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ipoker jackpots

Win at least €77.000 with Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments at iPoker!

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Here are five different ipoker Jackpots you may grab by playing your sit and go tournaments: €35.000 Fort Knox, €20.000 Rio Jackpot, €10.000 Maui Jackpot, €2.000 Dirty Dozen Jackpot and absolutely new Twister Jackpot of up to €10.000. Each of them has special requirements to be hit. Yourpokerdream makes short reviews for each of them so that you can select the best Jackpot and follow the target to latch on. You can participate in these Sit and Go tournaments at any of the featured poker rooms of iPoker network, including rooms Coral Poker,Winner Poker, William Hill Poker . Here are short reviews for every Jackpot iPoker is offering:

iPoker Progressive Jakpots

fort knox jackpot

Win six Fort Knox Jackpot sit and go tournaments in a row, and you will hit the Jackpot. There are 6 players at the table. The buy-in is €40, containing €34 for prize pool, €6 rake and progressive Jackpot. The Fort Knox Jackpot starts at €40.000 and grows bigger every week until someone claims it. Also, there is a consolation prize available for players. If you finish 1st or 2nd place at 6 consecutive Fort Knox Jackpot sit and go tournaments, you will be eligible for a €500 prize!

rio jackpot

If you happen to win six Rio Jackpot sit and go tournaments in a row, you can be prized with €20.000 Jackpot. There are 6 players at the table. The buy-in is €17.1 + €2.9, which contains €17.1 for prize pool and €2.9 for rake and Jackpot amount. In addition to the cool jackpot, players who place 1st or 2nd in six sit and go tournaments, are compensated for €200. Each week our Rio Jackpot will continue to grow bigger until someone claims it!

maui jackpot

If you manage to win five Maui Jackpot sit and go tournaments in a row (there are 10 players for each table), the Jackpot of €10.000 minimum is yours. The buy-in to the sit and go is €4.20 + €0.80. By finishing in either 1st or 2nd place in five consecutive Maui Jackpot sit and go tournaments, there is compensation prize of €150 for you. Each week the Jackpot amount is growing till the moment someone claims it!

maui jackpot

Dirty Dizen Jackpot sit and go tournaments are played in two tables (it’s 12 players per game). By winning four Dirty Dozen Jackpot sit and go tournaments, you are getting not only the rewards from prize pool, but also Jackpot for €2.000. The buy-in to the tournament is €1.66 + €0.34, which gives a great chance to win big with small budget.

Dirty Dozen€1.66 + €0.34124no€ 2,000€ 2,000
Maui€4.20 + €0.80105€ 150€ 10,000€ 39,000
Rio€17.1 + €2.966€ 200€ 20,000€ 30,000
Fort Knox€34 + €666€ 500€ 35,000€ 95,000

Twister sit and go – Win up to €10.000 Jackpot!

If you want to win big from a small stake, Twister Poker games are exactly what you are looking for. They’re easy to play and you may win x1000 your buy-in just for taking down a three-player sit and go.

twister jackpot
€1 Buy-In€2 Buy-In€5 Buy-In€10 Buy-InProbability
€ 1,000.00€ 2,000.00€ 5,000.00€ 10,000.001 / 20,000
€ 200.00€ 400.00€ 1,000.00€ 2,000.001 / 20,000
€ 100.00€ 200.00€ 500.00€ 1,000.002 / 20,000
€ 50.00€ 100.00€ 250.00€ 500.005 / 20,000
€ 20.00€ 40.00€ 100.00€ 200.0020 / 20,000
€ 10.00€ 20.00€ 50.00€ 100.00160 /20,000
€ 6.00€ 12.00€ 30.00€ 60.001,600 / 20,000
€ 4.00€ 8.00€ 20.00€ 40.003,025 / 20,000
€ 2.00€ 4.00€ 10.00€ 20.0015,186 / 20,000

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