Explanation of the poker rules 2021

Poker has been one of the worldwide most popular card games in the wild west. Formerly regarded as a pure game for gamblers, today it is considered as a normal social game for young and old. Especially nowadays in the time of the internet, it is possible to connect people from all over the world at the poker tables.

The goal of a poker game is to build the best hand and to win as many chips as possible through well-considered moves or to make your opponents to fold their hands.

Poker is a game about tactics and strategy. To start a game, it needs at least two players. A game starts when two or more players have taken a seat. It does not matter whether it is cash game or tournament poker.

The Poker Rules at the table

Explanation of the poker rules

Cash Game: At the cash game every player is playing with real money and each chip corresponds to real money. Depending on the table limit, a certain amount can be brought to the table, which is converted into chips. If you lose this, it is always possible to replenish your chip stack, up to the maximum allowed table amount. You can leave a cash game table at any time

Tournament Poker: At poker tournaments, every player pays a certain amount (buy in) and receives a certain number of chips. Each participating player must pay the same buy-in and receive also the same number of starting chips. The tournament is played until a player has won all the opponents’ chips.

There are different tables, which are limited to a certain number of other players.

  • Heads Up Tables – The game starts as soon as two players have joined the table. Heads Up Tables are for maximum two players and you play always against one player.
  • 6Max Tables – Also here the game starts, as soon as two players take a seat at the table. Four more players can join the game. The maximum amount of allowed players is six.
  • 10Max Tables – As soon as 2 players have joined the table, the game will start. Maximum 10 players are allowed at this table

The different variants and their poker rules

There are more than one poker variants and we would like to introduce you to the different variants a bit closer and explain you also the poker rules of the individual variants.

Other mostly unknown variants……

Jackpots, Easy Poker, Tropical Stud.

Some variants are a bit easier to learn, others are more difficult. Learning the poker rules of each variant is the less difficult part and is actually done quickly. To master the different game variants with the tactical possibilities is a completely different matter. Of course, everybody has to start from the beginning, which means to learn firstly rules.

The Cards

Poker is played with a French card deck, meaning 52 cards and four different colors. The colors are club, spades, hearts, and diamonds and the best and highest card is the ace and the lowest the 2.

Most poker cards have an enlarged index, so they can be better recognized by the players at the casino. Previously, most cards were made of cardboard but were replaced by plastic cards, as they are much more durable. In online poker, there is the four color deck. Here, the cards do not have the traditional color symbols but are much easier and faster to recognize the player. The four color deck helps to make faster decisions and to recognize a flush faster, for example.

The betting round

Poker is played with blinds. A player sets the big blind which determines the minimum bet, the other player the small blind, which is half of the big blind. If no player enters the game, the player who placed the big blind automatically wins the pot, which consists of the two blinds.

In the cash game, the blinds always remain the same. In tournament pokers, however, the blinds increase after each phase of the tournament.

The first round begins with the player to the left of the player who has placed the big blind. In order to get into the game, a player must make a minimum bet of the big blind.

FAQ Poker Rules 2020

How long does it take to learn the poker rules?

Learning the rules is actually very quick, although of course it also depends on the variant you want to learn

How may poker variants exist?

There are a many different variants. With us you will find the poker rules of the 12 most popular poker variants in the world.

Can I play for real money as soon as I know the rules?

Of course this is possible, but we recommend that you start as a beginner at very small limits, where you do not have to risk big money. No master has fallen from the sky yet and it takes a little time to become a good player. Learning the rules is just the beginning.

Is it difficult to learn the rules?

Not at all. Everything is explained very clearly and easy to understand, regardless of whether you have already dealt with the topic or not.

Should I learn the Texas Holdem rules first?

That is up to you. Texas Holdem is the most played variant in the world and is also known as the supreme discipline. Pot Limit Omaha follows directly behind and is also a very interesting game.

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