AngusD switched from pro chess to poker two decades ago and has been professionally involved in the game on numerous levels since the very beginning of online poker, including playing as a poker ambassador both online and at major festivals around the globe. He has written much about the game over the years, and brings to YPD a wealth of experience in all aspects of the poker industry. Meanwhile, his many years on the pro chess circuit (he’s an International Master and prolific author) afford him an interesting perspective on the psychology of poker.

· Published 13.04.2021 · last updated 13.04.2021

Joining our partner online poker rooms via YourPokerDream means gaining access to a range of exclusive YPD goodies, and this includes access to Freeroll tournaments (a Freeroll – as the name suggests – is a tournament in which players participate for free and which provides prizes in the form of cash, tournament tickets and other rewards).

Perhaps one of the most common failings of poker fans is this very fundamental one: not taking Freeroll tournaments seriously enough. We all do it. Even new and inexperienced players who receive Freeroll tickets when they join a poker room don’t take advantage of these fantastic opportunities to add to their often limited bankrolls – and without having to spend a penny! Sometimes it’s because people are simply too impatient and wanting to run before they can walk, convincing themselves they need to play in ‘proper’ tournaments with big money rather than ‘waste time’ on Freerolls. When they do play it’s usually with a cavalier approach, calling all-in with trash because ‘it’s only a Freeroll’ and they have better things to do with their time. Players lack patience. Regular players have a similar attitude. But to think in this dismissive way about Freerolls goes against one of the key reasons why we play online poker, which (apart from it being loads of fun) is to see our bankroll increase.

Ironically, serious players appreciate the value of Freerolls. Rather than look down on them, they make an effort. They also play them because they tend to be much weaker than standard tournaments. This is mainly because of the terrible approach that the vast majority of players have that manifests itself in poor, reckless decisions – it’s a matter of fact that only a small minority of players in Freerolls actually play we’ve reasonably well. Consequently, there are countless opportunities to hoover up chips and get into contention not just to win a prize – which in itself is a success – but to be in a position for a high finish. In fact, it’s surprising how ‘easily’ we can find ourselves building a formidable stack without feeling like we’ve been doing anything out of the ordinary. Most of the time we’ll be progressing through a Freeroll by exploiting the mistakes made by our opponents. The amusing feature of Freerolls is that in many cases we’ll be gifted chips by those who aren’t that bothered about playing and are even aware of their poor play! Typically, they could be playing in standard tournaments or other games at the same time, erroneously devoting to these their efforts and concentration while barely even noticing what’s happening in the Freeroll. And all along, their best chance of making a profit lay in giving the Freeroll the respect it deserves.

Then we have those players who are new(ish) to the game and whose inexperience we are able to exploit (but at least these players, to their credit, are using Freerolls to gain invaluable experience without paying for the privilege, as well as to potentially win something).

Add these two groups together, and they make up most of the runners. Mix in a positive, focused mindset with which we can play with a determined confidence and sense of purpose, and we have the ingredients to make Freerolls a very worthwhile part of our online poker quest.

Remember, too, that we never stop learning about poker, so we should also be looking to Freerolls as a means to furthering our improvement at no cost. It’s not just new players who can progress considerably with each new Freeroll – we can all benefit from them…

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