A fish in a poker context is the term assigned to a weak player. New and inexperienced players who are yet to learn and appreciate event fundamental elements of the game are, of course, going to make numerous basic errors and will be ultimately unable to hide their many so-called leaks that opponents will look to exploit. However, poker tables are also populated by more experienced players who simply haven’t grown to properly understand how to play effectively, and who are losing players.

In other words, the sea of poker has no shortage of fish. As the saying goes: if you’ve been sitting at a poker table for a while and have failed to find the fish, it could well be you!

The term ‘fish’ is universal in the world of poker and is often heard or referred to in various contexts. While professionals and commentators readily use the word in a matter-of-fact manner when simply describing players as weak, such as recommending a specific online poker room to experienced players as a potential profitable hunting ground due to the player pool being full of fish, some find it offensive, which is why the alternatives “recreational player” or “fun player” tend also to be used.

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· Published 22.02.2018 · last updated 28.01.2022

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