The term ‘bluff’ is one of the words that people most associate with poker. A bluff is an act of deception that is designed to elicit a fold from the opposition by representing a strong hand when in fact what we hold is either a trash hand or isn’t strong enough to hold up  under scrutiny.

Not surprisingly, bluffing successfully is by no means as simple as we would like, and new players especially can have difficulty getting to grips with the concept.

It’s not as easy as we’d hope, and there are numerous factors to take into consideration, as well as being able to identify the most appropriate opportunities at which to try to convince opponents to fold. Our image, how the betting has gone thus far in the hand, our (relative) position, the size of our bet, the actual strength of our hand and so on all play a role.

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· Published 24.10.2017 · last updated 26.01.2022

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