A poker game between just two players is called heads-up. The heads-up game is the most intense poker variant since a player never has a chance to wait for good cards, but must instead rely on his game and on finding weaknesses in his opponent. The heads up games are very popular and you can find 24/7 running tables, starting from a few cents up to 10.000$.

A positive aspect is that the entry fees of heads up tournaments are alway much lower as at the normal multi table or sit&go tournaments. Mostly players pay a fee of 8-10% of their buy in. At Heads Up only 5-7,5% at almost all poker rooms.

As written in the beginning at heads up you have always action and you need to decide fast. It is a big difference if you compare it to the action and time you have at a normal 6 max or 10max table.

There exist of course also normal cash game heads up tables. But even more famous are the sit&go tables. You can choose there between different speed tables. The normal slow tables, turbo tables and also super turbo tables. The difference here is your starting stack and how fast the blind levels increase.

The most players prefer the turbo and super turbo tables, because you can find there the biggest fishes and gamblers. The blind leves increase at a normal heads up table every 5min, at the turbo tables every 3 minutes and at the super turbos even every minute. Of course it increase your winnings if you can play more tables at the same time.

A really good grinder can manage it to play 4-6 superturbo heads up tables at the same time. It is a bit stressful but possible. Please note that this is only for really experienced heads up grinder possible. We recommend for beginner to start to play with 1-2 tables maximum and also better first the turbo tables and not directly the super turbos. It is important to get first confidence in your own game before you start the big heads up action.

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· Published 18.03.2018 · last updated 28.06.2019

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