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The following 25 poker strategy tips apply mainly to No Limit Texas Hold’em although most of them are also applicable for other variants and poker in general. They will definitely help you to improve your overall approach to the game and take the first steps on your way to become a winning player. Read all poker strategy tips very careful and take your time.

Poker Strategy

1. Tight is right – Don’t play too many hands but select your starting hands carefully.

2. The most important thing at the table is position!

3. Learn to fold. Good players are able to fold strong holdings in tough situations.

4. Try different types of poker to find the variant that suits you best.

5. Learn the most common probabilities in poker.

6. Learn how to table select.

Bankroll Management

7. Always stick to you bankroll management!

8. Only play stakes where you feel comfortable.

9. Use a tracking tool like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker to analyze your game and keep track of your results.

10. Always count and calculate in stacks or buy ins and not in $ or €. Desensitize yourself to the real value of money.

11. Get to know the VIP system of your poker room and try to maximize your returns with one of our deals.

12. Create a Skrill or Neteller account to handle your deposits and withdrawals quickly.


13. Poker rooms are making money from the rake they take from players. They don’t care who wins or loses a hand/tournament.

14. Accept and understand the realities of poker. You have to be better than the average player in the games you play and beat the rake, too.

14. Chose a poker room with lower fees or get a good rakeback deal to maximize your returns.

Off the table

15. Poker isn’t everything. Don’t neglect your real life.

16. Avoid playing for too long. Keep sessions short to play your A-game.

Psychology and improving your game

17. Only play if you have enough time, feel good and have no stress.

18. Accept the variance and swings as parts of the game.

19. Go for the long run. Poker is a game of high variance and only in the long run, skill is king.

20. Focus on the game while playing. Avoid chatting, watching TV or any other distractions.

21. Only play if you can play your a-game.

22. Don’t tilt!

23. It is just a game – don’t take it too seriously and keep having fun while playing

24. Dedicate yourself to a continuous cycle of improvement and analysis to become a better player.

25. You won’t become a wining player over night. Keep calm and be patient. If you work hard the results will come!

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