A Bankroll is a ‘reserve’ of money put aside for the exclusive use of funding poker. Note the exclusivity here – as opposed to the more relaxed, less structured practice of using a single bank or e-wallet account, for instance, for both poker and living/other expenses. This is rightly considered to be both an impractical and risky option.

Every poker player, from serious to recreational, should aim to find a suitable, workable bankroll management strategy and adhere to it. New players, for example, could have a 50 buy-in policy regardless of what games and variants they play.
Variance can strike at any time, and for prolonged periods. Consequently, in order to maintain a healthy bankroll it is necessary to be willing to drop down levels if limitations demand such an adjustment.
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· Published 24.10.2017 · last updated 24.11.2021

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