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Explanation of the PartyPoker Jackpot SNG tournaments

It goes without saying that the popular Spin & Go tournaments are also offered on the party network. Since the end of 2017 PartyPoker offers the 3 player Sit & Go Jackpots tournament. The prize pool will be determined as usual at the beginning of the game by a random number generator. As soon as all the players have taken their seats at the table and the price at which they are playing is determined, they can start.

You can multiply your buy-in at the PartyPoker Jackpot Tournaments up to 12,500 times within just a few minutes. A big advantage with PartyPoker is that with the highest multipliers 12,500,240 and 120, each of the participating players has a prize for sure. If the random generator remains at one of the highest levels, it may be a pleasure for everybody. All other games will be played as usual and the winner takes all.

With just 0.25 cent stake you can win 2.500 € in a few minutes. Or with 100$ even $ 1 million. The buy-ins start at 0.25 cents and the highest buy-in is $ 500!

Screenshot Jackpot Tournaments Lobby Party/Bwin Poker

Bwin Jackpot SNG Lobby

PartyPoker Jackpot Lobby

Payment Structure of the different buy ins

0,25 Cent Buy-In, 3 handed,8% Rake

Auszahlungstabelle 0,25 Cent Buy In

3$ Buy In, 3 handed,8% Rake

Auszahlungstabelle 3$ Buy In

5$ Buy-In, 3 handed,8% Rake

5 buy-in table

10$ Buy-In, 3 handed,6% Rake

Auszahlungstabelle 10$ Buy Ins

20$ Buy-In, 3 handed,6% Rake

20 buy-in table

50$ Buy-In, 3 handed, 5% Rake

Auszahlungstabelle 50$ Buy Ins

100$ Buy-In, 3 handed,5% Rake

Auszahlungstabelle 100$ Buy Ins

250$ Buy-In, 3 handed,4% Rake

500$ Buy-In, 3 handed,4% Rake

General Information about the jackpot tournaments

How is the Traffic?

The traffic is the absolute top up to the $ 50 buy-ins. On the $100 and $500 buy-ins so far a bit so far depend on time not so good traffic. Of course, you can open tables, but the really good traffic is here only during the peak hours and on the weekends. We should not forget that this kind of tournaments are introduced new and it will take some time to get also at the higher limits more traffic. We are sure that it takes 2-3 month more and the traffic will be also at the high limits 50$+ very good.

Can i earn long-term money with the PartyPoker Jackpot Tournaments?

A very clear yes! Due to the low rake of 5-8% and a large number of bad players you can play these tournaments profitably even without a big multiplier or jackpot. A big plus is that Party Poker offers up to 40% weekly rakeback. If you register your PartyPoker or Bwin player account through YourPokerDream, then even up to unbelievable 75% rakeback. This pushes your ROI and your winnings extremely and make this games super profitable.

How much rakeback do I receive through the YourPokerDream Deal?

  • Party Poker Rakeback (up to 40% per week)
  • YourPokerDream $ 25,000 Main Rake Race (7-15%)
  • YourPokerDream VIP deal up to 10% extra (contact our support)
  • First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $ 500 (12.5%)
  • Party Poker Promotions

Info: Old existing accounts that are not tracked via YourPokerDream can be possibly retagged. Please contact our support for more information.

What do I have to do to get the YourPokerDream VIP Rakeback Deal?

  • You sign up through our site at the selected poker room. Click on the button “SIGN UP NOW
  • You will now be redirected to the main page of the poker room where you register.
  • Log into your YourPokerDream account and enter the username at the affiliated poker room where you signed up for YPD
  • The rest works automatically and you do not need to do anything. We check your registration at the poker room and then unlock the VIP Deal automatically. This usually takes only 1-2 hours from Monday to Friday.

First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 100$

PartyPoker Network

YourPokerDream 25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

YourPokerDream VIP Deals( Up to 65% Rakeback)

Up to 40% Rakeback(Weekly)


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