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Breakout Poker Review and Rakeback Deal(Breakout moved all player to GGPoker)

Die besten Breakout Poker Angebote


  • Up to 100% Rakeback

  • 8$ No Deposit Bonus

  • 100$ YPD Freeroll

  • YPD VIP Rakeback Deal

  • 25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

  • 100.000$ MTT Leaderboard

  • 1.000$ First Deposit Bonus

  • YourPokerDream Rake Chase

  • Only 3% PLO Rake

  • Only 5% MTT Fees

  • Super modern Software

  • Mac Version available

  • Perfect for Beginner

  • Many bad players

  • Lets go to Ibiza Promotion

  • Many Promotions

  • Mobile Version available

  • 24/7 Players online

  • Fast Cashouts


  • No SNG Games

General Information Breakout Poker

Breakout Poker is the newest member of GG Network, the fastest growing online poker network in the world. Breakout Poker’s online poker room was launched in December 2017 and is gaining in importance in the online poker world.

The poker room is part of the Breakout Gaming Group (Breakout Playa Limitada), which includes Breakout Casino, Breakout Gaming Casino, Breakout Gaming Sports, Breakout Gaming Poker and Breakout PVP.

While many online poker rooms are beginning to offer different crypto currencies as payment options, Breakout Poker takes the trend to a whole new level. They developed Breakout Coin (BRK), a proprietary cryptocurrency specifically designed for games. Bitcoin and other standard payment options such as Skrill and Neteller are also available.

Breakout Poker boasts some of the lowest fees in the industry. For example, their tournaments will only charge a 5% fee and all Omaha Cash Game tables have only 3% Rake. 

Breakout Poker accept player from almost all countries in the world. Just a few countries are excluded.

Excluded countries:  Albania, Australia,France, Italy, Korea, Philipines, Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Ireland,UK, USA

No-Deposit Bonus

All players who create a new poker account at BreakoutPoker will receive a 8$ No-Deposit Bonus. All you have to do is to sign up through YourPokerDream, verify your account and within 24 you will receive your 8$ No-Deposit Bonus.  You can use this bonus in all real money games and win real cash.

The following steps are required to get the $ 8 No Deposit Bonus:

  • Sign up at BreakoutPoker via YourPokerDream (Only new player accounts can get the No-Deposit Bonus)
  • Verify your player account (ID etc). That is an important step for withdrawing your winnings.
  • Enter your BreakoutPoker username into your YPD account and within 24 hours you will receive the $ 8 No-Deposit Bonus in your player account.

Player Skill and Traffic

Breakout Poker is a member of the fast-growing GG Network. The number of players is constantly increasing. Growth is largely due to their amazing software and incredibly low rake.

Breakout Poker offers 24/7 action at their poker tables and a wide selection of games like Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, All-In or Fold, a fantastic multi-table tournament schedule and more.

While most of the traffic initially came from Texas Hold’em, Omaha and tournaments, the number of players has risen in all other variations, making Breakout Poker an amazing poker room for all types of players.

One of the biggest advantages of Breakout Poker is the soft player field, especially the Asian players who are considered very bad and aggressive poker players.


Breakout Poker offers a generous 200% first deposit bonus up to $ 1,000. The bonus has a 20% value and every $ 50 generated in rake/fees will credit you $10 cash. You have 90 days to clear the entire bonus.

There are also a variety of different promotions in the form of rake races, rake chases and much more. More information about Breakout Poker promotions can be found at the bottom of this page.

As always, YourPokerDream players have access to many more exclusive promotions, such as our $ 25,000 Main Rake Race, our BreakoutPoker Rake Chase, Lets go to Ibiza Promotion, exclusive VIP Flat Rakeback Deals and more.

Rakeback Fish Buffet

The reward or rakeback program at Breakout Poker is known as a fish buffet. Combining all promotions, Rake Races/Chases of Breakout Poker and YourPokerDream, it’s possible to get up to 100% rakeback!

Fish Buffet

Each time you generate $ 0.01 in rake, you get 1 Buffet Point (FP). The more you play, the more FPs you collect and the faster you can climb through 25 levels of fish buffets. Each player starts at the plankton level and earns about 15% rakeback rakeback.

Each player is presented with unique challenges with different FP and time requirements. See the following table for more information.

