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· Published 14.06.2019 · last updated 27.12.2020

partypoker LIVE has announced a concept that will give players the option of a new route to take part in live tour events.

The innovation will see partypoker host Online Day 1 and Day 2, in a single online flight. The Live Day 1 and Day 2 will take place at the host venue as normal. All players who advance from either route will be in the money on Day 3 at the live event.

Players who participate in the Online route get the opportunity to arrive at the venue having already locked up a min-cash, also giving players the chance to play great festivals while taking the minimum amount of time off work and cutting down on their expenses.

Owner of Dusk Till Dawn and founder of partypoker LIVE, Rob Yong, believes the innovation will “bring more people into the Main Events and allow them to win titles.”

partypoker Managing Director, Tom Waters, said: “This is a great concept and the fact that players will not have to travel to a live event until they are in the money is brilliant.

“It means more flexibility for players and will save them on travel and expenses.

“We’re trying to make our tournaments more accessible and I really hope this idea is a success, helping those players that find it difficult to take time off work, as well as reducing costs for everyone.”

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