Online Poker: Being a long-term winner

Our beloved game of poker might be great fun and the source of much entertainment, but the fundamental aim is to win money – whether this is from others at a cash table or in the form of prizes in a tournament. Either way, the ultimate object of our quest is to make a profit online poker, and the way to do this is to become a long-term winner.

Of course, achieving this is easier said than done. There’s no secret recipe or a special formula for winning. However, it is indeed possible to be a long-term winner, and there are plenty of players doing just that – not necessarily as full-time professionals, rather making decent money from online poker to support their studies or add to their income and so on.

If you’re new to poker, or have yet to give it any serious thought, here are a few fundamental considerations that should help form the foundations of a constructive and ultimately profitable strategy aimed at becoming a winning player.

Key Factors

First, it’s no secret that poker is based on mathematics and probabilities. While you don’t have to worry if you are not a genius in maths, we nevertheless strongly recommend that you become acquainted with at least some of the basics. It’s far better to have an idea of the mathematical implications of the situations you’ll encounter every session than to have to keep working it out for yourself – essentially reinventing the wheel – every time. If other players are too lazy to do such groundwork, then that’s your problem – and to your advantage!

Having the right preparation and mindset is crucial to success

The right attitude is an imperative – you should approach the game simultaneously positively and realistically, with no false expectations. Meanwhile, any small mistake can cost you money, so it pays (literally) to always be fully concentrated, as well as healthy and in good physical condition. It is important to avoid alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep or, indeed, anything that can have a detrimental effect on your mindset and general ability to concentrate.

Treat Bad and Good Luck the same – it all evens out eventually

Even the best poker player can’t win every time – we all inevitably fall foul of bad luck in the form of bad beats or finding a very promising situation suddenly going terribly wrong despite our playing it as well as possible. Such reversals of fortune are part of the game, and can be very frustrating and annoying, but they happen to everyone and there’s nothing we can do but take the hit and move on. Rather than go on tilt it’s a good habit to accept this reality, and console ourselves with the fact that, however it might feel as the chips keep heading off in the wrong direction, over time good luck evens out bad luck. Given that the road to becoming a winning player is a long and winding one, being able to absorb the bumps along the way is an essential part of the process.

Bankroll Management

If you’re playing with so-called scared money, you’re very unlikely to win any! As in life, it makes sense to play only with money that you can afford to lose, and this is why prudent bankroll management is an absolute must. Some very talented players not only fail to reach their potential through reckless or even poor BR management, but they don’t even give themselves a proper chancer to succeed. Make sure you adhere to tried and tested recommendations regarding what percentage of your BR you should sit down at a cash table with, or how many buy-ins you have set aside to withstand inevitable variance at a certain Sit & Go buy-in level. Remember to stick religiously to the rules you set yourself, move down levels if necessary, and only move up if both your BR and results justify doing so. Never put yourself under pressure or in fear of losing.

In our strategy area you will find articles/guides about bankroll management (see Finance/Bankroll).

Experience (and sample size) is key

Just as patience is crucial when actually playing poker, so it is during your journey to becoming a winning player. Things will certainly not always go well; variance will rear its ugly head, you’re bound to play poorly here and there. And you could well have what seem like unending downswings … But if you keep learning about the game, ironing out mistakes, gaining valuable experience and sticking to proper bankroll management, there’s no reason why you can’t become a winning player.

Choose the right poker site

Those new to online poker could be forgiven for believing that all poker sites are the same, with almost identical poker offerings that feature a mix of formats, have the same level of traffic and so on. But there numerous distinct differences from one online poker room to another.

It’s important to find the poker room that best serves your preferences. For example, you might prefer cash games to tournaments, or the other way round, in which case there’ll be rooms that do indeed favour one genre over another. Other rooms might have a good mix of both. Plus, it makes sense to take advantage of the rakeback and other deals, exclusive offers and VIP arrangements that are available by joining online poker rooms via YourPokerDream. If you are interested in choosing the right poker room and would like some tailored advice, please contact us via email at or Skype: vip-yourpokerdream.

Our insider tip: Clearly, BestPoker or Naturaly8 is a good choice for Asian poker players. For cash game players who like to play No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha, then BestPoker or Naturaly8 are also great picks. Indeed, the offering of MTT tournaments is also quite good.

Additionally, PartyPoker and Bwin are top choices. Note that if you have an old account at PartyPoker or Bwin, you can contact us so we can check if we can link your existing account to YourPokerDream so that you can have access to our exclusive promotions and receive extra rakeback.

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