Level FPsTimePriceExpected Average Cashback
PlanktonStarting Level50024 hours$0.50 ~ $1.5015%
Shrimp1,00024 hours$1 ~ $320%
GoldfishBronze1,50024 hours$1.50 ~ $622%
CrabBronze5,00072 hours$5 ~ $2528%
OctopusBronze15,0007 days$15 ~ $9032%
WhaleBronze40,00015 days$40 ~ $32040%
SharkBronze100,00030 days$100 ~ $1,00045%

Check out the rewards by level below


Cashback %100%80%60%40%25%10%
FrequencyBlack14,759 in 100,00015,471 in 100,00016,222 in 100,00017,010 in 100,00017,836 in 100,00018,702 in 100,000
Diamond14,025 in 100,00014,986 in 100,00016,017 in 100,00017,119 in 100,00018,297 in 100,00019,556 in 100,000
Platinum13,310 in 100,00014,498 in 100,00015,796 in 100,00017,211 in 100,00018,753 in 100,00020,432 in 100,000
Gold12,611 in 100,00014,007 in 100,00015,560 in 100,00017,286 in 100,00019,203 in 100,00021,333 in 100,000
Silver11,931 in 100,00013,513 in 100,00015,309 in 100,00017,343 in 100,00019,647 in 100,00022,257 in 100,000
Bronze11,268 in 100,00013,017 in 100,00015,042 in 100,00017,381 in 100,00020,084 in 100,00023,208 in 100,000


Cashback %80%63%45%30%20%10%
FrequencyDiamond19,570 in 100,00018,303 in 100,00017,121 in 100,00016,014 in 100,00014,980 in 100,00014,012 in 100,000
Platinum18,489 in 100,00017,717 in 100,00016,980 in 100,00016,273 in 100,00015,595 in 100,00014,946 in 100,000
Gold17,439 in 100,00017,120 in 100,00016,811 in 100,00016,507 in 100,00016,208 in 100,00015,915 in 100,000
Silver16,416 in 100,00016,514 in 100,00016,615 in 100,00016,716 in 100,00016,818 in 100,00016,921 in 100,000
Bronze15,422 in 100,00015,898 in 100,00016,391 in 100,00016,900 in 100,00017,424 in 100,00017,965 in 100,000


Cashback %60%50%40%30%20%10%
FrequencyDiamond18,131 in 100,00017,516 in 100,00016,925 in 100,00016,355 in 100,00015,803 in 100,00015,270 in 100,000
Platinum16,670 in 100,00016,666 in 100,00016,666 in 100,00016,666 in 100,00016,666 in 100,00016,666 in 100,000
Gold15,273 in 100,00015,803 in 100,00016,355 in 100,00016,925 in 100,00017,516 in 100,00018,128 in 100,000
Silver13,941 in 100,00014,929 in 100,00015,992 in 100,00017,131 in 100,00018,350 in 100,00019,657 in 100,000
Bronze12,670 in 100,00014,048 in 100,00015,581 in 100,00017,280 in 100,00019,165 in 100,00021,256 in 100,000


Cashback %50%40%30%20%15%10%
FrequencyGold25,442 in 100,00021,037 in 100,00017,397 in 100,00014,387 in 100,00011,898 in 100,0009,839 in 100,000
Silver21,321 in 100,00019,195 in 100,00017,285 in 100,00015,564 in 100,00014,015 in 100,00012,620 in 100,000
Bronze17,557 in 100,00017,189 in 100,00016,831 in 100,00016,481 in 100,00016,139 in 100,00015,803 in 100,000


Cashback %40%33%27%20%17%10%
FrequencyGold26,448 in 100,00021,435 in 100,00017,373 in 100,00014,081 in 100,00011,413 in 100,0009,250 in 100,000
Silver18,041 in 100,00017,465 in 100,00016,911 in 100,00016,375 in 100,00015,855 in 100,00015,353 in 100,000
Bronze11,265 in 100,00013,015 in 100,00015,041 in 100,00017,381 in 100,00020,086 in 100,00023,212 in 100,000


Cashback %30%25%20%10%
Frequency19,586 in 100,00022,822 in 100,00026,597 in 100,00030,995 in 100,000


Cashback %30%24%20%10%
Frequency4,685 in 100,00010,901 in 100,00025,370 in 100,00059,044 in 100,000

Cash Game

No-Limit Texas Holdem

Only 6-Max is offered within the limits of NL10 to NL5000. The average amount of all players is always around 500. The rake is 5%!

BlindsTypeBuy-inRake per PotRake Cap
$100 / $200$10,000 ~ No Max5%$15
$50 / $100$2,500 ~ No Max5%$15
$30 / $60$1,500 ~ No Max5%$15
$20 / $40$1,000 ~ No Max5%$15
$5 / $10$200 ~ $1,0005%$10
$3 / $6$200 ~ $1,0005%$8
$2 / $4$100 ~ $5005%$8
$1 / $2$80 ~ $4005%$6
$1 / $2$40 ~ $2005%$6
$0.50 / $1$40 ~ $2005%$5
$0.50 / $1$20 ~ $1005%$5
$0.25 / $0.50$20 ~ $1005%$4
$0.25 / $0.50$10 ~ $505%$4
$0.10 / $0.25$10 ~ $505%$2
$0.10 / $0.25$2.50 ~ $255%$2
$0.05 / $0.10$2.50 ~ $255%$1
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $105%$1

Pot Limit Omaha

The Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) limits start at PLO10 and go up to PLO5000 and you can always find action. On average, around 250 Omaha players are online and the biggest action can be found between PLO10 and PLO100. The rake at the PLO tables is only 3%!

