of the tournament. It’s including the size of the multiplier, the total amount of the prize fund and the amount of prize money, which will get every player who takes the appropriate place.

Also, the amount of “bounty” award will be given, assigned by the head of one of the players.

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The second draw for the player to determine, for which the sum of “bounty” award will be assigned. At the same time, it revolves around the target until it stops on one player.

On the other hand, the player that has your award “Bounty”, a special icon is displayed.

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Details about payouts and probabilities you can find below….

Sit and Go Hero Prize Structure

1$ Sit&Go Hero
3$ Sit&Go Hero
5 SitGo Hero
10$ Sit&Go Hero
20 SitGo Hero
50$ Sit&Go Hero
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