The long-term win in online poker

Our beloved card game is about money and everyone wants to be a winner and of course, to win long term while playing online poker.

So first of all, it should be said that there is no secret recipe or a special formula for winning. It is possible to win long term and regularly, and there are plenty of players doing just that – not everyone is a full time pro – some are financing their studies with it or just seeing it as a lucrative side income.

How you look at that is your thing. We just want to help you and do our part to make you a long-time winner,  not a loser.

What is important

It’s no secret that poker is based on math and probabilities. You do not have to worry if you are not a genius in maths, we just want to strongly recommend that you deal with different basics.

If you play better than your opponents, you also make more profits.

The right preparation and mindset is very important

The right attitude to the game is a very important; you should realistically go to the game and have no false expectations. Any small mistake can cost you money and therefore you should always be fully concentrated and in a good physical condition. It is important to avoid alcohol, drugs, or lack of sleep.

Bad luck and luck are close together

Even the best poker player does not win every hand and has to deal with unlucky situations and bad beats. There is no reason to freak out even though it can often be very annoying. In the long run, luck and bad luck equalize and a good poker player knows that.

The bankroll is very important

You should never play under pressure and be afraid to lose money. If you’re scared money, you can not win money. A player will not make relaxed decisions and decide on the fear of his own money.

It is recommended to have a healthy bankroll management. In our strategy area you will find two articles about bankroll management under finance/bankroll.

The sample size is the key

You have to be patient and wait. It can not always go well and there are certainly bad days, maybe even some of them. But it is a fact that in the long run better players will be ahead. So you have to survive a downswing if you want to be on the winning side in the long term. The more hands you play, the faster you win again.

Choose the right poker site

Many poker beginners might not want to believe that poker sites are very different among themselves, depending on the game type, limit, and volume – there are extreme differences.

Someone who wants to win in the long run knows exactly where he should play and where he has the most benefits. If you are interested in choosing the right poker room and do not know how, please contact us via email at or Skype: vip-yourpokerdream.

Our insider tip: Clearly, BestPoker or Naturaly8 is a good choice Asian poker players. For cash game players who like to play Texas No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha BestPoker or Naturaly8 is also great pick. Also, the offer of MTT tournaments is not so bad.

Additionally, PartyPoker and Bwin are also top choices. Hence, If you have an old existing player account at PartyPoker or Bwin, contact us so we can check if we can link your existing account with us so that you can have access to our exclusive promotions and receive extra rakeback.

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