BlindsTypeBuy-inRake per Pot
$100 / $200$5,000 ~ No Max3%
$50 / $100$2,000 ~ No Max3%
$25 / $50$1,000 ~ No Max3%
$20 / $40$1,000 ~ No Max3%
$5 / $10$200 ~ $1,0003%
$3 / $6$150 ~ $7503%
$2 / $4$50 ~ $5003%
$1 / $2$20 ~ $2003%
$0.80 / $1.60$40 ~ $2003%
$0.50 / $1$10 ~ $1003%
$0.25 / $0.50$5 ~ $503%
$0.20 / $0.40$10 ~ $503%
$0.10 / $0.25$2.50 ~ $253%
$0.08 / $0.16$4 ~ $203%
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $103%

Multi Table Tournaments

There are three tournament series that run every day of the week at Breakout Poker. They are called Daily Red, Daily Blue and Daily Green. Bounty hunters and freerolls run all day too.

Online Poker Sites take usually 10% tournament fees, at BreakoutPoker it’s only 5% which is unheard of.

There is $ 100,000 in guaranteed prize money every day! Check out the schedule of tournaments at BreakoutPoker:

All buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays!

Event NameTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Daily Red $1511:00$15$500
Daily Red $2512:00$25$1,000
Daily Red $5013:00$50$1,500
Daily Red $4015:00$40$1,600
Daily Red $3016:00$30$1,500
Daily Red 6-Max $4019:00$40$1,000
Daily Red $523:00$5$200
Daily Red $6000:00$60$1,300
Daily Red 6-Max $1003:00$10$300
Daily Red $1505:00$15$300
Daily Red $1508:00$15$600
Daily Red $510:00$5$200

All buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays!

Event NameTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Daily Blue $3011:00$30$1,000
Daily Blue $512:00$5$300
Daily Blue $2013:00$20$1,000
Daily Blue $12014:00$120$3,000
Daily Blue $6014:00$60$2,000
Daily Blue $10016:00$100$2,700
Daily Blue $10018:00$100$3,000
Daily Blue $15019:00$150$3,000
Daily Blue $3020:00$30$1,500
Daily Blue $5021:00$50$1,500
Daily Blue $5022:00$50$1,200
Daily Blue $1022:00$10$500
Daily Blue $4023:00$40$1,300
Daily Blue $2000:00$20$700
Daily Blue $1501:00$15$600
Daily Blue $502:00$5$200
Daily Blue $2004:00$20$600
Daily Blue $1006:00$10$300
Daily Blue 6-Max $2007:00$20$600
Daily Blue $1009:00$10$500
Daily Blue $2510:00$25$600

All buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays!

Event NameTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Daily Green $10015:00$100$3,200
Daily Green $15017:00$150$4,000
Daily Green $6018:00$60$2,500
Daily Green $12020:00$120$3,500
Daily Green 6-Max $6021:00$60$2,000
Daily Green $2501:00$25$800

All buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays!

Event NameTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Daily Yellow $1513:00$15$1,500
Daily Yellow $1015:00$10$1,300
Daily Yellow $1519:00$15$1,500
Event NameTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Omaholic $102:00$1$30
Omaholic $504:00$5$100
Omaholic $106:00$1$30
Omaholic $508:00$5$100
Omaholic $110:00$1$40
Omaholic $512:00$5$130
Omaholic Bounty $1114:00$11$300
Omaholic $115:00$1$50
Omaholic $516:00$5$150
Omaholic Bounty $1117:00$11$300
Omaholic Bounty $1118:00$11$300
Omaholic Bounty $2219:00$22$500
Omaholic $520:00$5$150
Omaholic Bounty $1121:00$11$250
Omaholic $122:00$1$40
Omaholic $500:00$5$130
Event NameDaysTime(UTC+02:00)Buy-inGuarantee
Daily Main Event $88, $20K GTDDaily17:00$88$20,000
Daily Mini Main Event $22, $3K GTDDaily15:00$22$3,000
Sunday High Roller $500Sun17:00$500$25,000
30 mins before Main Event1/5 of the Main Event buy-inTurbo Satellite
1 hr 30 mins before Main Event1/10 of the Main Event buy-inSatellite


The software is among the best and most modern on the market with all the essential features poker players look for.

