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General Information about Mixe Sexton

One of the greatest poker players of all time is Mike Sexton. He is an American professional poker player born in September 22nd, 1947. It is important to know that Mike Sexton is one of the members of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Sexton is a big success in the poker industry, having won numerous titles and prize pools. It’s important to know that he was the winner of the Seven-Card Stud Split in 1989 and he went away with a $104,400 price.

Sexton was a member of the U.S Army as a paratrooper consigned to 82nd Airborne Division in 1970. After some time, he realized that he could make much money playing poker; as a result, he ventured into playing the game.

Even though he was part of most poker tournaments, he never made it to the World Series of Poker due to the fact that he tutored Little League baseball teams and the timing had to overlap his involvement. It is important to also note that Sexton was also a prominent follower of Stu Ungar – a poker player.

Poker Career

Sexton has always promoted poker and he is known to be a “poker ambassador” due to his memberships and links, he couldn’t play some poker tournaments. Although at the moment, he plays fewer poker games than before and he has stated that he isn’t bothered about it.

Having played for lots of years, Sexton finished 10th in the preliminary event of the World Series of Poker that took place in 2005.

Sexton’s career rose in 2006 when he became the top poker ambassador at the Card Player Magazine Player of the Year Awards Gala.

On June 27, 2006, he became the winner in the third annual World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions event; he won the $1 million prize cash.  Although he donated most of the cash price to five charities.

In 2012, he played in the “Big One for One Drop” WSOP event and finished at the 9th position, earning him $1,109,333, which was the biggest cash prize he has ever won in his career.

Sexton’s Playing Style

Being a poker professional poker player requires skill and resilience. Sexton has been able to achieve much in the poker world due to his own playing style and alertness.

One of his main approaches when playing is giving the game much attention- to know when the player plays in an aggressive or loose way.

However, Sexton plays by watching the chips (chip counts). He knows when his counterparts have more chips than him and then he plays carefully against them. No doubts, Sexton’s ability to play pots with players who have fewer chips made him achieve great feats in the poker world and be part of the poker hall of fame.

Sexton also does not play every time he has an ace in his hands. He only does this if it’s accompanied by a card of the same suit or by a 10 or higher.

Overall, his playing pairs are great and he checks his flop out position on a dry board texture

Mike Sexton Bracelets at the WSOP

Year Event Prize Money
1989 $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Split $104,400

Some of the best moments of Mike Sexton on TV

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