Where does the fascination for the card game poker come from?

No matter if you are a pro or a hobby player, young or old and no matter if you are a woman or a man, you all have a passion for this card game. It is played with friends and acquaintances, with strangers, for fun or to earn money, for small cents or for thousands of euros and live or online. In the present time, the whole thing is already on the mobile phone available, so that the imagination knows no bounds.

Origin of the poker game

Poker is a native american game, even if it has its roots in France or Germany. For years it was played at the kitchen tables for cents or in some wicked pubs for thousands of dollars. Today, poker is a TV sport and attracts more and more people. Especially the players in the US are celebrities who are equated with actors and stars of the sports world. And often you can find them together at the table. Whether tennis legend Boris Becker, US Hollywood star Matt Damon or the unique footballer Christiano Ronaldo, these and many more can often be found at the poker tables. Poker has gained tremendous prestige and it is no shame to say publicly that you play poker. Poker has become a profession where you can make millions.

As a student, George W. Bush was an avid and talented poker player. Richard Nixon financed his first campaign with poker money, which he took off his comrades in the Navy in the South Pacific.

History of Poker

Formerly considered to be pure gambling, poker is now considered a strategy game such as chess. Of course, poker, whether live or online, is still partly based on luck and you can not influence certain things. Nevertheless, it has been proven that the better player with the better poker strategy wins in the long term. Successful poker is based on math!

Poker is a social, mathematical and psychological game. One could say that it resembles the real life, with the difference that here are the rules which decide on victory and defeat a little clearer. Poker is a gamble in the short term and even the best and most talented poker player can make a loss over the worst player in the world for a short time. The Internet is full of reports from players around the world complaining how miserably they have lost. Anyone who plays online poker more often knows these bad beats. You are 90% up front and can not really lose anymore and then it happens. Like many laptops, mice, and items, rage has been destroyed by poker players.

If you want to play poker long-term and successfully, you have to learn like in school and like in one sport, you train to be better than others. You have to learn to understand the game and deal with certain events that happen at the table, no matter how unhappy it is. There is an explanation for everything if you know the background and the probabilities. If you are unlucky, that is not easy to put away. We humans, as every psychologist knows, suffer twice as much as a victory, for example. The only point is that luck in poker is overrated as in real life. It is no coincidence that some players are at the top for years. The best example is the German exceptional player Fedor Holz, which comes in his career to almost 30 million dollars in prize money. And he is far from being the only German poker player who has earned millions in poker for years, not to mention the thousands of players who make their 2-4,000 euros online each month. The skill consists in setting and anticipating the strength of the opponent and the mathematical knowledge of the probabilities of the cards. You should not bet on luck in poker as in real life, but make good and smart decisions.

No matter how good or bad a player plays, he is not protected from luck or bad luck. There are times when you think you are the victim of a supernatural power of fate, if you do not get a playable hand and if you do, you get a bad beat. No matter what you do, you end up as a loser from the table. In the poker scene this is called a phase downswing and it is not easy to deal with such a downswing. But there is also the opposite, the so-called upswing in which everything works. The opponents always set when you have a monster, the draw is always on the river and it just runs everything optimally.

Luck and bad luck in the game

The all-important question, however, is whether a player actually only suffers from losing streaks when he makes a loss, or maybe it is missing at one or the other crucial point. Of course it is easier for us humans to push the whole thing on the factor bad luck, so to admit to ourselves that we make bad games and mistakes.

To be a good player requires more than just the poker rules. Discipline, mindset / psychology, ambition and mathematical knowledge make a player a long-term winner and not luck! Maybe you also want to start your poker career or just earn some pocket money. If so, you’ve come to the right place with YourPokerDream, as we’ll show you how to become a winner and also offer you the best rakeback deals and online poker rooms, with additional exclusive promotions and offers that boost your profits. You can also access the various offers to get some free poker money, which will make your start easier.

But let’s get back to the topic. In Germany and a lot of other countries, poker for money outside the casino is actually prohibited, or it is a gray area because the policy is that poker is gambling. This is of course complete nonsense, a politician could even sit down for a few days with a professional player and then knew that poker is something other than filling a lottery ticket or in roulette put on a number. Online poker is for players at certain providers which have an EU license, easily possible and that’s what makes the attraction.

The factor money in poker

You can lose money everywhere today: with stocks, real estate transactions, the greedy girlfriend, wife or anywhere else. In poker, you are constantly faced with decisions and wrong decisions cost money like in real life. And of course, online poker is much faster than playing live at the casino. You win much more and faster money online, but you lose it the same fast. Of course, the whole online poker is much more anonymous than the real poker table, but the game itself remains the same. It’s about real money, it’s about dueling with other people from all over the world. It’s about being better than the other. Whether you are a great manager, a student or working in the supermarket. Everyone is the same at the poker table and everyone has the same chances. The attraction is to take the money from other people because you are better and to fill your own wallet in a short period of time. It is in us humans in it that we want to be better than others and there is probably no greater appeal for us humans as much money to earn or win. We would also like to point out our article: Can I Make Money With Poker.

There is no room for respect and restraint at the poker table

Everyone can win in poker, and the win by Chris Moneymaker, who won $ 2.5 million as the 2003 WSOP online qualifier, the annual World Poker Championship, is the best example and this success started the poker boom. This victory was a kick for hundreds of thousands of players around the world, everyone was starting to think, Hey, if he can, I can do it as well. Become a millionaire without any investment. This is a story that happened just like that!

To win against Roger Federer in tennis is impossible to compete against Tiger Woods in the Gulf is also completely insane for an average golfer only in a disaster. In any individual sport, the professional can still catch such a miserable day, he will still win against a still so ambitious amateur. It’s different in poker, which is actually the only competition in which the mix of luck and skill can also make an amateur the winner. You do not have to be scared, you can beat anyone.

The psychology of the game goes in two directions. Keeping one’s own ego in check and assessing what the other is up to. The line between heroic stubbornness and stupid stupidity runs pretty closely. There are moments when you have to risk something and in other situations you have to hold back with a heavy heart because it is smarter. You have to have the gift of empathizing with your opponents, wondering why he did it now and what’s behind it.

Above all, the game has become more mathematical. Especially online, mathematical knowledge and probabilities are so enormously important.

Poker has similarities to real life

The careers of many very good poker players today are strikingly similar. Almost all have studied computer science, mathematics or statistics. As an example, Chris Ferguson, the Player of the Year 2017, is a computer science doctor and one of the biggest providers online, Full Tilt Poker. Barry Greenstein, who has earned around five million dollars in poker, is a computer scientist and had worked in the eighties in the software company Symnatec. Robert Varkonyi is also a computer scientist and engineer and won the WSOP in 2002.

But do not worry, you do not have to be a math genius or anything else to successfully play poker. As in real life, ambition, diligence, discipline and right decisions make you successful. The way to become a good poker player is like studying and training, even if it does not take that long, of course.


Poker and just online poker is a game for everyone. Some people want to earn the big money, others have fun and just play. Poker and especially online poker is growing and growing and integrating more and more in our society. All over the world, the beautiful card game enjoys an ever greater popularity.

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