The software from Breakout Poker is excellent and offers a high level of security, fast and secure payouts, as well as a fantastic cash game and MTT program.

Of course, there is also a version for Mac users.

Freeroll Tournaments

BreakoutPoker offers several freeroll tournaments every day. The higher your VIP Level the more access you have to freeroll tournaments.

All YourPokerDream players with a connected account will get access to our exclusive $100 freeroll, which runs every 2 weeks.

Breakout Poker Review Mobile App

Breakout Poker players can enjoy all their favorite games on their mobile devices. The Breakout Poker Mobile Poker app is extremely well designed and runs smoothly on any modern device. With the new multi-table feature, players can even play up to four tables simultaneously.

Visit the BREAKOUT POKER home page to download the app to your Android or iOS device.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Players Breakout Poker have access to all known deposit and withdrawal options. Breakout Poker processes all payments speedily- requests are usually processed within 24-48 hours. Payments via Bitcoins and other crypto currencies are even instant!

As with any room, it is necessary that your player account has been successfully verified before you can request a payout. To do this, you must send a legible copy of your ID card / passport or driver’s license to the poker room. Though rarely asked for, on a case-by-case basis you may also be asked to provide a current proof of address in the form of a bill (Internet, electricity, water, etc.).

Attention: The poker room reserves the right to withdraw any payouts in excess of $ 20,000 in installments of up to $ 20,000 per calendar month.

Deposit Options

Payment MethodTypeFeeProcess TimeMinMax
LogoCryptocurrencyFreeWithin 2 Hours$10$1,000
LogoCredit/Debit CardFreeInstant$10$100
LogoDebit CardFreeInstant$10$100
LogoCredit/Debit CardFreeInstant$10$100
LogoBank TransferFreeInstant$10$1000
LogoBank TransferFreeInstant$10$1,000
LogoBank TransferFreeInstant$10$1,000
LogoBank TransferFreeInstant$10$1,000

Withdrawal Options

Payment MethodTypeFeeProcess TimeMinMax
LogoCryptocurrency$1Within 72 Hours$50$5,000
LogoE-Wallet$1Within 72 Hours$10$100,000
LogoE-Wallet$1Within 72 Hours$10$100,000
LogoCredit/Debit Card$1Within 72 Hours$10$5,000
LogoDebit Card$1Within 72 Hours$10$5,000
LogoCredit/Debit Card$1Within 72 Hours$10$5,000
LogoBank Transfer$1Within 72 Hours$50$5,000


Breakout Poker is a new provider that has already changed the poker world. Great promotions, up to 100% rakeback possible, 24/7 full tables, a very weak player field with many fish, a highly modern and well functioning software and much more are compelling reasons to join thousands of players from all over the world playing at Breakout Poker.

Not able to open a new account because of your country location?  Already have an existing account but would like to receive extra rakeback? Don’t worry, we can help you. Just contact our Support Team by email ( or Skype (vip-yourpokerdream for Deutsch/English, yourpokerdream-ru for Russian) for support 24/7.

YourPokerDream Breakout Poker Deal Overview

  • VIP Highroller Online Poker Rakeback Deals( Up to 100%)
  • $25.000 Main Rake Race
  • YPD Tell a Friend Promotion
  • 200% up to 1.000$ First Deposit Bonus
  • 8$ No Deposit Bonus
  • 100$ YPD Freeroll(Every 2 weeks)
  • Lets go to Ibiza Promotion
  • 24/7 VIP Skype Support
  • YourPokerDream Rake Chase
  • All Breakout Poker Promotions

breakout poker table

breakout poker lobby

How to sign up correctly through YourPokerDream?

Please follow the steps below to make sure that you sign up correctly via YourPokerDream and benefit from the numerous exclusive benefits, such as extra rakeback, promotions, rake races, freeroll tournaments and much more. We can only guarantee this if you register correctly and your player account is tagged to YourPokerDream.

Step 1: Delete Your Web Browser Cookies (Important)

Step 2: Click on the Sign up button and you will be redirected directly to the main page of Breakout Poker

Step3: Download the poker software and enter your details.

Sign Up Breakout Poker

Step4: After you’ve successfully signed up for Breakout Poker, all you have to do is log in to your YourPokerDream account and enter the username you’ve chosen at Breakout Poker. From this point on, everything will run automatically and you can use all exclusive offers from YourPokerDream in addition to the normal offers of the poker room.

If you have not created a free YPD account yet, please click HERE.

Breakout Poker Promotions

Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is only for new customers who are at least 18 years old. If you need some help with yor gambling pattern and if you feel that something goes wrong, please visit

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