An Add-on is a set amount of chips available to buy at the end of the Rebuy period in a multi-table poker tournament. Any player remaining in a tournament once the Rebuy period has ended is eligible for a rebuy, regardless of how many or how few chips they have.

Different tournaments have different add-ons in terms of how much they cost. A typical example would be a tournament with a $10 buy-in and a 2,000-chip starting stack featuring a 2,000-chip add-on for an additional $10. Others might offer a discounted add-on, with so-called Monster Rebuys, for example, seeing players hang on until the end of the Rebuy period in order to take advantage of an enormous add-on that dwarfs the starting stack and rebuys.

Buying an add-on isn’t as simple an option as it might seem, and it’s worth giving the matter some thought away from the tables in order to have an idea about tournament strategy. If the add-on has value compared with the buy-in/rebuys in that the chips are cheaper, then regardless of tournament position – even if you have a very large stack – it is prudent strategy to take the add-on. Moreover, it makes little sense to pay for a rebuy of 2,000 chips if we know that further down the line we can get an add-on for the same price but double the number of chips.

Taking into account the actual price per chip helps put together a sensible rebuy tournament battle-plan, and noting the value of the add-on when entering a tournament should be automatic part of our thinking, particularly when the add-on is such great value that correct strategy suggests surviving until the add-on phase is worthwhile even at the cost of rebuying.

With this in mind, another approach that revolves around the add-on is to register as late as possible with the aim of barely getting involved until the add-on arrives.

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· Published 23.10.2017 · last updated 23.07.2021

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