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One of the most popular questions in poker, especially from players, who just start to play is: “Can you make money playing poker?” “How to improve poker profits? Of course it’s possible, but it’s not so easy to answer. Anyway we would like to try to explain you how to increase your poker profits.

Poker is a game of individuals, so the most correct way to ask will be: “Can I make money playing poker?” or/and “Can I make money in the current poker climate?” To answer these questions, first of all you need to know if you have the necessary skills to make some profit at all.

With this in mind we’ve outlined a few important points you need to consider if you want to achieve a realistic win rate at the tables:

How Much does the Average Good Poker Player Earn?

This is almost an impossible question to answer. But we can try to create some general picture. The first important thing to know is that players’ profit depends on whether they are playing tournaments or cash games.

Most of the people think that poker’s top tournament players make unbelievable sums of money each year. But they don’t often take into account the money that these players spent on buy-ins during the year. Since net profit is the result of winnings minus buy-ins, the actual amount of money, which poker tournament player does is a lot less than people think.

Let’s take an example from Daniel Negreanu:

Daniel Negreanu yourpokerdream

In 2013 he had one of his most successful years and during the half of that year he posted the statistics of his results.

Daniel played 51 tournaments and made $944,126 in profit with the deviation of $166,300 per tournament. Even though this net result is pretty impressive, from 51 of these tournaments he cashed only in 11, which means that had he not managed two outright wins he could be in minus figures.

Loose as a Poker Winner

After all Daniel spent $898,080 in total on tournament buy-ins and at one point he went on a 12 game losing streak. So the reality is that it’s very hard to have some profit, unless you managed a significant win during the year, even if you are one of the best players in the world.

A bit different story with the cash game grinders:

cash gane grinders poker yourpokerdream

Cash game players often make much more money. But they can often fail to achieve the deep MTT’s runs scores. You can choose any format you want. But an adept ring game player can earn around 5 big blinds per 100 hands online.

Of course the size of the game (six-max or full ring). And the stakes you play (the higher you play the lower you’re win rate will be) affects the amount you win. And you can class anything around 5bb+ as a good win rate.

The Exception of improve poker Profits:

But there is always an exception to the rules, and in this case – the live arena.

Online cash games supposed to be harder than confrontations face-to-face, which means you can have a bigger win rate in a live game. It’s difficult to tell concrete numbers, because it is not easy to track. But in general, if you are a good player, you can make around 8bb-10bb/ 100. But sometimes you can make more money in online games per hour, because you can play more hands.

Interesting example of Gus Hansen:

Gus Hansen youepokerdream

Gus Hansen was once one of the TOP poker players in the world but then young players started to control the game and he lost his way. However, he’s still hailed as one of the best players even though he’s a major loser online – over the course of 1,383,179 hands of online poker he has lost $15,628,983. That belies how skilled Gus actually is and sit in stark contrast to the amount he’s won in live cash games and tournaments ($11,240,677).

Reasons to loose

The main reason of Gus’s online losses – he usually chooses the wrong style of playing. As we mentioned before – your win rate depends on different factors. The main of them is the game selection. So if you don’t want to lose like Gus Hansen- Make sure you choose the correct type of games.

How Can I Improve Poker Profits ?

increase poker profit yourpokerdream

Now after we made a short review of possibilities of making money at the poker table. Here comes the main question. How you can Improve Poker Profits …

Poker is a fast – developing game. It’s very important for players of all skill levels to study. Aside from smart game selection, you need to be familiar with the latest betting trends in the poker world.

The theory to improve poker Profits:

For example, it used to be that a good player could simply 3-bet pre-flop with a wide range. Made money from those around him folded very easy. However, with the developing of poker, most of the players understood this aggressive style. They play and now 3-betting pre-flop is not so effective strategy and in order to exploit this change in dynamics. The TOP players are now raising a lot less pre-flop and even decreasing their opening bets from 3bbs to 2.5bbs and 2bbs.

The only way to stay updated with all these changes is to read the latest articles about strategies. To watch coaching views and to analyze your own play all the time. Having competent friends in the poker community. And be a part of one (like YourPokerDream). Will be very helpful in improve Poker Profits.


Mindeset is another important thing you need to master if you want to become financially liberated. Playing angry (or on tilt as it’s known) can be very dangerous and even fatal for the player, and can turn a winning player into a losing player. Simply because emotions disturb from making rational decisions.
There are plenty of resources that can help you to improve your mind set. The best example of such resources is Jared Tendler’s Mental Game of Poker which explores a range of psychological concepts that a grinder must adopt if he/she wants to avoid losing money and increase the win rate.

Conclusion of Improve Poker Profits :

The player’s results and amount of winning in poker depend on various factors. Starting from the amount of players at the table finishing the stakes at risk and the sharpness of your mindset. To make a good profit from the game is not so simple as it seems. In this article we highlighted how often even the TOP players often lose.

Dedication is crucial in poker and if you want to be successful in it. You need to refine your skills, play in the most appropriate games and put in the hours – this is the only way to overcome negative variance and turn a healthy profit!

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