Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Hold’em is the world’s most famous poker variant

The televised poker Texas Hold’em drove the popularity of Texas Hold’em poker. At the moment, the game is popular in live casinos; as well as in different online poker rooms.

The basics of this game is that each player will be dealt with two cards and the dealer will also spread five cards; three will be dealt at once then two others will be dealt separately and this can be used by all players to make the best possible five-card hand. Prior to dealing another card and after its dealt, players will take turns to bet. To be in the hand, and see the upcoming card, punters are supposed to put similar amounts of chips in the pot. After that, the best poker hand will win the pot chips.

This poker game is easy to learn yet it has the potential to be played with different strategies, nuance, and tactics.

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Learn the Texas Holdem Poker Rules: The basics before the game start

First of all, let’s look at the basics of Texas Hold’em, these are only slightly different when comparing online poker to playing in a real casino.

cards to play poker

The poker card deck

It is played with a conventional french hand 52 card deck (of course without joker). From these 52 cards each player gets 2 own cards, the so-called hole card’s.

The poker chips to play poker

The Poker Chips

It is played in the casino, online and also in all poker clubs with poker chips, which are to be exchanged for appropriate money. After leaving the table, they can be exchanged for real money again.

The poker chips are tokens that have a different value and with which you pay the stake at the table. Online you get virtual chips according to the same principle as in the casino.

The poker players

The poker players

To start the game it needs minimum 2 players to start a heads up game, at the largest tables can sit up to 10 players. The more players sit at a table, the longer a game round, but there is also the possibility to win more money.

Over the years it has become so online that most players find their way to the so-called 6max tables with a maximum of 6 players. Occasionally, depending on the poker room, there are also tables with 9/10 participating players.

Der Dealer at the table

The Dealer

A poker dealer distributes cards to players and manages the action at a poker table. Dealers must be proficient in shuffling the deck, distributing the cards to the players, and, if required by the game being dealt, turning up the community cards in the center of the table. Online all works automatically by a computer system.

The table and betting limits

In Texas Hold’em rules, the stakes are dictated by the blinds. Blinds are bets made by the two players sitting at the table after the dealer. These blinds can be used to set the table limit. As a rule, you can buy in at a Texas Hold’em table with a minimum of 10 big blinds and a maximum of 100 big blinds. However, this may change depending on the online poker room or live casino.

If the big blind was $ 1, you would have to buy at least $ 10 to play the game, and you could bring $ 100 to the table. A player can leave the table whenever he wants at any time.

The goal of the poker game

All poker players try to make the best hand to win as many chips as possible or to get other opponents to fold their hands.

The gameplay

  • Der Dealer ButtonThe first and most important person is the dealer, who is marked with a round dealer button and deal out the cards.
  • Der Small blind sitzt nach dem DealerNext comes the small blind (half of the minimum bet), the small forced bet.
  • Der Big Blind kommt nach dem Small BlindNext up is the big blind (according to the minimum bet), the big forced bet.
  • Each player receives their two face-down cards, the so-called hole cards, starting from the dealer to the last player.


After every player has seen their hole cards, every player has the option to play their hand by calling or raising on the big blind. The action needs to start clockwise of the big blind and this is said to be a live bet on this round. The player can choose to call, raise or fold.


In this round, three cards will be dealt face-up on the table. This round is termed as the flop. These three cards serve as the community cards and are available to players in the hand. Wagering on this round starts with the active player immediately clockwise from the dealer’s button. Options available to wager on are similar to those on the pre-flop round.

The Turn

After the wagering is done in the flop, the turn cards are also dealt showing on the board. This is the fourth community card in Hold’em and at times is known as the fourth street. There will be another round of betting that will proceed and the active player to the left of the dealer’s button will start betting.

The River

When betting on the turn round is finished, there is the river round where a fifth street card is dealt showing on the board. This is the last community card in hold’em poker and betting will proceed clockwise from the dealer button.

The Showdown

After the river session is done and there is more than one player remaining in the board, the last person to place their wager will show their cards. If there was no bet on the last round, then the punter seated to the left of the marker will show their cards first. The player who will have the best five-card poker hand will win the prize money. In an event where the hands are identical, the pot will be divided equally between the players.

The Blinds

In Hold’em, you will come across the dealer button also known as the marker. This will be used to determine the nominal dealer for the game. Prior to the beginning of the game, it will commence immediately clockwise and the player to first play is supposed to post the least blind which is also known as the first forced bet. The next player (clockwise) to the one who posted the small blind will be expected to post the big blind and this is usually twice the size of the small blind. The blinds will be different with regard to the stakes and betting structure played.

When you are playing on a limit poker game, the big blind is equivalent to the small bet on the game while the small blind will be equivalent to half the big blind. The big blind can be larger and this will depend on the stakes set by the poker table for the game.

When it comes to the pot and no limit poker games, the games will be referred to by the size of their blinds. For instance: $5/$10 Hold’em game.

An ante can be placed on the game depending on the structure each slot bears. This is usually another kind of forced bet but this one is forced on all players but it is smaller than the blind. The ante is usually posted to the pot.

Every player will get their two hole cards and the wagering will proceed clockwise round the table and the action will start with the player who is clockwise from the player who posted the big blind; this is usually referred to as the player under the gun.

Limit, Pot Limit, mixed Texas Holdem and No Limit Poker

The rules to be followed for all these variants of poker games mentioned above are the same but the exceptions are a few. Let’s have a look at them:

No Limit Texas Holdem

The least bet you can make in No Limit Hold’em is similar to the size of the big blind. Punters have the liberty to wager much more as they would want.

Pot Limit Texas Holdem

The minimum wage in the Pot Limit Hold’em is similar to the big blind but the players have the liberty to bet as much as the indicated pot amount.

The maximum raise should be as much as the previous bet or raise in the same round.

Limit Texas Holdem

The amounts to be on Limit Hold’em are pre-determined and structured. When on the pre-flop and flop rounds, all the raises and bets are similar in amount to the big blind. When on the turn and river, the size of all raises and bets will double. In Limit Hold’em as many as four bets are allowed for each player in the betting round.

Mixed Texas Holdem

In this variant of Hold’em poker, the game rounds will switch between rounds of Limit Hold’em and No Limit Hold’em. The blinds will increase when the game moves from No Limit to Limit and this will be done to maintain consistency in the average pot size of the games played.

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