For any poker player – recreational or pro – there’s nothing like finishing off a long tournament and taking down that huge first-place prize for many, many times your initial buy-in. The thrill of seeing that trophy pop up and your account balance skyrocket makes most players forget all the time they put in to get to that final table and take it down.

What about a format though that can give players a chance at a huge payday but without the grind of hours behind your computer screen? Unibet has that now with their HexaPro Jackpot Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments. With the chance to win up to 1000 times the initial buy-in and a rapid blind structure, needing to time a trip to the toilet or a quick cigarette around a scheduled tourney break will be a thing of the past.

HexaPro is another variation of the popular Jackpot Sit and Go format where three players take part in a hyper or turbo SNG. Where it differs from the traditional SNG is that the prize pool isn’t determined until all the players are seated. Decided by a random number generator, the tourney prize can be anywhere up to 1000 times the initial buy-in. €5 can turn into €5000 in under 15 minutes!

Unibet is a bit different from other poker sites with the lowest multiplier being only 1.5 times the initial buy-in versus the traditional double payout; however, their distribution model means that 46% of the time players will be winning three (or hopefully more) times the buy-in – a much better ratio than most sites offer. For more details on the payouts, take a look at our chart further down in the article.

Traffic at the HexaPro tables

While it’s great to have a chance at a large jackpot, that only happens if the games run regularly and fortunately at Unibet, the traffic at the micro and low limits is consistent around the clock so the €1, €2 and €5 HexaPro SNGs will fill up pretty quickly. Medium and high stakes players looking to strike it rich will need to stick to peak UK/European traffic times to have the larger buy-ins fill up.

 Banzai! – Jackpot SNGs on steroids

Unibet brings their unique Banzai format over to the HexaPro variants as well. Like the cash game options, players begin with minimal blinds – only 15 to start – but with the blinds going up every 60 seconds, this version of HexaPro will seeing you cashing in or hitting the rail in under 5 minutes. Since Banzai is available on Unibet’s mobile app, it’s a great option for a quick game on the go but also makes a good time to bring up bankroll management.

With the blinds so low, and rising so fast, variance will be sure to show its ugly face and a five, ten or even 20 game losing streak needs to be expected and planned for. Keeping to a smart buy-in level will allow players to weather through the downswing and hit that big multiplier to get back to positive. Fortunately for those with a bit of tilt, the Banzai variant caps the buy-in at €5.

Rakeback and bonuses – the key to profit

Winning at HexaPro is easy if Lady Luck graces her presence at the table with a huge multiplier. Otherwise, a bit of poker strategy will be needed to keep the bankroll growing. Fortunately, there are limited regulars on the lower limit HexaPro games in comparison to other sites. There’s also a consistent stream of players coming over from Unibet’s casino side – and the chance at a Jackpot in just a few hands of poker draws plenty of them right to the HexaPro tables.

Even with perfect play though, variance and the 7% rake for the SNGs, mean its important to have an extra edge at the table. For that, signing up to Unibet through YourPokerDream is the secret to success since it will give you access to an industry-leading offer and exclusive freerolls.

In addition to a great initial bonus offer with plenty of freeroll tickets and a large deposit bonus match, Unibet offers Missions that allow players to accumulate points – their version of rakeback. Keep a close watch on the gift box at the bottom of the lobby screen to see what HexaPro missions are on the go for even more tickets and prizes.

Check back at YourPokerDream over the next week as give a first-hand account of going through the site-up process, bonuses and missions at Unibet but in the meantime, check out a previous review of Unibet by clicking “visit Unibet” below.

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How to sign up to Unibet through YourPokerDream

Please follow the steps outlined here to make sure that you sign up correctly via YourPokerDream and benefit from the numerous exclusive benefits, such as extra rakeback, promotions, rake races, freeroll tournaments, and much more. We can guarantee this only if you register correctly, and if your player account is linked to YourPokerDream.

Step 1: Delete Your Web Browser Cookies (Important)

Step 2: Click HERE to be directed to Unibet’s registration page..

Step3: Simply follow the steps and at the end click on ‘create my account’.

sign in

Step4: After you’ve successfully signed up for Unibet Poker, all you have to do is log in to your YourPokerDream account and enter the username which you have chosen at Unibet, and click ‘Save Changes’. From this point on, everything will run automatically, and you can take advantage of all exclusive offers from YourPokerDream in addition to the standard offers from Unibet.

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Prizes and Probabilities

Hexapro €1 Hexapro €2 Hexapro €5 Hexapro €10 Hexapro €25 Hexapro €50 Hexapro €100 Probability
€1,000 €2,000 €5,000 €10,000 €25,000 €50,000 €100,000 1 in 100,000
€100 €200 €500 €1,000 €2,500 €5,000 €10,000 5 in 100,000
€25 €50 €125 €250 €625 €1,250 €2,500 100 in 100,000
€10 €20 €50 €100 €250 €500 €1,000 4600 in 100,000
€5 €10 €25 €50 €125 €250 €500 14,000 in 100,000
€3 €6 €15 €30 €75 €150 €300 25,000 in 100,000
€1.50 €3 €7.50 €15 €37.50 €75 €150 56,294 in 100,000

HexaPro Lobby Screenshot

Hexapro Unibet


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