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All articles you find at YourPokerDream are completely free and accessible to you at any time. Nevertheless, it is worth to get a certain VIP status to benefit from many great extras. Special promotions, cash prizes or invitations to special events. To be a YourPokerDream VIP player is always a big plus.

All you have to do is to create a new poker account at one of our many partners and to play poker. By playing at the tables you generate automaticly rake/fees while your playing Cash Game or Sit&Go/MTT Tournaments.

1 $ Rake / Fees = 1 YPD Point

yourpokerdream diamond poker 150

yourpokerdream poker diamond 150

yourpokerdream poker diamond poker poker 150

Each month you will start to collect YPD points for your status in the next month. For example, if you collect enough points in January to become a Gold VIP, you will get the status as soon as you hit the points target and will keep the status for February, too.

There are two exceptions:

 Bronze-Status: You will become a Bronze VIP as soon as you have earned 1 YPD point. This is the basic status and you will keep for life as long as you don’t qualify for higher status.

Diamond-Status: This is the highest available VIP status at YourPokerDream. It is awarded only to our most active and loyal players after earning 50.000 YPD lifetime points. Once you have been upgraded to our Diamond VIP status you will keep it for life.

Bronze VIP Gold VIP Platinum VIP Diamond VIP
Amount of Points you need Standard Status 150 monthly 1.000 monthly 50.000 Lifetime Points
 Benefits/Extras Bronze VIP Gold VIP Platinum VIP Diamond VIP
VIP Skype Support (GER, ENG) yes yes yes yes
Tell a Friend commission %(Netrake) 1,5% 2,5% 3% 3,5%
Special VIP Promotions/Rake Races and Flat Rakeback Deals no no yes yes
VIP Cash Boni/Extra Rakeback(Sometimes) no no no yes
Live MTT Sponsorship no no no yes
Invitation to YPD Events/Parties no no no yes
24/7 WhatsApp/Skype Support (GER,ENG) no no no yes

*It is possible to make a special vip deal for new players if they rake at least $1.000 per month. Contact our VIP support for further information.


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