Cash Games and Tournaments are two very different forms of poker in that, while both could be exactly the same poker variant, such as No Limit Texas Hold’em, the respective formats are very different. A poker tournament sees participants each buy in for $10, for instance, and receive a stack of chips that could amount to 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 and so on – in other words the chips number whatever is most appropriate to the blind structure of the tournament and have no monetary value away from the poker table.

In a Cash Game, on the other hand, ‘real money’ chips are used that represent the exact buy-in value, so a player sitting down to play with $100 will be given $100 worth of chips, and every hand played is for real money. When first joining a Cash Game there are options to buy in for any amount between the minimum and maximum buy-in limits. In a so-called $100-max Cash Game, for instance, the minimum buy-in might be $40 or $50 and maximum buy-in $100. The blinds at these specific stakes would be $0.50 (Small Blind) and $1 (Big Blind), and these remain constant throughout.

Cash Games are enjoyed by players of all levels and are therefore accessible to all, with limits to cater for all bankrolls. New and inexperienced players can cut their proverbial teeth in ‘Real Money’ games at so-called micro stakes with a maximum table limit of, for example, just $2 ($2-max) while, at the other end of the scale, high rollers can sit down with thousands.

Players may join and leave a Cash Game table at any time, and in most cases can return to the same table as long as they bring at least the same amount of money with which they left. There is also a ‘Sit Out’ option to enable players to temporarily step away from the action without having to pay the otherwise obligatory blinds in their absence. Should a player lose all of their chips they may buy more and continue without having to leave and start again.

The online poker provider takes a nominal ‘rake’ from every hand that goes to the Flop and in which the pot reaches a certain amount. Note that different poker rooms have different rake criteria. Players can receive a portion of their rake back – in the form of rakeback – from the provider, with the percentage varying from one room to another. Don’t forget that by joining our partner poker rooms via YourPokerDream players can take advantage of both favourable rakeback deals and exclusive YPD promotions and extras.

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· Published 22.02.2018 · last updated 26.01.2022

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